Is Cash Finder System a Scam?


Cash Finder System Review

 It’s no secret that the real estate market is booming and the potential to make money here is unlimited if you know what you’re doing and you have some experience in the real estate industry.

Chances are that you may have come across this system while searching for a legit way to make a living online and you may be wondering if this system is all that it’s cracked up to be, or if it’s another scam that you should avoid at all costs.

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Program Name: Cash Finder SystemCash finder system review
Company Website:
Company Owner:  Lee Gilmore
Type Of Work: Real Estate
Price To Get Started: $99+ Upsells


The C ash Finder System  is a well-executed scam. We want to warn you so that you stay away from the system. The system is a scam because it has every scam attribute. The video presentation in the Cash Finder System website claimed that the system can be fetching you three thousand, five thousand and ten thousand dollars daily to your mailbox if you begin to use it.



Information like that in the Cash Finder System promotional video would mislead many people, especially those who do not have previous experience about the internet. The Cash Finder System video reviews claimed that the job involved in the Cash Finder system is not difficult.

It looks like your major job would be to look for people who are willing to sell their houses and then find buyers for the house. You would be making money because you are going to be selling at a higher price. You would be serving as middlemen in the real estate market.

What is the Cash Finder System About?

The Cash Finder System is a program that trains you on the ins and outs of becoming a real estate finder. As a “Professional Finder” working in the real estate industry, the system claims that you can receive checks for $3,000, $5,000 and even $10,000 in your mailbox every day. To do this, you will locate homes in certain areas that fit certain criteria that realtors are requesting, and simply Copy and Paste the information from one database to another database. That’s what the Cash Finder System claims anyways, but is that the truth? Let’s find out.


How It Works

Once you join and secure the $99 payment required to access this system you’ll gain access to 12 training modules that walk you through how to set all of this up and find your first client.

Basically, you’ll be playing the part of a middleman and it will be your job to locate people who need or want to sell their house and connect them with potential buyers who are in the market to purchase a house. For example, if someone is selling their house for $100,000, you would need to find someone who is willing to buy it for $120,000.

You would then collect something called a finders fee and once you close the sale you would earn a $20,000 commission. If you’re on the outside looking in this seems like an awesome strategy and a great way to make some easy cash. However, everything is not as it seems and I’ll be going into detail on exactly what you’ll learn in the 12 training modules.


Is Cash Finder App Really Free?

The creator of Cash Finder System Program is creating the impression that the system is giving to you free and yet you would be required to subscribe with the sum of ninety-nine dollars. What do they call the one hundred dollars? Actually, their major target is the money and you are not going to get any other thing after that.



What you think after reading this Cash Finder System Review? Do you think that you can learn how to become a real estate market expert just by joining a program that has nothing to do with the business? It is not possible. Instead of you making money from the system, you may be surprised that you may lose what you have in your bank account.

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