Is At Home Income Package a scam?

Is At Home Income Package a Scam?

Is At Home Income Package a scam?

At a glance on At Home Income Package sales page I see flashes of colors all over the site. It starts off with a girl holding a lot of hard cash on her hands. Be very careful that this is a clear warning sign not to get lured into handing your cash to her. Are you wondering is At Home Income Package a scam?

What they claim?

• 100% Risk Free, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
• All Training Guides & Video Tutorials
• Free 1 on 1 Training Consultation
• Automated Money Making Website

Too Much Misleading Information

When is the last time you bought an internet marketing product that provide 60 days money back guarantee have worked out for you? This is another that will disappoint you.

Is At Home Income Package a scam?

The product selling at $97 with a generous of $100 discount. So there will be no such things as 1 on 1 training, consultation, it shouldn’t be so cheap. A friend of mine attended a 2 days affiliate marketing course at $1650.

To me $97 is too cheap for 1 on 1 training, consultation and $1650 is far too expensive. I can show you what is actually a reasonable online business education cost. My #1 Recommendation Product

The Automated Money Making Website is just to make it sound good to you. So people will think there no much work to do with internet marketing. Every cash flow in as autopilot, that’s not true! Making money online you need to put in a lot effort and time with proper training.

Who is this for?

The product sees this point as a weakness on those who want easy money from internet.

Let just go to the bottom of At Home Income Package sales page. The disclaimer has summarized it all.

Is At Home Income Package a scam

This product didn’t explain what they are going to provide you with. No proper explanation on how the system going to work. It is all hard selling, you buy and know later.

If you are going to buy a new car, you should allow to test drive. On the other hand, this product tells you to pay first and guess what car you going to get.


Is At Home Income Package a scam? I feel it is as such site have lot of clones, they all look the same. Showing you hard cash, ridiculous earning screen shot, very little work and get rich fast. They never stop at onetime payment. Once you make your payment be prepare another upsells coming your way.

They suppose to help you to make an income at home, but it turns out they hide lots of information on how things going to work for you. Please stay far away from “At Home Income Package“.

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