Is adMingle a Scam?

Is adMingle a Scam? – Nothing to Mingle At All

Product Name: adMingle
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Price: Free
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Is adMingle a Scam?

What is it?

I had signed up adMingle Singapore to find out is it a good social media sharing that allow people to earn advertisements revenue. I’m not an affiliate of them or trying to promote to you.  My concern, is adMingle a Scam?

Is adMingle a Scam?


• Free


• Poor Support
• No proper guide
• Can’t find any campaign
• Nothing to engage

The landing page itself really looks promising. With an animated video showing you how easy to use their platform as an opportunity to make money by just sharing ads on your social media account.

With the global using internet anytime, anywhere and the social media which almost everyone has at least a Facebook account. There are even people who have more social network like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. If adMingle can inject their objective to fellow users, if course it can be a great opportunity. Sadly, that’s not what I find out and quite disappointing.

adMingle - Singapore

Once you sign up, there is no proper guidance on how to create campaigns. You are dealing with a motionless dashboard.


I send an email asking how to exactly make the campaign start running. There is no reply until I send another email. I wonder are they serious with their business.

They do encourage you to fill in your social network, the more the merrier. But it seems that is not helping you much. Without any campaign to run, even you add in 100 social accounts is still equal to 0.

For Who

Short and sharp, I do not recommend anyone to sign up with adMingle. To me personally there are much better things to do. Even catching a nap is much worth while
To me, I feel it’s a total useless for anyone to spend time. I do not think it’s a scam, but the dashboard itself look like an empty shell


From my point of view, adMingle is not a scam as you are allowed to join for free. There are no upsells so far and no annoying follow up email to pressure you on buying anything.

But certainly not worth your time exploring how to earn revenue through it. There are lots of ways to make legit money online. But so far I still haven’t found a shortcut or get rich overnight through the internet.
If you willing to put effort to learn and take action. Take a look my #1 Recommend Product.

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Have you try adMingle? Share with us your experience, drop your comment below. Thanks

5 thoughts on “Is adMingle a Scam? – Nothing to Mingle At All”

  1. Dear Sena

    Thank you for your feedback on adMingle. We should better communicate how we approach our launch. Currently they are no campaigns In Singapore as sales just started in a few
    Weeks you will be able to join like other adMingle users in tens of countries all over the world working worh top Forbes 500 brands.
    When I read our blog I see that it refers To an affeliates network that needs to be paid for and not for free.
    Soon there will be a change in Singapore because of adMingle same as we did in so many countries so far touching more than 400 millions people world wide 🙂 so stay tuned and enjoy the right we’ve started by sharing our passion!!
    Feel free to contact me for more information i am the CEO and the visionary peraon behind adMingle and this is my mail



    1. Hi Shlomi

      Sorry for the late reply. Really appreciate you drop by and give me a clear picture of adMingle. I will look into it when it ready.


  2. Thank you for posting this!!! It’s always great to get an honest and neutral review on these things!!
    I was researching AdMingle South Africa but it’s the same concept! Their Facebook page has lots of people asking when they’ll be paid etc… But – you can’t guarantee that someone will click and follow through on what you advertise!! I think my odds are better playing lotto! lol

  3. I just hope i get paid at the end of it all.
    Yes yes…they dont respond to mails on time.
    I actually just joined about 2weeks in Nigeria and i have completed campaigns and earned.
    Waiting for the cash out time.

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