Online Money Business News is another one of that online money making program that is promoted via a fake online news website. A lot of times businesses like these are sold under various domain names but is actually the same website.


Online Money Business News is a news program the shows articles on people how people simply work at home and generate income. The founder of the website is nowhere to be found. The promotional story revolves around a single mom named Deborah Lee who found success and earn big profits in your local area. This is actually done through an IP tracking script so that the company can create a fake story taking place near you so it will seem like she lives in your hometown. The story usually has a plot where she was in a financial crisis but after using the Online Money Business News Program, her world turned around and made thousands of dollars each month from home through a simple method called “link-posting”.

According to Online Money Business News, you can make money in their program through link posting, where you will get paid by different companies by simply posting link on the internet. According to them, you can make at least $15 for every link posted which may sound like a simple and easy jobs with huge opportunities and potential earnings. But in reality, this entire link posting business is just an attempt to conceal affiliate marketing. Although affiliate marketing is a legit way to earn money, it is not a job opportunity or a guarantee that you will earn a massive income the way they’re claiming it.

As mentioned above, you make money by simply placing links online for companies that need help in advertising their products and you get paid $15 per posted link.

They claim that the system is worth an average of $197, however they are offering a one-time payment deal of $97 to join the link posting program. If you the program is not for you, the company offers a 60 day money back guarantee.


Just about anything you will click on the Online Money Business News website will automatically lead you to the order form area so that you can purchase the program. You will be immediately asked for your name, number and credit card for their trial offer. It seems like their system is only $5 but that is not the case at all. The trial is for only 3 days and will start the moment you purchase the program and after that you be charged an activation fee of $39.95 for what they call “Road Map to Success”, which you can waive after 2 weeks. However, after the 3 day trial, you will be charged an amount of $139.95 plus 44.95 per month for hosting fee. What you will get from all these fees are templates, products and affiliate links you need to promote online. Driving traffic will be all up to you, so basically if you have no traffic for the links you posted you make $0.

According to the system, it’ll provide you with a guide on how to generate huge profit by simply posting links, a free one-on-one consultation with a success advisor and a free unlimited and lifetime customer support, and whole bunch of other things as well.

What the system is offering is actually what the other programs are offering wherein many affiliates have given negative reviews about them and even complaining that they’re not getting the return of investment they are promised.


This system and program has never been feature on CNN or other big news outlets. Even if you do a search on CNN, NBC News and other outlets, Online Money Business News will not come up in the results page and you will not even find anything remotely related to it. This is just one of the ways to gain your trust and make it seem like the program is credible.

The landing page of Online Money Business News features testimonial on the right side. However, upon researching, the images of the supposed to be successful affiliates are actually fake and stock photos that are being used on hundreds if not thousands of different websites.



  • 60 day money back guarante Cons
  • Fake advertisements, news and testimonials
  • Will not deliver the promise of huge income by simply posting links
  • Immediately asks for credit card information

Fake news websites are being created constantly, and Online Money Business News is one of them. It may not be an outright scam, but the sales system is just plain inadequate and insufficient. You might get at least a little profit but the promise to make thousands a month by simply posting links is something that is far-fetched and is not something that will financially change the course of your life. Also, these kind of sites are all over the place and have been duplicated over and over again, so make sure to think twice before investing on this program.



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