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PRODUCT NAME: Cash for Invite



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Cash for Invite offers a work from home job that promises some enticing way of earning from home with just a few minutes of your time. Before you fall behind the trap of easy money to earn scheme, you should ask first is Cash For Invite a scam?

It is very common for people these days to become enticed to earning quick cash by working at home and websites like Cash for Invite can be one of those work from home opportunities that you can always grab. Read this Cash for Invite review to give you a better insight whether you should try this opportunity or not.

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Is Cash For Invite a scam?

Cash for Invite markets its work from home opportunity as an amazing system that lets you earn by simply joining its membership and make people to sign up for a membership as well. As a bonus you will have the chance to promote your business for free by adding your banner ads. There are three steps to earn some income by using the system. First is you need to sign up for a membership that comes in basic that costs $5 per month, pro at $10 per month and ultimate at $15 per month subscriptions.

The second step is activating your chosen membership by paying it and then third you start recruiting people to sign up. For every sign up of your recruit you will get a commission at varying rates depending on your membership level. You earn 60% commission for basic subscription, 70% for pro subscription and 80% for ultimate subscription. You can also display 1, 2 and 3 banner ads respectively for each subscription.

Red flags for scam

The Cash for Invite site does provide a good offer to earn a good income opportunity but the fact is how the system works sounds too good to be true. The site claims that you will possibly earn at least $20 without doing much. Is this possible? You will certainly not earn without having to engage in advertising the system.

Your income is thus dependent on the number of people you can recruit to sign up for a membership as well. You will not be selling any product or any things other than the Cash for Invite system solely. You have quite a limited income opportunity by doing this and the site does not have a good reputation to sell in order to entice people to sign up.

It is quite notable that the Cash for Invite is not the only name it has before. The system is named differently before and after getting many complaints changed its business from one name to another. Its prior name of Cash for Invite with the domain name no longer exists. It is now using the domain name

There were growing complaints about and it suddenly disappeared, leaving many of its members scammed out of their monthly subscriptions and without being paid for their recruits. The Cash for Invite’s terms and condition also uses the site which offers exactly the same scheme of earning from home. This will probably make you wonder why the need to use different names for similar income opportunity offer?



Some complaints that you can find about the Cash for Invite include not getting paid for inviting people and having them to sign up for a subscription. Others also find that the contact number and email address provided by the site are not responsive. The contact support that the site promises to provide their members does not work and members cannot get a refund or withdraw their commissions.

They also make use of their members’ efforts to fill up a survey which the system is probably paid for by third parties but their members do not get paid for it. They claim completing the survey is a necessary step in order to complete your membership.


Is Cash for Invite a scam? It is, obviously. There is no proof that the company behind it is legitimate and the site frequently changes its domain name. It is very obvious that the people behind the system are only interested about scamming its subscribers of their money and will disappear the moment that people begin to see the red flags and start complaining about the site.

There are many different ways to earn money from home. The way Cash for Invite offers how its members can earn is not one of the most reliable ways of doing so. You are better off signing up for affiliate marketing than inviting people to sign up for scam sites like Cash for Invite. Stay clear from this site since it is obviously scamming people of their money.


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