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Who doesn’t want to earn a passive income? Everyone wants to enjoy the financial freedom of earning some income with the less effort and time to spend every day. There are different schemes that you can find online that claim to help you earn passive income and one way is the use of social media through Tweets. Tweets are posts that you can publish online and affiliate marketers are now exploiting this as a channel for enhancing internet and affiliate marketing efforts.

Auto Tweets is one product that offers an automated system to send out tweets in order to optimize marketing efforts online. Just how reliable this tool for a fee is often a subject of concern for many who wonder is Auto Tweets a scam?

Is Auto Tweets a scam?

Auto Tweet is software that will post automated tweets on Twitter which is a social media site in order to bring constant information about your products and services online. The tweets you send can be a source for a passive income since it works 24/7 while you only need to spend at least a few minutes of your time for making your tweets and the software takes care of posting them on social media sites like Twitter.

The tweets will help you earn cash by working on marketing your business by itself without your intervention. Its auto pilot system will deliver more results to your income with the less effort on your part to do the marketing. The system works on any social media site and it can run your business automatically and can earn you money even as you sleep. For a subscription fee of $19.99 per month you will have an automated system to run your business that can potentially drive your passive income stream regularly.

What are the useful features of Auto Tweets?

Auto Tweets will teach its users how to build social media followers for your brand or business and will send tweets to your targeted audience who show interest to your brand or niche market. The system works well to all social media sites but works best on Twitter.

It can help you build more followers to your Twitter account and shows your affiliate links to gain more conversion for your products. The system is hosted on a dedicated server in order to ensure that the Auto Tweet will run smoothly with your business. This avoids potential bandwidth restrictions on your own site that can result to business shutdown.

The Auto Tweets also sends updates and news to your followers directly from your Twitter account. This will save you time and effort in researching for the latest news that are relevant to your business niche. It also brags on its “set and forget’ system that lets the Auto Tweet run your business by itself after setting it up to your Twitter and social media accounts.



The advantages about Auto Tweets

One of the advantages of using the system is its ability to run your business in auto pilot condition by using the feeders on your site. The software is also easy to use and there is no need to download and install it. It is also compatible with any computer system. Novice in affiliate marketing will benefit from the Auto Tweets since it will do all the marketing of their product automatically with the less effort on their part.

There is less worry if you are a newcomer and doesn’t know much about the technical aspect of running the software. If you are too busy to run your business social media site on a regular basis the Auto Tweets auto pilot system will do the work for you. This way you will never lose contact to your followers no matter how busy you are. Because everything is automated you will be required less effort than you would spend for marketing your products manually. The product also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

The disadvantages about Auto Tweets

You will need an internet connection in order for the Auto Tweets software to work continuously. You also need to follow the instructions strictly when initially launching the software to your social media sites which you need to do correctly to successfully integrate the program to your social media accounts.


If you ask is Auto Tweets a scam? it is reasonable to say that it is a legitimate software in the market that can help you enhance your social media marketing efforts.  It works well on different social media sites especially Twitter that can help you maintain contact with your followers and generate you passive income without doing so much since the automated system of the software will do the rest of the work for you. The price for the subscription is also affordable and you can cancel anytime so there is not much to risk on your investment for trying out this product.

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