Is Profit Squirrel A Scam

Is Profit Squirrel A Scam? – Risky or Not?

Is Profit Squirrel A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Profit Squirrel


RATING:  8/10


There is a new way of earning money online and that is Match Betting. If you have not heard about it, you should probably consider understanding how it works to get your free money from book makers. One program that catches my attention that claims to help you improve your chances of getting your free money from match betting is the Profit Squirrel. Its program claims it can optimize your chances of earning extra pounds of money. Is Profit Squirrel a scam as you might ask and here is our Profit Squirrel review to help you get an overview how the program works.


Profit Squirrel Review


Profit Squirrel offers an online course that will teach you the proven ways of earning thousands of pounds from match betting. At the onset, match betting involves placing a bet for a certain outcome and then you place another bet for the opposite outcome. It works by placing a “back bet” and a “lay bet” for a certain match. For instance, in a soccer game between Team A and Team B you place your back bet to Team A from one site and place a lay bet for Team B on another site. Either way whichever team wins you neither win nor lose. But how do you profit? By taking advantage of the bonuses that bookmakers provide to players that will serve as your profit. Bookmakers are very generous in offering players some sort of a deal or promotion for every bet made on their site. This is where Profit Squirrel comes into the picture in helping you optimize these bonuses as profits.


What is Profit Squirrel?


Profit Squirrel is a program that gives you simple step by step video tutorials to earn profits from match betting. It has software that makes the process of matching bets easier and fast. Its video tutorials include educating you about match betting and teaching you how to earn thousands of profits from the bonuses you can get from bookmakers. There are about 111 video tutorials at your disposal from the basics about match betting to how you can get the largest returns in the long run. The most attractive part of the program is its software with the odds marcher that helps you find the best matches in the internet by ranking them in terms of profitability. It also comes with a matched bet calculator that gives you an overview on whether the amount you are betting is a normal bet or a free bet while giving the odds of making profits.


Is Profit Squirrel A Scam


Profit Squirrel comes in free and paid versions. There are limited video tutorials for viewing in the free version and you only get minimum features from the software. Members will only have limited support but will have access to the private Facebook group of its members. You can maximize your access to the software feature by paying £24.99/month and you can enjoy full support when using the program. You will also get at least 50 offers where you can potentially generate up to £1,500 of profit. Another thing that is advantageous with the paid membership is the 30 days profit guarantee where not only you will get your money back if you did not make any profit when using the program but you will also get an additional £100.



Profit Squirrel comes with a free trial where you can access limited video tutorials suffice enough to help you start making profit. The profits you earn is actually tax free so that is an extra money to count for. You are likely to recover the cost of your membership quickly and the software provides daily updates.




The greatest risk about using Profit Squirrel is the chance of getting your account banned by bookmakers. By regularly taking advantage of the bonuses available from a site there is a chance your account being flagged and limited. This usually happens when you constantly win and take too much value from the bonuses that come with your bet. Suffice it to say that it is quite challenging to keep earning profits for long period of time using this scheme especially once the bookmaker becomes suspicious of your betting activities.


My Final Opinion of Profit Squirrel


Is Profit Squirrel a scam? Based on the feedbacks of its members it is a legitimate online course that helped them make match betting a profitable endeavor. The video tutorials are very helpful and its software performs well in giving the best matches that will maximize your profits from match betting. However because of the risks involved in getting banned or flagged by a bookmaker you cannot consider match betting a long term online income. The best thing about the program is its 30 days profit guarantee where you can be assured that you can certainly earn free money while match betting.


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