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Is Cash with Oz a Scam? – There’s No Wizard

 Cash With Oz

Cash with Oz Review

Cash with Oz is a sales page designed to funnel people into an old multi-level marketing program and to make matters worse, you are paying almost twice the price. It’s not a scam but there are definitely some major elements left out of the sales pitch you should know about.

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Name: Cash with Oz
Website URL:
Owner: Jason Scott
Advertised Price: $97 with upsells


What is Cash with Oz?

The actual product being sold is called My Top Tier Business or MTTB for short. It sells at the standard retail price of $49 when purchased directly from the MTTB website.

The Cash with Oz system, while at first may seem just like any other opportunity out there is just a means to promote another program as well, known as MOBE or My Online Business Empire. So, in order to understand what Cash with Oz is all about, you need to understand what MOBE is all about.

So, what is MOBE and how does it relate to the Cash with Oz system?

For starters MOBE is known as My Online Business Empire. It is a high ticket direct selling company created by the man Matt Lloyd. With this program, Matt Lloyd has made well over $50,000, 000 and has even helped a few others to earn six to seven figure incomes. While MOBE itself is a legitimate company, their business models are what have caused an onslaught of people calling this a scam. Thousands of people have lost thousands of dollars on this program alone, making it one of the most hated programs online right now.


Cash With Oz


The Product

The initial cost to get involved with this is either $97 or $49 depending on where you buy, however, this is just the beginning. MTTB is nothing more than a ‘front end offer’ that warms people up for the core product… a high ticket mlm program called MOBE.

Whoever is behind the CWO website is unclear since they are choosing to remain anonymous however, it’s either the company itself or another MOBE affiliate who gets paid if you join through them. The reason these kinds of sales pages are becoming so popular with these guys is likely because MOBE has taken a pretty solid dive in popularity over the last couple of years. Luring people in with re-branded versions of the same program is probably a last ditch attempt to keep an otherwise dead program afloat.


Cash With Oz


How it Works

Once you sign up to MTTB you are taken through 21 steps of relatively basic Internet marketing training primarily designed to lead you into your first purchase of a $2,497 MOBE re-sell licence. With this license your job is then to begin recruiting others into the exact same system.

To be fair, there is nothing wrong with promoting a high ticket mlm company provided they are selling genuinely valuable products and are marketing them in an ethical way. The general gist with these products is personal development and training to help you recruit people into same system.


Cash With Oz


The $500 Guarantee

They don’t mention this in the sales pitch but in order to ‘qualify’ for the $500 guarantee you MUST complete all 21 steps within 21 days which means purchasing the re-sell license for $2,497. There are a few stipulations that many people may not be aware of at first.

  • You must complete the 21 step training in 21 days
  • You need to dedicate yourself wholeheartedly into the program which could mean incurring additional costs in the process.
  • You need to follow up with your mentor in a timely manner
  • You will earn the $500 if you don’t make a commission within 30 days


Who is it for?

This program while primarily for those who have experience marketing online, is typically marketed to newbies and those who don’t understand marketing whatsoever.


  • Can turn into a legitimate opportunity for those who have the investment necessary


  • The core product is a high-ticket item
  • Too many scam red flags
  • Fabricated by the owner of MOBE just to push the MOBE opportunity on more people
  • The $500 guarantee is nothing more than a load of bs.
  • This program will not make you money


Final Thoughts

To qualify for the kinds of high ticket commissions required to make a system like this work you’ll be up for self-development product purchases totalling well over $50k. Again, nothing wrong with high ticket products but I do think people are being misled about what to expect with marketing hype like that.

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