Is Urgent Arbitrage Cash a scam? Not urgently required.

Review on Urgent Arbitrage Cash

Product Name: Urgent Arbitrage Cash – eBook

Owners: Dan Ashendort


Start up fee: $8.44

Rating: 35/100


Ebooks are one of the many methods you can use in making a passive income from your online business. Creating an ebook is a tedious process and it is not easy to create a 30 to 40 page ebook and launching it. As a writer, you got to visualise, get inspiration and have a good sense of creativity. Well, I’ve got to take my hats off to all the writers out there writing and completing their ebooks. It is tough to be honest.

Internet is a competitive jungle and as an ebook writer, you will need to think out of the box to sell your ebook. It takes a lot of efforts just to sell an ebook for less than 10 bucks a piece. So what is it about ebooks that makes you want to own it? You think it over. I will let you know later on towards the end of my blog.

So let’s go on to do a short review on this product.

What is Urgent Arbitrage Cash?

Basically, Urgent Arbitrage Cash is an ebook that guides users on several ways to make money online. You simply sells a products on sites like eBay or Etsy, using Fiverr as your platform to find hot selling products. This kind of technique you may call it an arbitrage deal. So to make it simple, you will need to source for a product from Fiverr and thereafter sell the product with a profit on sites like eBay and Etsy.

Should you follow Urgent Arbitrage Cash?


On the landing page, you can view a YouTube video which is around 3 minutes and rather interesting. Scroll down, you can see the proof of money making if you follow the step by step instructions from the ebook. Scroll down again, you can see testimonials by users using the system. Impress? Scroll down..

There you go, you can see the owners, Dan Ashendort and Art Flair. They will explain what is in for you if you buy the ebook. The plus point is your initial cost of investment only less than $9 bucks. Quite cheap actually.


I have no complaints about the cost as it is relatively cheap, you can buy a cup of latte and a cupcake from Starbucks with 10 bucks. However, if you are look a bit further and do some research and think it over a cup of coffee, I think it is better that you enjoy your latte and the cupcake from Starbucks.

So a bit on the ebook.. One of the reasons which I find that the strategies doesn’t make any sense and a bit out of context is the way it guides readers to find a product from Fiverr. My buddy, Cena Yong has reviewed Fiverr beforehand and I can tell you that Fiverr specialized in product services. You can check out his review here. I am confident that you can find good services in Fiverr for 5 bucks but you can’t find a good hot selling product to sell them at eBay or Etsy. Fiverr is a service oriented site and most of the operators creates services such as designing logos, writing articles, etc. I don’t think it is wise for you to make money without a good product from Fiverr and flipping them in Ebay or Etsy.

Ebooks are somewhat like a operational manual for you to read through and understand the concept and thereafter you can apply it online. It doesn’t have any detail tutorials or even support if you need help nor emails to leave comments. It is like “You buy peanuts, you will get monkeys”. To top it off, it is a norm nowadays if you purchase an ebook, so please take this into consideration if you want to launch an ebook.  I have a few mentors who frequently write ebooks and they have a support group to complement any queries by users. That’s what you call a follow up and good service provider.


So let’s go back to my question earlier in this blog, what it is about ebooks that is so important in internet marketing? Well, it is about the marketing strategies to attract your audience. How do you attract your audience? It is about being different from the rest, you have an ebook which has the foundation and a system that your audience can refer to. It is a good tool and I can assure you through my experience, you will get a good deal of followers if your ebook is a success. It is like having something that people look up to and not many marketers have one. Trust me, you will need that audience trust if you want to be successful.

So get started on your ebook..  No.. No.. No! I am not saying that you start writing an ebook now but it is a plus point in today’s marketing strategy. Anyway, there is Fiverr to look into, remember writing articles. You think it over.. Don’t say I never say..

There is another way that you can learn to be an internet marketer, it will take time but you will learn a hell lot more than reading ebooks. You can follow and join me if you want to know more on internet marketing, create a website with authority and learn for FREE, you can read my #1 product review first or you can join my 5 days email course on Affiliate Marketing. I am tweaking the email course a bit to make it more interesting for you and I hope you will enjoy learning and apply it to your online business.

See you again. Feel free to comment below. Thanks.

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