Is Capital of News a Scam? – Warning!

is capital of news a scam


PRODUCT NAME: Capital of News

OWNER:  unknown


RATING:  0/10


How does reading articles and getting paid for it sounds to you? If you like to read this may sounds like a good opportunity to earn from home at your own leisure time. Capital of News is a website that offers this kind of income opportunity by paying you to read articles. While this sounds like a good chance to get a monetary return for your time reading an article there is something odd about this scheme that makes me wonder is Capital of News a scam?

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Capital of News Review

Capital of News is an online site that invites members to join to have an opportunity to earn cash by reading articles. It claims to connect the mass media to the public. Their business runs by connecting mass media companies to readers who get paid for their effort in reading published articles. It pays readers $3 per article and claims that one can potentially earn a hundred dollar in a day or $3000 in a month. Now, this sounds too easy and too good to be true.


What is Capital of News?


Capital of News is a company with unknown owner. There are a lot of mysteries about the people behind its business. Even as you browse through its webpage no information is given about the company background. In fact it is elusive in giving details about its business other than promoting how much on can earn by using its website to read articles. Membership is free and by becoming a member you will have access to different news and articles on the site which after reading you earn $3 for each article. The income opportunity from Capital of News doesn’t end there. It also gives you an opportunity to earn affiliate commission by sharing their affiliate link on Facebook. You will earn about 15% share from their earnings in addition to the $60 referral commission you can earn from its affiliate program.


While the income opportunity from Capital of News sounds enticing, be warned that there a lot of red flags showing it is best to avoid this site. The lack of information about the company and its business is odd enough. Legitimate companies always disclose company information in order to gain the trust of the public and to show that it runs a legit business. In addition, industry practice in mass media will tell you that they do not pay as much as what Capital of News claims to pay for reading articles.


It sounds like this scheme is a scam just to entice people to join its site and earn from their efforts along the process. Apparently it looks like Capital of News is earning money by posting adverts on its site more particularly at the member’s area. It earns each time a member clicks on the ads displayed on their dashboard. It is also possible that Capital of News sells its member’s information like their email addresses to a third party. This translates to its own earnings at the expense of its members.


So how each member withdraws their earning? According to reviews and feedbacks members will be able to cash out their earnings only if it reaches a minimum withdrawable amount of $900. However, upon reaching this minimum balance you will be told that you need to give a number of referral as another requirement. Other conditions will suddenly crop up like the need of reading 20 more articles to be able to cash out until eventually the member will just give up. But mind you, Capital of News could have already earned something from its members’ efforts along the way.


Is Capital of News a Scam




There is nothing advantageous or beneficial from becoming a member of Capital of News




You will be wasting your time and efforts on reading articles you actually have no interest of reading but you have done so just to earn the $3 per article income. By joining its affiliate program you simply help Capital of News find more people to prey on. Moreover, it does not have a privacy policy page to protect its members which makes your privacy at risk to be sold to third parties. We cannot even discount the possibility that your password from the site is encrypted.

My Final Opinion of Capital of News


Is Capital of News a scam? It definitely is. Be warned that this is nothing more than just a scheme that will use your time and effort to earn at your expense. There are growing numbers of complaints about the site especially about the issue of not getting paid. Capital of News will simply exploit your eagerness to earn as simple as reading articles but at the end you will not get any payment at all.



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