Is Internet Business Kits a scam? Forget the kits.

Review on Internet Business Kits

Product Name: Internet Business Kits

Owner: Billee Brady

Start up fee: $150 + $47 (admin fee) + upsell.

Website: internetbusinesskits.com

Rating: 15/100


Do you know about copycat gurus? I have seen a handful of training products in the market offering get rich scheme to marketers and some of these products are totally copying concepts offered by other product owners.

I am not saying this product that I am about to review are copying concepts from other products but I can assure you that you will relate some information from the product to other products in the market.

There are many programs that are available online which you can choose to start up your online business. Too many I suppose. It is very challenging out there and if you are new in this line, my advice to you is to find a solution to fix your problem.

Go and ask yourself what is your goals do you want to achieve in online marketing? What are the solutions out there for you? How do you find your solutions? You have to analyze, analyze and analyze. Do your research, then eventually find your kind of product to learn and apply it to your online business.

So let’s move on to this review.

What is Internet Business Kits?

Internet Business Kits is a training program that teaches you how to get your own business going under 60 minutes. You will need a Paypal account for this program as Billee claims that you will be begin receiving $150 to your Paypal account ((and with the upsell that can earn you a commission of of $497) by following his step by step training program.

Interested? Read on please.

When you opt for the program after paying $197, you will be offered quite a handful of training tutorials which claims to generate to make you an income.

IBK1Do you see the similarities in the program offered?

Of course there is. You can see that the program offers you training on how to set up templates, email marketing (pre-made follow up emails), sales pages (Running this sales pages will not rank you on search engines pages), creating sales funnels, etc.

All these training programs are kind of related to other programs in the market. Hell, you can get them for a fraction of the cost or free. The program is designed to teach you to promote via social media platform such as Facebook. It is a great idea to promote but my opinion Facabook is a platform for sharing post and views, I don’t think it is a platform to promote your product.

Should you follow Internet Business Kits?

The entry cost of $197 is not as high as other products in the market but the upsell of $300 is steep. The upsell will allow you to earn a commission of $497 minus admin fee and your referral will need to buy the product plus upsell. Not bad for an affiliate program.


It will sound a bit confusing on what I am going to tell you. Well, it is about the commission you are getting if someone buys the program and upsell. Firstly, when you sells the product, you are simply selling the right to resell the product. The scheme doesn’t offer any refund so when someone wants their money back with reasons or no reasons, they will complain to Paypal. Paypal then will refund them back from your account.

Secondly, this is the bad part. After Paypal refund the money, your account will be frozen or even cancelled. So no Paypal account for the next 180 days or worst, not ever. But.. there is a way to create your Paypal account again.. you think about it.


The program that is being offered by Internet Business Kits are similar to other programs in the market. You will get to learn email marketing and setting up an autoresponder (another cost you will have to invest), create sales pages and sales funnel (you will need to invest in hosting, etc) plus other strategies that needs marketing tools to create. So plus all the add-ons, you will need to invest quite a hefty sum aside to $197 and $300 upsell.

I am not saying this program is a scam, you go and judge it for yourself. My opinion of this product is not worth your $497. That’s it.

Rather than take a the risk without no refund, you can read my review on my #1 recommend product. My #1 recommend product is my affiliate link and it is free for you to try out. To be honest, I don’t earn a commission if you sign up for the product but will earn a certain percentage if you sign up as a premium member. So no harm trying, read my review.

Internet Scams Report

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So think about it and set your goals clear and look for a program that can enable you to achieve it.

Feel free to share and comment below. Thanks.

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