Is Millionaire Biz Pro A Scam?

Rating: 1/10


Does using a pre-designed website to sell and promote products which process does not require you to do anything much to earn a big income appeals to you? This seems to be a very appealing offer which Millionaire Biz Pro gives to prospect customers. However, there seems to be a lot of flaws from the system that can make you ask Is Millionaire Biz Pro a scam? By using this online business platform there seems to be a lot to gain if you instantly believe what the system offers to you without giving it much thought. However, if you try to investigate further about how the platform works there are a lot of red flags to consider. To help you critically analyze whether Millionaire Biz Pro is a scam, read our own review before you fall into a trap of making a very bad investment decision.

Is Millionaire Biz Pro A Scam? – Its System and Flaws

You will usually receive an email offer to use their system as an effective online marketing platform that will provide you training tools on how to create a website and use their system to create leads and traffic to help you generate more income. You will find training videos to help you get started by using the already pre-designed websites that you can choose from the system. There will be an auto responder feature that is designed to help you generate your lead. This comes at an additional cost, however. The training also provides how you can setup your account where to receive your money and how to send emails.

So what makes these features short of worth your money? The training tool does not tell you what you will sell and sending the emails appears to be another way of spamming since it does not teach you how to build relationship for your business. What you will learn are all basics and you are only given an access to an elite member area and use of the system’s auto responder. The problem is it only teaches you how to use the website to sell the affiliate products but does not teach you how to market them. Hence you are left to wait and see if anyone ever buys from the site you created. Millionaire Biz Pro does not teach the legitimate way of driving traffic to your site and how to build an efficient email marketing campaign. What makes this system more frustrating is instead of teaching you the substance of an effective online marketing all it does is to offer you to buy more of their affiliate products. Thus, by using the system all you get are crappy offers to buy affiliate products and paying for something that you can actually learn without the need of paying for the basic and bland information they offer.

Unworthy Investment to Make


In exchange of getting access to their system Millionaire Biz Pro requires you to pay a signup membership fee of $47 on top of an additional $1 if you want to get a priority support and monthly upgrade fees. Monthly fees that will be charged to you is $37.95 for a Delta membership and $197 for a Platinum membership and $29 to $49 to access Webfire which is a program allegedly can drive traffic to your site. In case you decline their offer the signup fee is downgraded to $17 which to my opinion shows that their product does not really have a value. Signing up for Webfire is not worth your money since there is no system that can actually drive traffic to your site automatically and even if there is your traffic will not be organic which Google can penalize and ban your website from its system. The monthly fees that you will pay will basically useless since all you will get are information that you can learn by yourself without really any key substance on how to learn online marketing. Moreover, while there are video tutorials there is not much you can get from support. You will not get more reliable help from support and you are paying to use the system and the most that you can get are the tireless efforts they make to upsell other systems to you. And the way the platform works it is so unlikely for you to earn their promised $1000 income a day.


To my opinion, if you ask me Is Milliionaire Biz Pro a scam? I would say it probably is. it does not really deliver what it claims and while you get something in exchange for your money you don’t get much value from your investment. It is a low quality investment to make and you are better off investing your money elsewhere.

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