Is Rolex Cash System A Scam

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There is something catchy about the Rolex Cash System, which is another get rich fast scheme that can make you wonder if it is worth your money. There is nothing more enticing than earning something without having to do anything. That is the promise of the Rolex Cash System. But before you get completely fooled with such a very inviting proposition, read below to make you realize there is something off with this get rich quick system and will help you get the answer to the question is Rolex Cash System a scam?

Is Rolex Cash System a scam – Reasons to doubt the scheme

The catching phrases of the Rolex Cash System is something that really caught my attention. The founder, Lucas Adam, promises the system subscribers to make money even while in their pajamas and that it is possible to turn your $12 into $10,000 within 7 days. This sounds a bit outrageous and unrealistic. According to its sales pitch, one can actually earn 100% profit without having to spend for expenses. What you need is to work for at least a couple of hours a day and you can potentially generate a weekly income of $4,000. From this alone you would begin to wonder how this is possible.

The Rolex Cash System provides information that anyone who will use the system will not sell any product, no need to advertise, will not use Adsense, will not engage in email marketing, the system does not involve any pyramiding marketing that involves upline and downline, it is not an MLM marketing, no gambling involved and any other marketing schemes that you can think of in making money. So what you will do then? This is disturbing because it is not realistic to generate an income by doing nothing at all at such a small amount of investment.

There is no rational explanation that the Rolex Cash System founder, Lucas Adam can provide to educate interested subscribers of his system on how their money will work using its program. Moreover, as you dig deeper into the background of the site, it appears that the site is actually set up using free contact email address and there is a malware report that has been identified for the site according to Scam Adviser. It has been too common that scam sites usually use free emails and they can easily disappear without a trace using this scheme. More alarming is the fact that the site has been reported to be connected to risky sites because of the malware issues associated to it.


Precautions before giving your money away

There are too many red flags that should alert anyone interested of paying for the Rolex Cash System. The system has no known reputation to be legit because there is not much information that you can find about its founder or the company background. Moreover, its founder expresses on fine print that he created the system on his own without giving details how. In exchange of your payment of $12 you will get training, tools and support to become successful. However, Adam will not interact with the subscriber on a personal level, hence there is a risk that you won’t get anything out of your money or the support will only be limited.

It is also worth pointing out that you will be taken to a site where you need to enter personal information to process your payment. The problem is the site URL is but as you try to double check the main site a 404 error appears. It simply means that the main site that will take your payment is non-existent and chances are the payment site is not secure. It is best not to provide your personal and financial information on the site and therefore not to proceed with the payment registration at all. Do not make your financial information susceptible to scammers. You are likely exposed to high risk of becoming scammed out of your money that is probably not only limited to the $12 fee, but your entire financial account might be hacked.



Is Rolex Cash System a scam? Of course it is. With not much information to back up the system’s reputation, the signs are too obvious that it can be a scam. While the fee to pay is very cheap and it could be an amount you do not mind of losing, think about the risk of exposing your financial information to hackers and scammer by simply processing your payment to avail of the Rolex Cash System.

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