Is Eventbrite a Scam?

Is Eventbrite a Scam? – Best Way to Sell Tickets Online

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Is Eventbrite a Scam?

Setting up event is not an easy task, you need to search for nice location, make reservation and most important gather a crowd to your event. All these come into dollars and cents, you need to book a hall for your event which you may need to pay partial deposit for the rental. Let say you have a tight budget, which will lead to lots of finical problems.

No matter what you decide the party have to go on. What you can do about it? Heard of Eventbrite? Is Eventbrite a scam? No and I am going to tell you that this is the best solution and the best way to sell your tickets online.

What is Eventbrite?


It is an online event ticketing system. You sign up for an account and it’s free. Create the event details, stated clearly where you are going to host, date and time. One of the most awesome parts you get to set up a ticketing price for your event. For free account you can set up to a maximum of 15 persons.


  • Get to sign up for free
  • Easy to navigate
  • HTML code for you to embed on your website
  • Collect payment online


  • I don’t find any at the moment

Insert Your Event to Your Website

Is Eventbrite a Scam?

This is one of the best parts of Eventbrite, it makes easy for you by giving you the HTML code of your event you set up. You simply copy and paste it to your website. Your website appears to have a professional looking event ticket system.

For Whom

It is of course designed for people who like or need to organize events. Marketer, party organizers, match makers and maybe you have creative game that attract people.

It is not easy to collect money before hand for event organizers in the past. But now It has made many event organizers win half the battle.


Is Eventbrite a scam? Definitely no, this website creates a user friendly online ticketing system for a lot of event organizers. The Even corporate company uses them for their own dinner and dance party. It captures information and provide a paperless ticket. This means saving the earth and go green.

I highly recommend you to use Eventbrite if you are thinking of organizing an event. Of course you need to have a ready followers or people to sell it to. Social networking is a big help. Post it and ask friends and family help to spread the words.

Start to Create an Event Here


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Have you use Eventbrite? Feel free to share your comment below. Thanks

1 thought on “Is Eventbrite a Scam? – Best Way to Sell Tickets Online”

  1. Eventbrite is a utter scam refunds are promised in 7 days but there not there full of lies don’t trust them

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