Is The Clones a Scam

Is The Clones a Scam? – Is It Possible To Clone?

is the clone a scam



OWNER: Brendan Mace


RATING:  8/10


Doing affiliate marketing can be tasking that it usually challenges many would be online affiliate marketers to set up their own business and fare well towards getting financial income. Affiliate marketing is no doubt one of the most popular ways of earning money from home. One product in the market today is The Clones which claims to help you jump start your own affiliate marketing business with no sweat at all. Just how effective is this product in helping you build your affiliate marketer career or is The Clones a scam just like many others out there. Let us take a look on what this product offers in this The Clones review.

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The Clones Review


The Clones is a digital product created by Brendan Mace which claims that it can help you earn at least $1,671 on the average by using its campaign strategies and materials. Considering the difficulties of hurdling the challenges on how to start your affiliate marketing business, Mace claims that his product will help many would be and trying to be successful affiliate marketers to build their business from scratch with the help of his done for you program.


What is The Clones


The Clones is a digital product promoting a done for you solution in building your affiliate marketing business. Basically Mace calls his product the clone as you will literally clone its program or system as in copy pasting everything and start earning money. To have access to this program you need to purchase the product at $97 but the price usually differs with the promotional sales being offered from time to time. It can go low as $13.03.


Your purchase of the products comes with 6 top performing affiliate marketing campaigns used by Mace himself. These 6 digital products come with training materials and tools to help you start your own affiliate business. These resources will give you access to other features like sales pages, video reviews, email swipes, bonuses which you can earn as affiliate commissions. The digital products of Mace that you can promote to earn commissions are the Ex Passive Paydays, The Banger Method, BLOX, Printly, Passively and Postly. You will promote or sell these products through the Warriorplus marketplace which is the same site where Mace sells these products. Some of the products are the personal creations of Mace himself while the others he promote as an affiliate as well. In short you will be an affiliate market who will learn how to clone the systems that Mace use in promoting his digital products and that of others as well.




The training materials included in the product is highly valuable as they contain very helpful tools and videos that can aid anyone to understand what affiliate marketing is all about. The learning videos come with case studies which makes your learning easier. It will teach you how to make better sales when promoting Mace’s products and can enhance your marketing sales and eventually your income. The email swipes will also make your marketing campaigns easier because you only get to copy and paste and you learn along the process how Mace promotes his affiliate products. By following his strategies you will be able to apply them when promoting products of the same category.


Is The Clones a Scam




The Clones training materials lack traffic course which is essential in any affiliate marketing ventures. Tis should have been included in the products to make it more comprehensive and make the learning from his products more complete. There are also upsells that cost you from $37 to $1997. This is where the traffic source comes in that will cost you an additional $37 to pay for that also gives you access on how to create your own capture page. One on one coaching with Mace is priced at $1997. Should you take the upsells? It will depend on your needs but for some they can forego these additional costs.


My Final Opinion of The Clones


Is The Clones a scam? The most obvious answer is it is not a scam. It is a legitimate digital products that can help make affiliate marketing very easy especially for those who are not too experienced and skilled on how to start their career as an affiliate marketer. Brendan Mace provides a very convenient copy and paste system that is very helpful in overcoming the challenges about affiliate marketing.

However, in order to make this system work for you it is also essential to use the training materials and tools as helpful resources that can help you develop your skills to become a successful affiliate marketer. The Clone serves its name in providing a done for you scheme aimed to simplify and make affiliate marketing profitable for you.



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