Is MTTB a Scam?

Is My Top Tier Business a Scam? – Avoid MTTB for Good

This is a business model opportunity created by Matt Lloyd. He makes it sound incredibly simple to make money online that he willing to share with you. He even willing to pay you $500 if you do not make any commission within a month after joining his program. Is My Top Tier Business a Scam? Let find out together!

Is MTTB a Scam?

The “secret” to wealth that I discovered was a marketing system that takes online leads and turns them into money.
There are only 2 steps:
1. You bring me leads.
2. I give you money when I sell things to those leads.

I call it…
My Top Tier Business (or MTTB for short)
When you join MTTB, I will pay you commissions of $1,000… $3,000… and $5,000 without you having to lift a finger.

You have nothing to lose. – Source

I believe promoting a low or high end ticket commission use equal effort, but in order to receive this high commission there a price to pay.
First, you will be intro to buy 21 steps to success which cost you at $49 with 30 days money back guarantee.
This is the very first trap you have fallen in.

Is MTTB a Scam?

Even You Get $500 You Still Loss Money

I do some research and found out you do not have the chance to complete the 21 steps given to you. Here is the reason why, you will ask to pay $1997 in order to complete the 21 steps to success. Here a simple maths that even a young kid can do. Even you get $500 from Matt Lloyd, he still make money from you.

I always look at products that is affordable and valuable to people that can change peoples’ lives. Yes MTTB do give out high commission. I can bull dozed my way through to rip and dry up peoples credit card. I am going to get rich but this is not what my objective to run Internet Scams Report.
So to make it clear, I do not recommend this product to anyone. If you agree what Matt Lloyd going to say then there no way I going to stop you.

Exhaust the customer ability to buy.
Watch this video, Matt Lloyd explain what a million dollar sales funnel looks like.



Are you impress by what he is going to sell you? We are just normal average folks looking for ways to make money online. You shouldn’t rip off or try to rip off others. There are lots of legit ways of making money online. So Is My Top Tier Business a Scam? Yes or No? I let you decide. For me I chose not to join his program and advice you to avoid for good.

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