Is The Amazon Superstar by Zonlife Success a scam? – You are like a Superstar

Product Name: The Amazon Superstar

Owner: Chris Jones (ZonLife Success)

Price : $489 onetime payment

Website: Amazon Superstar (Affiliate Link)

Rating: 92/100


When you think about Amazon, you thought of it  is one of the biggest eCommerce site in the internet. The online e-commerce site where you can find so many things that are on offer. It is crazy.

For most of us, our visit to Amazon is to buy what we want and wait for our merchandise to come to our door step. So, have you been thinking of selling your products on Amazon?

Here is why you need to do this.

1) You will be running an online business and getting passive income from selling your products in Amazon.

2) You will manage your our products and learn to promote them.

3) There is no need to have deep pockets to start your retail business.

Amazon allows you to sell your product directly in their online portal and will do most of the backend stuff like packing, shipping and inventory management. What you need to do is just to promote your product and sell it online.

Sound like hand free right? Not at all but it is easy when you get the hang of it.

So let’s get on with the review.

What is The Amazon Superstar?


The program is by Chris Jones. He is an experience online entrepreneur who currently has 3 Amazon FBA businesses and have been running this business for the last 16 months. He mentioned that it was a success. Amazon FBA stands for Fulfilment By Amazon.

Chris will teach you from A to Z on how to sell your product on Amazon. There are a lot of information and training within this program, the main one is “Starting Your Amazon FBA Business”.



• Free first video course before decide to enroll in Amazon Superstar

• Step by step
• Facebook group support
• Clear outline of what the courses cover


• Need to an initial investment to start up
• Need at least $500 to $1000 business start up

In the program, you will learn on how to do your listing, promote your product on PPC (When and When to promote), how to list your product to rank on page 1 of Amazon product listing. If you are new to Amazon FBA, you will find it hard and most probably, you can’t see your products on top of the pile.

Chris knows what he does and the way the system works. To start up, your initial investment will be around $500 onwards, depending on your product cost. Chris will show you on how to buy products at a low cost and how to sell it on Amazon.

In Amazon FBA. you are given two options to start selling your product on Amazon. You ask to sign up as an Individual Seller or Professional Seller. So, my recommendation to you to sign up as a professional seller if you want to take this business seriously.


This Business Suitable for Whom?

When you are ready to sell, you can easily set up an online store to sell your products. If you willing to learn and start building your online store, That great! But, it will be a difficult one if you are new and not well-verse in internet marketing.

Building an online store will be another stumbling block and you may be worried about building a website which will be a nightmare. Well, you will need to hire a website designer to build your online store and this may cost you at least a few thousand dollars. You will need to draw visitors to your online store which is a separate cost. This will take a few months at least to see a reasonable traffic to your website.

The money you spend hiring a website designer is better for you to invest to buy new products. With Amazon FBA, almost 70% of the work are done by Amazon. The advertisement part will also be taken care by them.

This business is suitable for anyone of you out there. It is simple to do but you will need guidance and most importantly, learn on how to do it. It will take time but Chris will guide you through.




Is The Amazon Superstar a scam? Definitely not, I like how Chris create this program. Chris didn’t create this training program to promise that you will be an internet sensation in a few months. His training program is simple and easy to understand. You will need to do the backend work like finding a suitable product, shipping your product to Amazon, etc. All these you will need to guidance and I know you can.

If you are interested in selling product online, I highly recommend you to join this program.


Alternative on selling on Amazon, if you feel investing at least $500 is too much for a start. How about selling Amazon products and earn commission. It is call affiliate marketing, you do need any products to get started. Sign up our 5 days free course on Affiliate Marketing, just enroll on my email course and we will send you the course one course each days for the next 5 days.

From my point of view, you will need to learn more about Amazon FBA. If you wish to know more about selecting your products, you can check out our review on a good product, Jungle Scout. This product is one of the best product in the market and I can assure you that you will find the right product to sell when you get try Jungle Scout. Click below.

Jungle Scout

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6 thoughts on “Is The Amazon Superstar by Zonlife Success a scam? – You are like a Superstar”

  1. Amazon’s FBA program is a great way to make money – but it does need some seed cash to get off the ground and there are plenty of pitfalls for the inexperienced and unwary.

    Having a good guide to start with is a big help for any newbies and will help them to to very quickly find their feet and capitalize on the full benefits of the Amazon program.

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by. For starter, it is good to understand the whole model of this business before getting impulsive.

  2. It’s nice to see that the developer of this product is not shooting off his mouth about how rich you can get in a month (or something similar). That makes a nice change!
    The program itself looks pretty cool but I find the price of just under $500 a little steep – are you sure there are no other costs involved?

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by. Yes there are no hidden cost for the one time payment. After applying his method I see my FBA sales went up. Looking at the course for tips to scale up the business.

  3. Hello and thanks a lot for sharing, this is the first time that i have ever heard of a program like this but ii sounds really great and even though you may have to invest the kind of monies that is need, according to how this program sounds it seems to be a great investment. I myself can probably look more into this myself. I am sure that your readers will find this information most interesting also.Thanks for sharing.

  4. While amazon superstar looks like a great place for me to learn some of the ins and outs to making money online, I don’t think I am willing to invest such a large sum of money at this time. That is why I like your 2nd suggestion, affilaite marketing, as it will allow me to sell products by referring people to them. A easier risk compared to spending a lot of money on making a product you don’t even know will sell.

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