K Optimizer Review

K Optimizer Review – Is it Worth Your Money?

Product Name: K Optimizer

Website: www.koptimizer.com (affiliate link)

Price: $27.77 (Basic), $37.77 (Advanced), $77.77 (Master)

Owners: Stefan and Andreas Pylarinos

Overall Rank: 97 out of 100

K Optimizer Product Overview

Self-publishing can be quite challenging. Often times, promoting Kindle books take a lot of effort and time. In fact, once you’ve published a couple of e-books, this becomes a tricky process in terms of marketing and promotion.

Often times, publishers lose track of both rankings and reviews of their published e-books that can lead to loss of sales.

That’s when K Optimizer enters the picture to help save the day. K Optimizer is a tool that aims to simplify self-publishing efforts of Kindle e-book authors. The tool was developed by brothers Stefan and Andreas Pylarinos.

K-Optimizer helps authors organize their Kindle books and track each of the titles’ progress. It also allows you to monitor the reviews and see which keywords rank for the e-books. And of course, it also helps track book sales to determine which titles are lagging behind.

K-Optimizer was designed primarily for the books on free promotion. This tool’s aim is to provide more download for the book which can eventually give more reviews.

The Good

• Generate book descriptions
• Automate the submission of press releases
• Submit your book to over 60 websites
• Track the reviews and sales of your book
• Track which keywords are ranking on your book
• Variety of subscription options

The Bad

The product is almost perfect. However, if you are just starting to use the software, you may find the K Optimizer a bit intimidating at first. It’s because it has a lot to offer. Don’t be surprised if this is the case. It is easy to learn and figure out.

Who benefits from the K-Optimizer?

K Optimizer Review

We all know that money on Kindle publishing is about the numbers. You’ll have to publish book after book to make sure that you generate a decent among of money from different streams. Unfortunately, dealing with monitoring can become strenuous especially if you are not doing things full-time.

What K-Optimizer does is to help self-publishing authors promote and market their books by just a few clicks. The first version of the K-Optimizer was meant for larger publishers who have a couple of books under their belts already.

Also, K-Optimizer is perfect for those authors who don’t have a background in marketing. It provides an access to over 60 free websites. Just by a click, K-Optimizer automatically submits to the free sites. Without the help of this software, this process takes a very long time.

For some authors, they’d hire a virtual assistant online just to accomplish half of what K-Optimizer does in just a few clicks. In the long run, it helps lessen your cost and even replace it with better results.

It is also perfect for those authors trying to improve their work. One thing that you should check as an author is your reviews. This gives you the opportunity to improve future works. With K Optimizer, it becomes an easy process to monitor both reviews and sales. This is especially handy when you are publishing book after book.

K-Optimizer Tools and Training

K-Optimizer is easy to learn thanks to its user-friendly design. We mentioned that it can be a bit intimidating at first because the goal was to create an all-in-one tool that can be used in both publishing and marketing of the e-book. However, it was designed to be easy to learn and understand.

By going to the website of K-Optimizer, you will be briefed by Stefan Pylarinos himself on how the tool operates. They’ll give you a rundown on what to expect from the software, and how exactly these tools can help save time in promoting your Kindle book.

K-Optimizer Support

K-Optimizer offers superb support when it comes to their clients. They can provide you with all the help that you will need. You can even get a refund of your subscription within 30 days if you are not happy with what you are getting from the web-based software. And also, you can easily cancel your subscription at any time you please.

You can also email support@koptimizer.com for any concern or questions that you will have from their product.

K-Optimizer Price

There are three types of subscriptions to choose from with K-Optimizer. The first is the Basic subscription for $27.77. The next type of subscription is the Advanced for $37.77, while the Master subscription is at $77.77.

K Optimizer Review

What makes these services different from each other? The basic subscription can track up to 50 keywords on Amazon, while Advanced allows you to track up to 250 keywords on Amazon, and lastly, Master allows users to track up to 1,000 keywords on Amazon.

The rest of the features though remain the same. Here are the things to expect:

• Kindle book formatting software
• Amazon book portfolio manager
• Book promotion submitter
• Press release submitter
• Kindle book description generator
• Track kindle book sales

Final Opinion on K-Optimizer

Kindle e-books have grown in number over the years. Given how easy it is to publish your own e-book, it has authors exploring this option in order to develop streams of income from selling their books. Unfortunately, marketing and promotion can be a tedious process that requires man-hours.

K-Optimizer addresses this concern. But this isn’t just a tool that helps you submit your e-book to different free sites. It is also a tool that helps give you valuable insights on the numbers that matter. It can also help you format your Kindle books which can even help make the e-book easier to read.

What makes K-Optimizer is that it is perfect for different kinds of authors. Whether you need help promoting 5 or even 25 ebooks, they have the right package to choose from. But what makes this option a great investment is the fact that you can track an endless number of books.

Another good news about the K-Optimizer is that it gets updated by both Stefan and Andreas Pylarinos. Expect improved interface, features, and overall functionality.

Check Out K Optimizer Here

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