Amazing Selling Machine 7 Review

Is Amazing Selling Machine a Scam? – A Very Expensive Machine

Product Name: Amazing Selling Machine
Price: $4497 one time payment or 4 payment of $1497
Website:   (affiliate link)
Rating: 80/100

Updated: AMZ7 is back. They have launch new 4 video for you to follow along. I have to remind you again, this is a very expensive course! Check out their 1st video here 

Amazing Selling Machine 7 Review



First of all, have you heard of FBA? It is called Fulfillment By Amazon, you as a seller ship your goods to Amazon and will be taken care your inventory and customer orders. It’s so cool and I have started this business with my partner Rizal.

It is very difficult to get started? No, but to get the sales you need to go in depth to learn lots of stuff. Which we are going through a high price course on this business that I not ready to invest in. Is Amazing Selling Machine a Scam?

Is Amazing Selling Machine a Scam?

The new price tag of ASM really scares lots of people away. A one time payment of $4997 or 4 payments of $1497 which is a total of $5998!

Do you like the game of Texas Holdem? Are ready to go all in and gamble it off? It really depends on the what cards you are holding. A pair of A’s? But what if your opponent has something smaller which make up of Flush? End of the day it really depends on you.

What I like about FBA?

• You don’t need a website
• You don’t need to handle inventory
• You don’t need to ship the product yourself to the customer
• You don’t need to blog
• You don’t need to handle customer service (Amazon does that for you)

How I get to know ASM? I registered an awesome free online software name Profit Spotlight last month. It can scan through the profitable product that are selling on Amazon. Now they launched Profit Spotlight 3.0 and come along with 4 part video on how to start your business on FBA.

The 4 part video is really an eye opener for me, I learn and understand more about FBA business. It is not as easy as source your product and send it to Amazon and money will start to flow in. You need to know what product that sell and how to sell them. I can say the 4 part video is really over deliver.

Is Amazing Selling Machine a Scam?

If you have the money you can choose to go for it, with the package come along with $2000 worth inventory products. After you buy the course and feel it doesn’t deliver as what you expect, simply ask for refund within 30days. The refund includes $2000 inventory.


Is Amazing Selling Machine a scam? No, I find them pretty awesome and clear on what you will be getting for the price you are paying. The question is ASM seem so good, why I chose not to sign up? It’s pretty simple, I look for alternative that match something similar to ASM with lower price.

1. The Selling Family – Amazon Bootcamp V2.0 Jessica and her husband create an FBA business from scratch and she is generous to teach you A to Z. Read my full review here.

2. Proven Amazon Course – Jim Cockrum giving you not just one course on FBA but much more than that. He really over deliver to his student.

You need to consider properly are you willing to invest not just the money, but the time and prepare to take action.
Signing up for any course is easy, but if you are not applying on what you learn. You are chasing over shiny object and remain at where you started all the time.

Check Out Amazing Selling Machine Video Here


Have you sign up ASM? What you think of ASM? Feel free to leave your comment below. Thanks?

7 thoughts on “Is Amazing Selling Machine a Scam? – A Very Expensive Machine”

  1. I had a recent offer from ASM for $99. I wonder if it is legit? At first, it was 997, then it went down to 299 and now it is being offered for 99. I find it kind of fishy…

  2. Yes, it is costly. But sometimes, the best choice isn’t inexpensive. So I’ve finally decided to take a chance and get this new edition of Amazing Selling Machine 8. Will let you know how it goes. And if it doesn’t work, well, I know you’ve got a nice alternative available 🙂

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