Is Business For Home A Scam?

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Many people are taking chances of looking for an opportunity of earning from home which is a convenient way of putting up and managing your own business at your own time and pace. That is why many multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses have become widely popular in the internet which is often coined as network marketing and pyramid selling.

Business For Home is one of the publishing sites where you can get more information about the different opportunities of becoming a top ranking and top earner MLM entrepreneur. However, this is a membership paid site. Before you try out this earn from home opportunity, you should be prudent first in asking is Business For Home a scam? Here is our review that can help you get an overview how the program works and to give you some insights about the risks and benefits from joining the program.

Business for Home Review

Business For Home is a publishing website where it feeds regular updates about the direct selling news and press releases regarding multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses.  You can also get insider news about network marketing, polls and information about the earnings of the Top Earners within an industry. They usually gather the information they publish on the site using confidential forms, through conventions, public sources, upline and downline information. They claim to be working with freelance reporters who are updated about the international news involving MLM.

The program was conceived by Ted Nuyten who is Business For Home’s CEO.  The website was created in 2007 and they claim that it has about more or less 4 to 5 million visitors across the globe with 25% comprising of business professionals who are looking for new and additional opportunities to earn from home. It claims that it has about more than 100,000 subscribers who receive three times a week mailing from Business For Home to give them an update about the latest news and press releases about the industry of MLM and direct marketing. The site further claims that there are about 15,000 visitors a day on their site.

What is Business for Home

The program provides regular publishing about the press releases and news involving direct selling. The information published on the site mostly focus on the estimated earnings of the industry’s top earners with earnings above $5,000 a month and the latest news on network marketing, direct selling and multi-level marketing.

You need to get a monthly subscription in order to receive the latest press releases and news that can help you enhance your chances of earning better potential income from an internet business and direct selling from home. In order to get access to the vital information in the industry you need to become a member. Your subscription will give you an access to the database of valuable content related to the opportunities of earning money from home through direct selling and MLM or network marketing.

The risks of subscribing with Business For Home

The main objective for subscribing to the program is to get valuable information about the opportunities of earning from home. The disclaimer from the site is disturbing though. The site claims the figures they publish are merely for general information only and do not make any representation as to the reliability, validity and accuracy about the information they publish. This is completely contrary to the purpose why you are subscribing for their program.

Moreover, its creator Ted Nuyten has a questionable credibility after being bashed for curating content from other MLM bloggers without asking permission from the real author and asking people to pay to get access to this content which is actually not originally his. He also receives negative feedback for being a scammer owing to the false reports he publish in his blogs. The means of gathering the information they publish is also insufficient to convince me that they are accurate.

The benefits in using Business For Home

If the reports published on the site are correct then the only benefit that you can get from your subscription is getting access to the latest news, press releases and updates involving the industry of MLM and internet marketing. However, for a smart researcher you can always find ways when looking for valuable information from the internet for free. You can get some insights and strategies on how to improve your opportunities on earning money from home through their blogs and newsletters which can be educational for your business growth.


When considering the question Is Business For Home a scam? it probably is. Considering the expose of MLM bloggers who revealed how Ted Nuyten copy pasted the content of their blog to his, this is a red flag already that some information and content that are published on the site are not genuine and could be fabricated and inaccurate.

The internet has wide source of free information about MLM, direct selling and other information you want to know and you do not get to pay a subscription for it.

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