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Getting yourself and your family covered by a healthcare plan is a good investment to make. But Ameriplan USA makes this more exciting by offering additional perk of earning a commission by allowing members to recruit other people to sign up for the healthcare plan and then to recruit others as well. Now you must be wondering is Ameriplan a scam? Here is our review about the product being offered and how you can earn an income while getting covered by a healthcare plan works.

Is Ameriplan a scam?

Ameriplan is a company established since 1992 and offers different healthcare plans such as discount health care, dental and prescription plans. It claims to be one of the best discount medical plan organization that offer wide range of discounted healthcare services to its members. It was established with the mission of providing quality and affordable health care services involving medical care, dental care and prescription medicines.

Ameriplan packages

There are different levels of healthcare plans that you can subscribe as follow:

  1. The Ameriplan MD Plus

The cost of this plan is $12.95 a month. You can upgrade this plan to $19.95 a month subscription to cover your entire family. You will get discounted services for dental and prescription medicines.

  1. Ameriplan Healthcare

This plan costs $49.95 a month where you have access to the services from Ameriplan MD Plus with additional benefits of discounted services on the Ameridoc program, laboratory procedures, physical therapy, imaging centers, hearing and mental services as among others.

  1. Ameriplan Platinum Plus

This plan costs $50 with dental plan and additional discounts for automotive dine out, theme parks, movie theaters, PC purchases, internet plan, parking and a 15% discount to sprint cell phone service.

  1. Ameriplan Total Platinum

You get access to all the above mentioned benefits at a cost of $75 with the additional benefit of an ID theft protection.

  1. Ameriplan Platinum Freedom Plus

The plan entitles you to the benefits of Total Platinum at a cost of $150 a month including coverage for your whole household. Additional benefits include discounts on hotels, condos, cruises, golf etc. with the additional access on digital coupons and deals apps for members.

Earning from Ameriplan

Aside from availing of the healthcare plans from Ameriplan you are also entitled to earn a commission on every successful recruit to sign up for the Ameriplan. How much you will earn will depends on your membership level with the company. For instance if you signed up for the Platinum Plus membership you will be entitled to a 20% commission on your sales, 30% for the Total Platinum, 40% for the Platinum Freedom Pass and so on. However there is a catch when you join the recruitment program of Ameriplan. In order to be eligible for a commission you need to maintain a target sale and recruiting people under your name or you will pay the difference of the target amount of sign up for each membership level. For instance for the Platinum Plus the cost of subscription is $50 so you need to exceed $50 monthly sales otherwise you will pay for the difference. Once you exceed the target amount you will start earning money as sale commissions.

MLM scheme or not

Ameriplan uses two ways of marketing its business. First is using a business model where you can market Ameriplan by advertisements in order to sell their plans. You can also recruit people in order to earn a commission for every sign up. The second scheme is selling the Ameriplan dental and health care plans.  Considering this type of business approached used by Ameriplan many are starting to wonder whether this is just another multi-level marketing business.


You will have the opportunity to earn two ways by becoming a member. You can sell the Ameriplan packages and also recruit people to sign up. You get to earn commission from doing either or both.


The training support is mainly focused on the recruitment side of the business and does not provide rigid support to members on how to sell their health care and dental plans. It is not also suitable for people who do not want to get out of their way to call people and sell out products and recruiting people.


Is Ameriplan a scam? Answering this can be a bit tricky since the business of the company is between legitimately selling health care plans and running an MLM business. While the focus of Ameriplan is recruiting people to sign up as members they also have legitimate products to sell the public which does not make their business a scam. But for some who experience having to recruit people and maintain a certain target sale to get a commission every month, which is sometime difficult to achieve, Ameriplan just might be an MLM scam hiding behind the cloak of a legitimate business. What they offer seems too good to be true and it depends upon you to contemplate whether it is worth joining.


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