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Name:  Lazy Job Killer
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$7 and $17 upsells
Todd Wesley
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Lazy Job Killer Review

Today we are going to see an interesting internet marketing product. The title “Lazy Job Killer” itself already going to summarize who it is from.  The product own by Todd Wesley, are you wondering is Lazy Job Killer a scam?

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Todd Wesley claims that stumbled upon a secret method of making $425 per day and he is going to teach you that you are able to do so.  Go ahead and multiply $425 by 30 days. That is a lot of money my friend.

So being lazy is the point that going to make so much money? And it just cost you $7 to learn! Wow!

 The sales page has the same tactic used by scam artists

  •  Huge amount of money promise
  •  Unbelievable earning proof
  •  A story that from a poor guy turn rich
  •  60 days money back guarantee
  •  $7 too cheap to be true

When you go through the whole sales page, there no explanation on what you going to learn. It’s a direct selling without providing any value. Which one thing come to my mind, the product hope you buy it and praying for no refund.

$7 Plus another $17

As expected the product come with upsells. Once you purchase at $7, immediately follow by an upsets of $17. $17 will provide additional training and secrets. This is no secrets, I have seen this many times.

Lazy Job Killer_ upsell

What is Lazy Job out to Kill?

Lazy Job Killer is just a 16 pages of PDF and additional bonus PDF which is really low quality outdated information.

The training is broken up in 4 steps.  Which is not an online business or an internet marketing product. It is making use of your current skill set to offer offline work to the local client.



Step 1: Your Current Skill as bait

I had been working as a building technician for 15 years. Todd suggests using current skill set to sell your strength and knowledge to another business owner. He set an example of the plumber or customer service.

You might meet some business that needs your skill set. But putting myself and sell my skill set at $100 per hour for what I know is way too naive. Unless Beckham is going to sell how he bend his free kick around the wall, that could be priceless.


Step 2: Where to Get Customers

Before you even think of making money. You are told to invest money to have a website that gives out a free report. You will host a seminar and invite local business to attend. Where to host? You got to pay for nice location. You can’t host in the park

Step 3: You sure $100,000 this year?

Here come the 6 figure of truth. You will be offering leadership training base on your skill set. That includes sales, marketing advice and even future planning for business.

All I know is building technical stuff, can I do it? What if you are a customer service and a plumber as Todd mention. This is a big question? 100k! Stop dreaming.

Step 4: Sell yourself tall

Todd way of selling, is not sold yourself short. This last step is all, the mindset of how to charge your customer for your service.


Conclusion: Lazy Job Killer is for Lazy People

Is Lazy Job Killer a scam? In my opinion I feel it is.

Who this product for? No one, if you are hoping the money drop from the sky please spend your $7. I do not recommend anyone to purchase this product. I hate product that brainwash you that you can say “bye bye” to your boss.

That won’t happen; you need a regular job to sustain your bill, food and many others. There are many internet marketers earning full time, but they have many years of experience in this industry. To achieve the same level, first you need to invest your time to get proper training.

You are not a Lazy Person


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