Is Traffic For Me A Scam?

Is Traffic For Me A Scam? – Follow Traffic Rules

Is Traffic For Me A Scam?

PRODUCT NAME: Traffic For Me

OWNER NAME: Harris Fellman


RATING:  5/10


Managing your internet marketing business will entail more efforts to reach your target audience. Paid traffic offers the convenience of promoting your advertising campaign and there are many services that will help you achieve this goal. One of these is the Traffic For Me which helps your business obtain more traffic and potential followers and customers. The services of Traffic For Me can be valuable for your internet marketing business. However, you should also ask is Traffic For Me a scam? or is essential to your business? This Traffic For Me review will help enlighten you on what this paid traffic service can do for your business.

Is Traffic For Me A Scam?

Traffic For Me is a paid traffic advertising platform that offers help to internet marketers boost their traffic reach through different channels like email advertising, social media, and SMS. The scheme of the service is to promote a business through an online marketing system to make your advertising program traffic driven and to have a wider audience reach.  The system engages in email and solo ads marketing programs with the goal of driving more sales and leads for your internet business by driving more traffic to your marketing campaigns.

The costs of the packages and features

The Traffic For Me comes with different packages for buying and sending traffic. The system has options that will be suited to your target market.

  1. The Premium E-mail traffic is the most common which is suited for your advertising campaign of your target audience are from the New Zealand, USA, UK, Australia and Canada. This package gives the most clicks and high conversions. The cost will be $345 for 500 clicks, $675 for 1,000 clicks, $1,290 for 2,000 clicks and the fee gets higher for more number of clicks up to $5,750 for 10,000 clicks.
  2. The Top 5 E-mail Traffic sends all your emails to your target market in Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA and Australia. The fee is $395 for 500 clicks, $740 for 1,000 clicks up to $6200 for 10,000 clicks.
  3. The SMS Messaging Package provides services that sends text message about your campaigns instead of emails. This is a bit of a tricky way of building traffic ads as it can be taken as a spam and will not be appreciated by people receiving ads by texts. Also it is more difficult to get the active mobile number of people than their email. This traffic service costs about $395 for 1000 clicks, $740 for 2,000 clicks up to $2900 for 10,000 clicks.
  4. The Starter Traffic Package offers you an opportunity to test the solo ad campaign. This system will send your traffic campaigns promptly every 1 or 2 days. This will cost you $154 for 200 premium clicks up to $205 for 500 mobile clicks.

Is Traffic For Me A Scam?

Traffic For Me Solo Ad Program

One thing good about the Traffic For Me program is that it gives you option to focus your traffic within a particular market. If you like to share the latest online marketing business opportunity the program on Biz Op and Make Money is something you can opt to do. If you want to promote your own internet marketing business directly to your target market the Traffic For Me provides an Internet Marketing program where it will share your website, blog, and YouTube videos. It gives your social media profile good exposure to your target market. Other programs focus on Health and Diet, Personal Development, Stocks, Forex and Binary Trading and Survival Prepping. There are a handful of categories that can help you focus your traffic buildup within a specific niche.

The Pros

The Traffic For Me provides you a lot of options where you want to focus your traffic advertising. It can deliver growth on your followers and can help you grow your sales and leads. It is an easier way to automatically grow your advertising campaigns with the less effort in terms of promotion and traffic building. The Solo Ad system will also provide you an overview whether you have profited from the messages you send.

The Cons

Traffic For Me is definitely costly. You need to have a good budget to start using its system. While it is helpful in building your business exposure online, there are much cheaper systems that can provide you the same results. It is not suited for beginner internet marketers since it requires a big investment without the guarantee of return of profit in every message sent.


If you ask is Traffic For Me a scam? my answer is it is not. It does help you build your traffic, sales and leads. However, it is something that I do not highly recommend considering the costs involved. In addition, it is also doubtful whether the process of building traffic such as sending email and texts is sustainable since not everyone is happy to be receiving unsolicited emails and will likely tag your business as spam.


2 thoughts on “Is Traffic For Me A Scam? – Follow Traffic Rules”

  1. I tried a test campaign and they would not run my email copy, nor would they send it to the landing page of my choice. Once I changed the landing page to something they would accept, they left the email copy (which I have no idea what they said in order to get people to click) all I know is I only got 7% response. They got back to me as though they wanted to help me, and said they would offer a 20% overage on my next order. How is that going to correct my order? I would have to spend another $400 in order to allow them to correct something they can’t take responsibility for in the first place? Other solo ads have been over 40% response compared to their measly 7%.

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