Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software Review – Awesome and Outstanding


OWNER NAME: Spencer Haws

WEBSITE: longtailpro.com

RATING: 9/10

Have you been spending so much time doing keyword research and sometimes end up getting frustrated about the outcome of your effort? Keywords are the key for an effective search engine optimization but the task can sometimes be daunting especially when in search for the right keywords for your internet marketing efforts.

Internet marketers usually find the use of keyword research tools to simplify the process on keyword research. The Long Tail Pro is one of the popular keyword research software in the market and if you are interested about using the program here is our Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software review.

What is Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software?

Created by Spencer Haws, the Long Tail Pro is keyword research software that comes with different features that help simplify the process of finding the most significant long tail keywords for search engine optimization. Haws has more than 5 years of experience in developing hundreds of websites for long tail keywords. He tried different strategies in keyword research and failed and succeed here and there. For being passionate about his niche, he was able to develop his own software after finding the most effective way of using long tail keywords for SEO based on experience.

The Long Tail Pro is created to generate more than 800 keywords that are likely to perform better in the Google search engine. It uses the Google keyword tool in searching for long tail keywords with the lowest competition but with a higher search ranking. This strategy helps you get your website rank higher and faster in the search engine with the least effort in generating organic traffic.

There are special features in the software that will provide a step-by-step system to help you find targeted keywords that will be profitable for your internet marketing stints. The software comes with annual plan packages of $25/month, $45/month and $98/month. These plans come with different service features and each comes with a free trial versions.

Long Tail Pro Software Features

The software comes with many useful features that will certainly help in your marketing efforts of making your websites rank higher in the search engine.  By using the software you can learn how to find high volume with low competition keywords with a step-by-step tutorial.

You will also learn how to calculate keyword competition from large keyword lists. There are also helpful tips that will help you improve your keyword research skills ten times better. The software also gives you access on the steps needed in finding many profitable keywords for any kind of niche.

The Long Tail Pro has powerful SEO research features that allow you to easily find keywords by using its unique KC feature. You can also easily determine the keyword competition using its detailed metrics and you can understand the rank value of the keywords by discovering the keyword’s profitability. There are also in depth domain and page level metrics and features that filter, sort and export results.

Long Tail Pro Review


The Pros

There are so many helpful features that can help internet marketers find the most profitable keywords with less efforts and time. The software itself works with an automated feature of searching the best keywords that will likely perform better in the search engine with the higher search rate but with the low competition. This helps save time in keyword research works and the software has an easy to navigate interface. You can find high performing keywords that can bring more profit in your internet marketing ventures. The keyword research tool can provide you valuable keywords that offer opportunities even for the smallest niches in the market.

The Cons

The Long Tail Pro entails recurrent charges. Because there are more than 800 long tail keywords that you can search using the software it may take longer to complete a thorough search. But this research time is about 50% shorter than you would manually search and analyze long tail keywords that are available in Google keyword research tool.


Considering the powerful features that come with the Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software there is no doubt that this is perhaps one of the best and most helpful keyword research software there is in the market. It comes highly recommended by popular and successful internet marketers.

You can jump start your internet marketing business right away, giving you a good start in ranking your website higher on the search engine even without the skills on search engine optimization.

The step-by-step guide that comes with the subscription is also very educating and helps internet marketing learn how to make a profitable business online using keyword research. You learn different techniques and strategies about keyword research and how to find the most profitable with less competition keywords to use.

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