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Review on InstaCash Keywords

Product Name: InstaCash Keywords

Owners: Travis Sago & Ben Cowiezell

Price: $4.95 for 7 days trial / $47 monthly

Website: (affiliate links)

Rating: 80/100


One of the difficulties that internet marketers faced is finding the correct niche and by using suitable keywords can be important to attract traffic to their websites. Honestly, I am one of those internet marketers. You can have some interesting keywords in your mind but when you start to publish your campaign and hoping the next day, your blog or article can get you on page 1 on Google, you will be disappointed.

So that’s where you can find some products in the internet that offers keywords searches in their program. The main thing about creating a good niche is to have a program whereby you can search for a specific keywords so that your campaign can start off well. You cannot create a profitable niche without knowing your keywords are commonly used.

Well, let’s get on to review this product.

What is InstaCash Keywords?


InstaCash Keywords is a product by Travis Sago & Ben Cowiezell. Basically, InstaCash Keywords gives you niches with low competition on a daily that you can create a campaign with more stability and can outrank most competition in most search engine sites. This is an interesting product and if you are one of those internet marketer who hates to do a keywords research, you can opt to purchase this product. But wait! Don’t jump the ship now. Let me explain on how this product works.

IntaCash Keywords is one of a products created by Travis Sago. He has several other products which he offers such as Bum Marketing Method,, etc and is one of the internet marketing gurus in the market. So far, his product reviews are acceptable and you can Google to check them out.

So let’s get back to InstaCash Keywords review. Well, not only InstaCash Keywords will offer you daily niches with low competition but also offers a buyer list and several articles for your write up. Personally, my thoughts on InstaCash Keywords is legit. Finding a niche is not hard but without proper guidance, it will be difficult for you as an internet marketer who wants to start up a campaign. There is also an affiliate program so that you can refer this product to your friends, family or clienteles.

In his introductory page, you can find a lot of contents and a video clip which is rather interesting. The contents are rather long and I did not read much honestly. However, interestingly, InstaCash Keywords will not only offer great and profitable niches daily but offers 5 well written articles for each niche.

Should you follow InstaCash Keywords?


There is a onetime payment of $4.95 for a 7 days trial and thereafter a $47 monthly recurring cost. Although the first 7 days is cheap, I think the $47 monthly recurring cost is quite steep when you are just getting niches contents daily.

There are a couple of pros and cons which I am going to discuss here. Talking about Pros, firstly, as you know Travis Sago is a reputable internet marketing gurus and his products are legit. The product provide an alternative platform for internet marketers to create a successful campaign by creating a profitable niche and as a user of InstaCash Keywords, you are entitled to keyword list which you can based on the niche you prefer.

There are some disadvantages or you can say cons on this product. One of them from my view is that there are way too many keyword lists that are being offered to you and some of them may not be relevant. Well, not all product are perfect. As I previously said, keyword research is quite simple and there is quite a couple of products on keyword research in the internet.



InstaCash Keywords is legit and not a scam from my point of view. As I have said before, the product gives an alternative platform for you as a user to create a profitable niche. You can try out this product for keywords searches. Although this product by Travis Sago is considered good, you will need some proper guidance in order for you to get that specific niche to promote your campaign.

From my point of view, in InstaCash Keywords, you can learn the knowhow on creating a niche and potentially make money online with it. No doubt about it and for new internet marketers who are not familiar with implementing a good niche, I guess you can opt for this product.

If you wish to know more about creating a niche, you can subscribe to my email list and I will provide you with the details on internet marketing covering niches and other interesting stuff.

Well, once again, you will need some proper guidance to create a good niche for your campaign and to do that, I would recommend for new internet marketers to join my #1 recommend product. It is an honest training site with a wonderful community and you will be learn many interesting stuff about internet marketing.

If you are currently subscribing to InstaCash Keywords, feel free to drop a comment below. Thanks.

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