Is Brand Builders a Scam?

Is Brand Builders a Scam? – Awesome Done For You

Product Name: Brand Builders
Owner: Andrew & Jon
Price : $599 onwards
Rating: 90/100

We are going to say goodbye to 2018 very soon and welcome 2019. Things change so fast that we hardly able to catch up. Making money online can be difficult and easy at times. Difficult as it is becoming more and more competitive. Easy as in there are thousands of methods and ways to learn and apply for it.

If you are just interested to get started on how others making money with Amazon as an affiliate or an FBA seller please read this post. This post is specially for you. Once you read till the end you will be able to chose which one is for you. Most of the people learn to from step one on how to build a website, write content, SEO, drive traffic, marketing and the list go on and on. You can see these will take you a lot of time and even drain you out if you have a full time job. Sit back and get it done for you with the right team you hire. Build your own brand that represents you and make you proud.

Heard of Brand Builders? Is Brand Builders a scam?

Part 1) Brand Builder For Affiliate Marketing – Done For You

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest model to start for beginners. You don’t need lots of money to start with. Just chose a niche, build a website using WordPress and start writing content, but the struggling part is to choose a right niche which most of the people fail including me. Then come with keyword research and building a list. Writing content or reviews that convert into sales is not easy. It is really overwhelming!

This is when you should invest and think ahead. You went to work and back home with almost little to none energy left. All you want is to enjoy your dinner and relax. Leave your burden to the professionals to handle it for you. Treat it as a business not a hobby.
You chose the niche you like and Brand Builders will build your authority site.

6 Part Process

Is Brand Builders a Scam?

Can’t think of a killer niche? Don’t worry, Brand Builders will identify profitable niche and introduce to you.

Is Brand Builders a Scam?

Part 2) Brand Builders For FBA – Done For You

What is FBA? It stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. Merchants will send their products to Amazon warehouse store. Once your products have ordered, Amazon will pack and ship to your customers and handle customer service for you. It is a great online business model which like most but need to have a bigger budget to buy your own products for selling compared to affiliate marketing.

If you have own products that will be great, if not you don’t have to worry either. There are ways to import products or source from your local area. But having to say that, you are taking risks if you are not sure what products to invest in. There are millions of products that are selling on Amazon. If you are going to study the market yourself, you may find yourself in a lost maze! Once again, let Brand Builders do it for you.

The FBA 4 Step Process by Brand Builders

Is Brand Builders a Scam?

Is Brand Builders a Scam?

Are you ready to build a FBA Business?

Is Brand Builders a Scam?


Is Brand Builders a scam? No, but the cost is a bit pricey and of course it value for money. You are hiring a team of professionals to the job for you. While you still work hard with your current job and enjoy time with family and friends.

Here are the two choices for you to make money with Amazon.

Is Brand Builders a Scam?

Is Brand Builders a Scam?

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  1. do you know some lesser priceed alternatives to brandbuilders? I’d like a website for my brand (selling on Amazon FBA) but their premium package at nearly $5k seems a bit too much for me. Thanks

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