Is Product Launch Formula A Scam? – Come With A High Price To Learn



PRODUCT NAME: Product Launch Formula

OWNER NAME: Jeff Walker


RATING:  7/10


Launching a product online can be very challenging. Many find some obstacles in promoting their products effectively which resulted in an unproductive marketing and sales flops. That is why many entrepreneurs need all the help they can get in order to deliver more productive and effective launching of their products online and become as competitive as the others in the same industry.

One program called Product Launch Formula caught the attention of many online marketers. Some find it interesting to get hold of the step by step guide from an expert online marketing coach while others are wondering is Product Launch Formula a scam? Here is what we think about the product.

Is Product Formula Launch a scam?

The Product Formula Launch is a guide designed to provide a step by step assistance to entrepreneurs on the best and effective ways of launching their products online. It is created by Jeff Walker who has over 20 years of experience as an online marketing coach. There are different core elements in the program which Walker believes can help entrepreneurs learn how to kick start their product launching online. Walker primarily focuses on the pre-launch stage where he teaches how to deliver the best content for your target audience.

The Sideway Sales Letter of the program consists of three videos that provide powerful content that will help you convince your customers to buy your product. The first video focuses about passion and the things that your customers may want or desire to have. The second video focuses on transformation where case studies were included that show how a dream can become a reality. The third video involves ownership experience where you learn about financial freedom and additional case studies.

Another key to product launching is content management where you can bank on the mental triggers that will entice your customers to patronize your products. Walker provides a step by step training on how to become an authority in your content and understanding how to address your customers’ expectation. The formula also includes the JV Launch which teaches you how to promote your products by email marketing. The key learning from this module is to learn how to get your customer mailing list with proven track record of purchasing products.

The Product Launch Formula also includes the Launch Stalking where you learn to leverage from one product launch to another and using the same mailing list for product promotion. If you are an aspiring online entrepreneur and has no idea where and how to start the product also provides assistance in finding your starting point in its Seed Launch module. In order to get access to the Product Launch Formula you need to pay a premium price of $1997 which gives you access to all of Walkers’ blog copy, email copy, sales letters and video scripts.

Walker focuses on delivering quality content on your product and usually undertakes demos of the product itself. If your product is good and of high quality, following the strategies on product launching by Walker will likely make you productive sales with better customer retention as you build your authority on product launching.



The Pros

The Product Launch Formula provides good training materials that will be helpful to entrepreneurs in their product launching and expediting their marketing and sales efforts. The best thing about the program is the step by step guidance that will help you walk through the process of learning the effective way of launching a product online. The customer support is also known to be good and subscribers will feel highly motivated and confident about pursuing their product launching.

The Cons

The Product Launch Formula is very pricey. You have to pay $1997 in order to get access to all of Walker’s training materials and step by step guide. On the practical side you can find other training materials for product launching that is cheaper but with quality and substance. The content of the training materials are also overwhelming with information which is not recommended to a novice online marketer. The methods taught in the material are usually focused on specific marketing approach that may not be ideal for everyone.


There is no doubt that the answer to the query of is Product Launch Formula a scam is that it is a legitimate product with valuable information from its marketing materials. However, because the product is very expensive to a novice it is only good for big marketers who can afford paying off such an expensive training guide. The Product Launch Formula is recommended for internet marketers who already have an existing business and are serious about taking it further to a higher level of product development.


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  1. First of all thank you for the information.

    I have an existing business and I’m trying to put it to a higher level, but this product is extremly expensive. But i will definetly buy it in the future.

    Thank you, regards,

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