The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review – Is It Worth It?



PRODUCT NAME: Jaaxy Keyword Tool

OWNER NAME: Kyle and Carson


RATING:  8/10


If you are into internet marketing and want to promote your website, products and services you will need all the help you can get. The Internet is a highly competitive place to be marketing your business but can yield profitable returns if you do it right and with an advantage over your competitors. Keyword research is one of the best tools that you can use in order to obtain better internet exposure and to rank high in the internet.

But finding the right keyword for your niche can be tasking that is why you need to use some keyword tools to enhance your efforts. Jaaxy Keyword Tool is one of the software that you can find online. Let’s find out just how beneficial is its features and how it can give you advantages on on marketing your niche in this Jaaxy Keword Tool review.

What is Jaaxy Keyword Tool?

Jaaxy is a research platform where you can research for helpful keywords that will help your internet marketing efforts become more profitable and with the less time and effort needed in finding the right keywords for your search engine optimization strategies. The keyword tool is designed by Kyle and Carson who themselves are affiliate marketers in order to help fellow marketers in the industry optimize their efforts in promoting their brand, site, products and services. By using the software competition and keyword research is now a breeze.

At a price of $19/month for the pro subscription and $49/month for the enterprise subscription signing up for the tool appears to be affordable where you get unlimited keyword searches.

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool features

Jaaxy comes with powerful features for keyword research. But in addition to the tool there are also training videos that can help you learn more about the Jaaxy features and how to optimize your use of its platform. Among the top features of Jaaxy include the keyword research tool which is very comprehensive to include finding the primary keyword, average result of keywords used for monthly searches, keyword traffic and quoted search results which determine the competition keyword.

The keyword quality indicator is also very helpful as it provides color coded information about the particular keyword you are searching for. For instance the color green on the keyword will indicate that the keyword has a higher chance of ranking, while yellow indicates that the keyword has an average chance of ranking and red indicates that the keyword has too many competition thus you should not use it.

The tool also helps you optimize your search engine optimization outcomes by providing scores to indicate whether the keyword will highly optimize a webpage or rank high on search. It usually gives higher rating on long keyword phrases which should be the one you must opt to use. The Jaaxy tool also provides indication on what domain will be most optimized for your keyword. It also suggests some related keywords that you might consider of using for your niche.

Jaaxy also provides some additional features like how your website rank on the search engine, searching for affiliate programs that are related to your keywords and suggestion on what topics you just might write for your keyword that will be related to your niche.



The Pros

Jaaxy provides regular updates on its software ensuring that you keyword research endeavor will be highly relevant to the current market and industry trend on keyword search. It also provides a search progress bar that allows you to view the progress of your keyword research. Jaaxy also upgrades its system periodically in order to ensure faster searches on its platform.

Based on the feedback of Jaaxy customers the support is also responsive and usually answers queries and concerns within 24 hours. There is also a free trial for 30 free keyword searches that you can use in order to try out the features of the keyword tool.

The Cons

While the price for the subscription is affordable using the tool based on the subscription plan the product can be considerably pricey for a newcomer in internet marketing. It is important that before you subscribe to the product you already know the basics about keyword optimization and how to use the keywords in promoting your brand and business.

You can get the most out of the tool only is you already know all the basics about keyword research and the software will deliver you optimized results.


The Jaaxy Keyword Tool can enhance your marketing efforts with the best results. There are loads of useful features to help you optimize your keyword research but it is important that before you use the keyword tool you already have knowledge about basic keyword research and how keywords can be beneficial to your affiliate and internet marketing efforts.

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