Is K Money Machine a scam? Not a money machine yet.

Review on K Money Machine

Product Name: K Money Machine

Owner: Jason Bracht


Start up fee: $97

Rating: 55/100


Do you know that ebooks are one of the many ways of making a passive income from your online business. It becomes more popular nowadays to create an ebook and launching it via your domain or Amazon thru’ Kindle.

Creating an ebook is not that hard, you can do it yourself or get someone to write it for you. Doing it yourself is time consuming as you need to think of your contents, grammar mistakes, etc. So why not pay someone to write it for you and bam! You have an ebook on hand to launch it.

What an achievement! Hurray! Clap..clap…clap.

It is not that simple as you know. If it is a simple process, many of us will be going for a holiday every week. Anyways, this review I am about to do is about creating an ebook via kindle and selling it on the world’s largest online store, Amazon.

So let’s go on to do a short review on this product.

What is K Money Machine?

Basically, the meaning of K is Kindle and so K Money Machine is known as K(Kindle) Money Machine. Kindle is the most popular product in today’s market and almost everybody owns a Kindle notepad. You know where to purchase one and I am sure you don’t need me to tell you.

So how does K Money Machine works?


K Money Machine teaches you to promote your own ebooks via Kindle. There is a potential here if you are well verse in this market and if you explore deeper, you might see that thousands of consumers on Amazon tends to purchase ebooks daily. It can be your ticket out of the rat race.

But wait a minute, how am I able to write an ebook? No worries, you have K Money Machine to help you. Read on.

Basically, this product teaches you how to make money by selling ebooks via Kindle. From the video presentation in the landing page, Jason Barcht tells you that you will be taught on how to hire writers who will write books for an affordable price and thereafter, he will teach you on how to find low competition ebooks topics for you to sell to make a profit out of it.

Quite interesting..

If you are a writer, this is a good platform to start but can K Money Machine help you to get you started?

Yes and No.

Should you follow K Money Machine?

While K Money Machine promises quite a substantial amount of ideas to get you started on Amazon, I can tell you that it is not that easy to do it.

I am a consumer and a seller on Amazon and being a seller is not that easy as Jason Bracht claims. Take for an instant, you have a good product on hand to sell, you launch your product in Amazon. Then you see that there are a lot of competition above you. How do you sell it? This is getting a bit tough.

When you purchase this program, you are taught some basic understanding via video tutorials on finding your niche, keywords, etc. You will need to use the features on Amazon to do this. Basically, you will need to find a low competition titles so that you can get a better chance of selling your ebooks.



Other than finding keywords and low competition titles, you are also taught on how to create interesting cover notes and source for a writer to write your ebooks.

This is the drawback. Outsourcing. I don’t think you can find a cheap writer to write your book. Maybe you can get a writer on Fiverr for $5 at 500 words write up. If you want a good writer, it may not come cheap.

In the program tutorials, Jason mentioned that that you need to pay 100 bucks for 10,000 words write up which can be rather expensive. You can launch your ebook at Amazon at $10, you will need to sell around 15-20 books to break even.

So I am not sure how you can get a writer who writes for a few bucks and thereafter selling it for a big profit. The cheapest kindle ebook I can find in Amazon is 2 bucks and while the most reviewed ebooks are at a range of $10-$30.

So you be the judge.


So let’s get back to the my question earlier in this blog, can K Money Machine help you to get you started?

Yes, you can earn your passive income out of this system. I am not telling you that this is a scam. You have to take a risk to launch this product. Being a seller on Amazon is all about risk. You need to invest on your product be it ebooks or physical products, launch it and hope for the best. When you buy this program, you will be taught on how to find low competition titles, this is a good start.

However, from my point of view and an Amazon seller myself, it can be highly competitive market when you sell your product in Amazon. Your first sale will be difficult and you will need a lot of fine tuning. It is not as easy as what Jason Burcht says. I am telling you there are a lot of backend works that you need to do. But anyways, you can hit the road running when you get the hang of it.

Selling ebooks can be profitable but if you are not well-versed in this territory, I don’t recommend you to do this. I am a seller myself and have learned quite a lot on how to go about selling my products on Amazon. I have gone through quite a number of programs on selling my products and it was tough initially but with proper training and application, it was worth the effort.

There are a couple of ways that you can make a passive income on Amazon. If you are interested in selling physical products like me, you may want to try out one of my recommend product, The Selling Family. You can learn many strategies on buying merchandise and selling your products via Amazon. It is the same as selling ebooks on Kindle but it is more interesting and there are plentiful of product range you can buy and sell. You can read the review on The Selling Family.

Selling Family

There is another way you can learn as an internet marketer and you can follow and join me. If you wanted to know more about internet marketing, create a website with authority and learn for FREE, you can read my #1 product review or you can join my 5 days email course on Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

So how about it? Selling ebooks or physical products on Amazon? You be the judge.

Feel free to share your views and comment below. Thanks.

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