Is Drexel Code A Scam?

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There is a fuss about earning much from binary trading and many are getting excited about the binary trading bots in the form of software that can guarantee your earnings from trading. It is unfortunate to break the news that there is no such software that can provide a guaranteed winning whenever you trade in the market. That is why you should first ask is Drexel Code a scam? before you get too excited about signing up for its trading tool while anticipating of getting so much from your investment. There are too many obvious shady deals that come with the Drexel Code and here’s what we found out.

Is Drexel Code a scam? – Gray areas from how the software bot works

Being a binary trading solution, Drexel Code offers you a guaranteed investment profit of about $344,589.65 every month by using its trading bot that can help predict the best trading investment you should make. Other than being bogus software claiming that it can actually predict such a very volatile and unpredictable trading market, Drexel Code is receiving so many negative feedbacks from its users. For someone who knows how the binary trading market works it is elementary to know that there is no way to predict what happens during the trading process. The result will always be unpredictable and no software bot can make the system predictable. If you can review what the software claims, it merely promises on helping you make the right trading choice at the right time without actually explaining what system it uses in order to predict the trading activities. In other words, there is actually no real guarantee that Drexel Code can help you earn as much as it claims other than telling you it can predict trading outcomes but does not explain how it does that.

Moreover, there is no proof to show what kind of a system or software Drexel Code uses in predicting the trading outcomes. With so many claims without proof that it is possible to achieve its promises of making you earn profitably in binary trading, Drexel Code is not a credible and reliable binary tool to use. Besides, it claims that the software will place your trade as it scans for possible opportunities to make the trade at the right time but this makes me wonder, how can we tell your money is indeed being traded in the first place? There are too many loopholes here that are too obvious to ignore. There are a lot of promises that the Drexel Code makes to its potential customers such as providing enticing features like price movement real time data, compatibility with regulated brokers and user friendly interface, features and services. Despite of these features the software fails to provide substantial information on how the system works such as how the market prediction is made.


Misleading product marketing

Drexel Code presents some misinformation regarding their product. It features a snapshot of the alleged earnings of one of its software user who claims to earn $40,000 USD on February 14, 2016. What is alarming to this claim is that the registration of the Drexel Code took place only on March 4, 2016 which is quite misleading to its customers. Another thing that catches our attention is its founder Cory Drexel. For someone claiming a credible system being offered to the public he must know the essence of revealing his identity to the public to support his credibility. However it appears that Cory Drexel remains elusive as he does not provide any information about his skills or specialization in the trading market. There is also no way of confirming the true identity of the alleged founder of the system. In addition, we also notice the bogus countdown widget displayed on its website which is a mere pressure tactic to make potential victims to sign up immediately. When you visit the website it will show the beta tester spots around the globe that is available but once you delete the cookies and revisit the site again you will be surprised that the countdown will not begin from where you left off. It is just a very sneaky tactic of making you sign up.


Having discovered the above-mentioned shady background of this trading bot software you now have the reason to answer yes whenever the question is Drexel Code a scam? is asked. There are a lot of loopholes and red flags to consider that this trading tool is merely designed to attract people of making quick cash out of trading with enticing guarantee of return of their trading investment without actually providing a credible system to support its claim. If you value your investment, we suggest you to stay away from Drexel Code because it can simply scam your money out of your pocket.

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