Is PayPal a Scam? – Keeping Your PayPal Account Safe

You probably already have a PayPal account or thinking of opening one. It is great to use it for your online business to collect payment from your customer. If you are not using it for online business, it’s great to sign up for free for your online purchase.

I can tell you straight forward PayPal is not a scam. So it is safe? The primary part of you to protect your PayPal account is to set up a complicated password avoid it from hackers. As not easy for anyone with that expertise, scammers start to use various types of ways to get through it.

I meet with a real case where I have almost fallen into this trick. I received an email by PayPal tells me I have some unusual activity in my account. Giving me a case number regarding the issue, so I go check my account thoroughly. Nothing comes close of any case. So I ignore it.

The next day, I received an email from PayPal again by telling me if I don’t check password I will experience limited access. The email seems serious and I need to access to purchase items online and also receive payment from my affiliate program.

Is PayPal a Scam?


Is PayPal a Scam?

Guess what? I almost get careless and handed my PayPal account to the scammers. It is a fake email acting as a staff of PayPal. It is fake email address and a very similar PayPal website.

Is PayPal Safe?

As I mention above, always chose complicated and high security password. Do not write your password on a piece of paper and keep it. Do not keep passwords on your smart phone or even worse on your desktop or laptop. Always log out when you use.

When receiving an email from PayPal, always check the email address is correct before open up the link. This is something I think won’t change in the near future, PayPal website URL will never change.

There Are More Scams Out There

This is my real experience of scam trying to get what they want. They are more scams out there waiting you to put your guard down. Be vigilant when new internet products out there trying to sell you big dream and fantasy.

Your hard earn money never come easy. Don’t let them walk away from in split seconds. Until next time, more product reviews and post to keep you folks safe online.

Do you have other experience on scams? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks

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