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Finding some opportunities to make money online can be challenging especially to a newbie. The difficulty comes on how you can start building your own business and what profit making strategies to use in order to earn some money. There are products out there that are offering an easier way to make money online and they exploit your needs and preference of earning money the easy way. One of this is the Web Copy Cat that offers a system to make money without the need of doing so much. Is Web Copy Cat a scam? and is it really going to be a good source of income for you? Let’s find out in this article.

Is Web Copy Cat A Scam?

Once you come across the Web Copy Cat sales page you will wonder how the system can help you earn money online. The sales pitch of the product is showing beginners the easiest way of earning money in three easy steps. You only need to set up your account to the system, add traffic and start collecting your commission. Sounds pretty easy, huh! But there are other things you need to know other than these steps.

How does Web Copy Cat works?

Web Copy Cat offers an autopilot system that will help you set up an account to help you earn. It basically provides a done for you business where a funnel, squeeze and video sales pages and landing pages are already provided for you. The main concept of the system is to let the system work for you to start earning and all you need to do is to sell the system to others in order to earn a commission. In short you will be required to copy the process of selling the system to others in the same way that someone was able to sell it to you.

Your main source of income from Web Copy Cat is taken from the sales you make by selling the system online. Everything will be set up for you, which is an advantage to people who have no experience and idea about online marketing. You need to sell the system and get people to subscribe for the upsells in order to earn more commission.

Is Web Copy Cat A Scam

Deals you get from Web Copy Cat

A monthly subscription fee is charged to your account in the amount of $34.95 after you enjoyed the 10 days free trial which costs only $1. As you access the member area you will be confronted with more upsells that will be offered at a cost.  You will also find out that you need to purchase the autoresponder system in order for you to start earning. The autoresponder vary in features and costs and you need to subscribe for the more expensive one if you want to earn a higher commission rate.

You also need to purchase the traffic source to keep your sales rolling and as you can see the upsells and necessary additional purchases just go on.

The Pros

Web Copy Cat is a system that is useful for people who are beginners in the online marketing industry. It takes care of building your sales pages and in promoting them through email marketing. It’s a done for you business where you only have to provide the details it needs such as your email contacts in order to automatically send the Web Copy Cat sales pages. The system eliminates the technical requirement of creating a sales page and building traffic for your ads in order to make a sale. It also comes with a cheap 10 day trial fee of $1 only and a 30-day trial with a risk free guarantee. The system is quite simple and very easy to use especially for a newbie.

The Cons

Web Copy Cat will basically limit your ability to earn by providing only one means of earning online which is through the commission of selling out its system to others. There no other products that you can sell online so you are stuck in looking for people who will be willing to get stuck selling the same product as you do. You also have to make additional purchases for the traffic and autoresponder to make the program work for you. The upsells can actually increase the costs of your subscription. It is worth taking note that being a done for you business it does not provide training on how to earn from home.


Is Web Copy Cat a scam? It certainly is not as it provides a legitimate way of earning an income from home. It is only ideal for people who prefers a done for you business without other options on how to earn other than selling the system itself to others. You will basically be a copy cat of the system by replicating the process of recruiting and selling the same product over again.


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