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Drop shipping is becoming popular as one form of internet selling. There are many online sellers who switched from the direct selling of their own products to drop shipping instead. With the many automated software these days drop shipping can become a breeze to run as an internet business.

One of the software that promises having the ability of optimizing a drop shipping business is the Sellerbot. You are probably wondering is Sellerbot a scam and if it truly works with better profitability among online sellers. Learn more about how the software works to make your own judgment.

Is Sellerbot a scam?

The Sellerbot is eCommerce software that is being marketed as an automated system that runs a drop shipping store efficiently with less effort on the part of the drop seller. It claims that everything is done automatically by the software such as making an automated product content, automated product sourcing, and automated price updates as among many others. All you need to do is to decide what product you want to sell in your internet store and the product distributor information and the rest is done by the Sellerbot software.

In order to appreciate the feature of the Sellerbot it helps to understand how drop shipping works. As an online seller you will not be selling your own products directly to potential customers. Instead you work as a middleman who will facilitate the order placed by a customer on your site. You look for your own distributor and you will sell his product online with some profit to your website customers. Once your customer pays, you then place the order from the distributor who will be the one responsible for shipping the product to your customer.

In order to have access on the Sellerbot system you need to pay a set up fee of $149 and $49 per month subsequently. This seems to be quite a good deal considering that your access is not only limited to the automated software but also include building, hosting and maintaining your eCommerce site.

 How Sellerbot works?

Once you signed up for Sellerbot you will have an access to setting up your own online store. The program provides a domain name with some tools to help you design your own drop shipping website. You will also have an access to thousands of distributors and suppliers where to get the products to sell for drop shipping. You will have full control on how you want the design of your drop shipping site will look like. From the admin area you will have several options and tools to use for web designing. There are also product category area, sales area to view orders and area where you can contact customers in a breeze.

The drop shipping features of Sellerbot is fully automated. There is no need to manually enter product and pricing regularly. What the software needs is for you to add the supplier’s URL into its system, indicate the categories and the mark up for pricing that you want. The software will do all the hard work of pulling out the products and pricing from your chosen suppliers automatically. The system is also intuitive as it can detect changes in the pricing from your supplier and it automatically adjusts your own pricing from your drop shipping store. This makes selling online easier, more convenient and profitable for you. Everything is adjusted accordingly to give your customers timely updates on the latest products to shop for.



The Pros

The eCommerce sites of Sellerbot provide premium website designs that will make your drop shipping business look professional. You will get some support and tutorial to guide you in making your own website so this is also convenient for those who are just starting their drop shipping business. Sellers will not have any difficulty of finding the right suppliers for their niche since Sellerbot already have a wide database of suppliers and distributors.

The Cons

Sellerbot only comes with a 7-day money back guarantee. This seems like a very short period of time to test just how good the system works. Perhaps a good recommendation is for you to build your eCommerce site as soon as you sign up and let it be up and running quick to make the most of the trial period within which you can ask a refund.


There is a good reason to answer if asked is Sellerbot a scam? that it is not. You get a good deal of features that will benefit an eCommerce drop shipping business. However, it is worth noting that while the system is automated this does not mean that you will just sit back and relax for the software to bring in some money. You will need to do other things like working on your website traffic and marketing content to boost your eCommerce site ranking for a better chance of a profitable drop shipping business.

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3 thoughts on “Is Sellerbot A Scam? – Auto Drop Shipping Business”

  1. This SellerJOKE is Not recommended!
    They will not reply to your questions with support other than an automotive reply saying how fast they are in replies, 5 days and still no reply is not fast at all.

    The uploads for banner photos tell you that the file is too big even if you made it the correct size as instructed. If you are lucky enough to get it to work the system will set the prices as you wanted, such as whatever percentage in profit margin you asked it to but the customer will have to pay a lot more than what they would have to had they searched on google and bought it from where you did. Sellerbot is NOT a supplier nor connected with the actual suppliers so you have to sign up with whichever supplier you want and the prices that you have to pay on some items to have it drop shipped vs the regular retail price is a total joke! some only a few pennies less and if you set it to make at least a 7% profit you end up paying a lot of money for this scam system to earn a few cents, You will also give your website a bad reputation in the items where you are selling a particular item for up to even five times more than what it could be bought with free shipping on eBay or Amazon.

    The system has a footnote at the bottom of all your pages saying “Powered Bt so when your customers see that they know you are a drop shipper and there is no BLIND dropshipping about it! You cannot remove the footnote and SellerBot will not reply to your support ticket about it!

    They will not refund the $150.00 setup fee and that is made clear before you purchase so if you fell into this trap the best thing to do is mark it off as a lost and get on with your life because the bottom line is that:
    SellerBot is really a “SellerJoke!”
    This system is basically new so like me, you will not yet find any complaints about it as of 11/11/2017.

    Hopefully, this information will help you and I am not submitting a faked negative review. I only wish I would have seen a comment like this before I fell into the scam myself.

    And by the way, the seven day free trial is more like a four day free trial IF you can even get them to reply to your complant days because it took them 3 days to build mine so you set up to three days while the clock on your free trial keeps working to the 7th day goal.
    Goodluck if you still want to go for it! Try it if you must, It’s YOUR call.

  2. This is an update. With all due respect, Selerbot did reply finally and they removed the Sellerbot footnote link that I mentioned above.

  3. quinton snyman

    i am with sllerbot ans the cutomer service you are right about that they take 3-5 days to reply their customer service for what you py montly is a joke!!! My sellerbot stopped working its literally not loading the products on my site as we speak so no product no clients no profit but their invoices are sent out in time all the time lol and when you ask them 20 questions and they do reply 3 days later they answer 1 and instantly you reply and the ‘james” is gone and guess what shutup nd wait another 3 days what a joke. Iam so frustrated with them for i cant load anything thru my sellerbot and its been almost 4 days now and i tried phoning them in the states numerous time and no one is answering there calls or getting back to me with the messages i left?? Really and they might wonder why we are so frustrated and this is hoe you run a business?? Sellerbot as a loyal client shame on you.

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