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longKeyword research is probably the most vital part of any web revenue creation. Even as Google continues to change its algorithms, I would assume that this is still one integral part of SEO that we internet marketers will need to execute ourselves.

I have been using Google’s default Keyword Planner for my keyword research because I find the interface for Market Samurai too complicated for my needs. But when I chanced upon Spencer Haws’ Long Tail Pro, a premium keyword research tool, I was struck by the simplicity of it all after reading some reviews online and hence purchased it for a trial.

Priced at US$97 without discount, Long Tail Pro is more affordable than Market Samurai, which is priced at US$149. Some of the things that I love about this tool are:


  • Under ‘Keyword Research’ section, you can key in 10 seed keywords or phrases and then generate many long tail keywords for you, with information on the average CPC, local searches, advertiser competition, Google title competition and more. I will suggest you use a basic keyword generator like Soovle to help you with the seed keywords.
  • There is a section ‘Competitor Analysis’ where you can just key in any keyword and check out who are the top 10 current sites, their page authority, page links, juice page links, domain authority, mozRank, page rank and site age. You can also analyze each site’s title and meta description.
  • There are many data that you can pull from this software, such as domain availability, for example. This is excellent if you are on the lookout for a new domain.
  • I also like the fact that I can set my keyword searches to any country in the world and not only the US. Sometimes, I do configure the searches to my local country Singapore.
  • Best of all, after doing your keyword research, you can export all your precious data into a CSV file for your ease of reference.


“The primary difference is that Long Tail Pro is a big time saver over Market Samurai. With Long Tail Pro you are able to enter in multiple seed keywords at once (rather than just 1 with MS). So, instead of entering in 1 seed keyword, waiting five minutes, then going back and entering in one more; you can enter 5 seed keywords (for example), hit generate and then see all the keyword ideas at once!

You can also PRE-filter your keywords (so you are only left with keywords that meet your CPC, search volume, or other criteria). Another big time saver.

Finally, you can automatically check for exact match domains (rather than checking just one at a time with MS). There are other differences, but in reality I created Long Tail Pro because I was unhappy with Market Samurai, so I specifically created it to improve on the areas that Market Samurai was lacking.”

                        – Spencer Haws, founder of Long Tail Pro



 However, good though it is, there are some minor drawbacks that I encounter with Long Tail Pro.

  • I don’t quite like the fact that I have to download and install Adobe Air to run the software as it takes up a lot of space, although I am aware that this is necessary for it to run smoothly.
  • I signed up for the Platinum version for the first month as it is only a dollar extra. This includes a column on keyword competitiveness which tells you immediately which keyword is good to rank for. It saves you a bit of time but I think this is not necessary for those who are just starting out in internet marketing, as it might be a better idea for you to just use the standard features to try and play with the software, and in turn learn more about keyword research. I find that this works better for me.
  • You need to log into your Google Adwords account in order for the software to work, because it pulls some data from Keyword Planner. The problem with this is sometimes I keep getting this message to key in a captcha text (right picture) as Google is experiencing higher than normal searches in their keyword planner, and this message can sometimes be so frequent that it is frustrating. You have to close the software and then restart again.
  • I also experienced various instances when Long Tail Pro has problem logging into my Google account (I only have 1 Google account opened) and I have to click the ‘show keyword planner’ below the software and manually adjust my Google setup, log in and log out for it to work properly again.


However, despite the cons, which I deemed to be minor, Long Tail Pro is by far the best paid keyword research tool that I have used. After using it for about half a year, here are the top 3 tips that I would suggest for you to better utilize the software:

  1. Choose keywords with local searches of between 200 – 1000 if possible.
  2.  Avoid keywords where the top 10 pages are all e-commerce sites.
  3.  Choose keywords with more than 3 words – the longer a ‘tail’ it has, the better and easier for you to rank it on the search engines.



 Long Tail Pro will propel your website to the top of the search engines in no time if you take the time to master the software and its properties. If you are still hesitating, you can try a 10-day free trial here and test it yourself without having to pay yet. And seriously, why not? Have fun!

Final Verdict

Name:  Long Tail Pro
Website:’s affiliate link)
10 days free trial, $97 1 time payment and $97 + $17 (Pro + Platinum)

Owners: Spencer Haws
My Overall Rank: 70
 out of 100 points



P.S. Please note that the above link to purchase Long Tail Pro is an affiliate link, which means that I get a commission if you purchase through it. Thank you for your support. By Beid

About: Beid, whose blog is currently undergoing a major revamp because she is bored of the content, is a full-time marketer, a part-time SEO enthusiast and niche sites creator.

 What you think about Long Tail Pro? Drop your comment below, we like to hear them. Thanks!


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