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If you have a hard time selling your own membership site or products you are not alone. Many online marketers are some of the casualties of the challenging market for membership products and services. People resort to helpful tools and resources that can improve their strategies and skills in building and marketing their own membership products and one of these resources is the Ever Lesson. Here’s a review on the features of this platform that claims to be the last membership software you will ever need and to help you decide if you wonder is Ever Lesson a scam?

Is Ever Lesson a scam?

The platform offers different software features that support in building your own sales page and membership site where you can sell membership only products and services. It claims to be a very powerful platform that is designed to help both beginners and experts in the field of membership marketing.

By using the Ever Lesson software you can create membership sites successfully with more leeway of customizing the site’s features and designs the way you want it. Ever Lesson integrate membership software with automated sales builder and video platforms that will provide you a stress free way of building your own membership site and market it online.

The Ever Lesson package and features

There are different features that come with your purchase of the software at the price of $497. The software comes with several built in templates that you can customize with a seamless editing feature to use in just clicks of a button. The user will be able to build their membership site from scratch or simply adopt or edit the customizable templates. This will help you create a theme design that suits your industry, brand and niche.

Creating sales pages is also a tough undertaking for many but the Ever Lesson provides simple modules that help you create your own sales pages in just a few minutes.  The software has an automated feature of creating your own sales page by simply uploading your videos. You can also create membership packages and levels and display your products and offer multiple upsells to your customers. It is also possible to group products together in order to have more sales.

Sales pages are very important in order to entice others to become a member to your business. That is why for beginners they will find the Ever Lesson membership software very convenient as it can help create more beautiful sales pages that will be attractive to potential customers.

The feature allows you to have control over how you want the page customized. The automated system of the product will also automatically load new products to your online store without the need of making manual update every time. The platform is very seamless and simple to use by your customers and can take them smoothly to the check out process.

Another enticing feature of the Ever Lesson is that it adds gamification features that will entice more customers to become a membership to your site. Through this feature they can earn badges and points that can be used to claim for rewards. This will make your customer highly engaged to your site and will most likely to return to make more purchases to your site. The software also has an integration feature with the social media through Facebook where you can find many interested people who are likely to be engaged to your brands and online store.

You can easily reach out to people directly using the software feature and they can also easily come in contact with you at a more personal level. Another strong feature of the Ever Lesson is you have the opportunity of monetizing your sales pages by running a global monetization campaign which includes a call to action lightbox, banner ad placement, scrolling news ticker and top bar call to action features. This will run multiple campaigns to your advantage.


The Ever Lesson appears to be good tool to use for creating membership site with features that are very useful to even a beginner in the field of membership site building and marketing. The software can help kick start building your business and then growing your audience along the process until marketing your products and profiting from it.

If you are thinking is Ever Lesson a scam? It is not. You get loads of features from the software and it can be a very useful tool in intensifying your marketing strategies in building more traffic to your site. It is important to manage your expectation from using the platform however since you need to find the right niche to market and the software will do the rest of the work for you.

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