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Digital Photography School Review

If your passion is in Photography and you’ve stumbled upon Digital Photography School on your quest to find a course you can take to improve your skills and if you’re wondering whether this website is a scam or legit, then this article is for you.

In this article, you will be provided with all the necessary information you need to know about Digital Photography School and its courses to help you in your decision whether to go through with it or not.

Name: Digital Photography School
Course Cost: $29
Owner: Darren Rowse


What is Digital Photography School?

Digital Photography School is one the most popular and longest running photography blogs to date. It was founded by Darren Rowse who is a digital photography enthusiast. He created the website in order to share tips and advice to photographers who want to maximize their cameras.

Rowse used to own a digital camera review site and he has received numerous emails from his readers asking for various tips on how to make the most of their cameras. He came to a conclusion that while there are millions of cameras being purchased every year across the globe, a massive number of individuals could be using their cameras to achieve better results. His main focus on his articles in the past couple of years was mostly tips on cameras and because of that he decided to start a website purely dedicated on how to tips, thus giving birth to dPS or Digital Photography School in 2006.




How Does Digital Photography School Works?

This ‘School’ is not a formal one by any means. There are no classes, no teachers, no exams – rather it’s a challenging and enjoyable learning environment where they share tips and techniques to help you improve all aspects of your photography and in their Facebook Group where over 75,000 of individuals share what they’re learning, show their photos and ask and answer each other questions.

Furthermore, unlike most schools, the information in Digital Photography School is free. They do run limited advertising though, as well as affiliate programs and they promote their own resources to help the company cover costs and keep expanding. These affiliate links (largely to the Amazon book store) earn dPS a small commission on any purchases that anyone makes when they visit Amazon after clicking on one of their links, however there is no cost to their readers.




Featured Courses and Costs

Night Photography – $29

Photographer Jim Hamel is a specialist in Night Photography and is here to teach in a few hours what it would otherwise take you months – and endless trial and error -to learn about taking breath-taking photos at night.

In this online video course you will learn:

  • How to master exposure at night to take your photos from average to amazing
  • The secrets to finding the best subject matter and locations
  • The must-have gear to get these stunning shots
  • Detailed retouching techniques to make your photos pop
  • What to look for and how to set up your shot
  • All the technical aspects to nailing the shot

Lightroom Mastery: People & Portraits – $29

This brand new online video course from professional photographer Mike Newton will teach you all the Lightroom secrets the pro’s use to retouch portraits and turn average shots into stunning creations. The tools and techniques you’ll learn will help you transform your portraits.

In this course you’ll learn how to use:

  • The adjustment brush
  • Radial filter
  • Cloning and healing brushes
  • Mike’s very own Lightroom editing workflow for editing portraits
  • Eyes and lip editing techniques
  • Teeth whitening tips
  • Skin editing techniques including blemish removal

Lightroom Mastery – $29

Photographer Mike Newton has helped tens of thousands of photographers learn Adobe Lightroom and is here to teach you exactly what you need to know to take your edits and efficiency in Lightroom to the next level.

In this course you’ll learn how to use:

  • Use all the essential Lightroom editing tools
  • Import and sort all your photos for maximum efficiency and storage.
  • Master detailed retouching techniques to smooth skin, make eyes pop, whiten teeth, & more.
  • Fix over/underexposed photos, reduce noise, & fix lens distortion
  • Organise catalogs, folders, & collections so you can find any photo instantly.
  • Create professional slideshows for showcasing your images
  • Get photos ready to print at home, or perfected for the commercial printer.
  • Create gorgeous panoramas and HDR images from right inside of Lightroom.
  • Create physical books with your photos and order them directly from inside Lightroom

Photo Nuts and Shots Course – $29

In 10 practical video lessons, you’ll learn the tools, techniques and thought processes for producing amazing photos and gain real skills that you’ll use in every shot you take:

  • Learn to harness light to convey emotion
  • Understand the impact of great composition and how to achieve it
  • Take the sharpest possible photos
  • Discover how to adapt your camera’s exposure to produce the shot you want
  • Master the concepts of shot perception, planning and execution – in any setting
  • Know when to break the rules for creative effect
  • Tap into your creativity to select and apply practical techniques that create amazing photos

Best of all, Neil’s tips are easy-to-understand and immediately actionable – so you’ll see an instant improvement in the quality of your images.

Photo Nuts and Bolts Course – $29

In 10 video lessons, you’ll discover the key photography concepts that will put you in creative control of your camera – increasing your technical confidence and helping you take amazing photos that stand out from the crowd.

Visual demonstrations make the lessons engaging and fun, and the downloadable course notes, exercises and resources provide a great reference – so what you learn sticks.

And because this is an online course, you can go through at your own pace and repeat any module as many times as you like.




Final Thoughts

Digital Photography is not a scam at all. The great thing about is that their website offer daily tips, resources and free tutorials that will help you get the most out your camera and create stunning photos itself and if you want to take your learning process to the next level, it is up to you if you want to purchase their in-depth video courses.

 Check Out Digital Photography School Here

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