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Income School Project 24 Review –The Best Online Training Course

Starting an online affiliate marketing business will require you a lot of good research and extensive training. Unfortunately, there are many programs in the internet nowadays that claim to give you what you need to start your business but turns out to be a great scam. Because there is a great number of rip-off programs online, finding a legitimate one is hard. One of the programs that offer make-money-online training courses is Income School’s Project 24.

And in this Income School Project 24 review, we will talk about how this Income School course will help you in your affiliate marketing journey and if it is worth your time and investment or not.

You can also check out how I made a successful affiliate marketing career and even start your own successful journey right now.

Income School Project 24 Review Summary

Product Name: Project 24

Company: Income School, LLC


Founders: Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer

Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Registration Price: $449 for the first year & $199 for the next consecutive years

Coaching Call Price: $899 (Premium Coaching) / $599 (Standard Coaching)

Tool Sets Price: $3,310 (Physical Products) / $327 (Digital Products) + subscription fees

Upsells: Software/Hardware

Legit/Scam: Legit

Summary: Income School’s Project 24 is a step-by-step training course on how to start an affiliate marketing niche website and turn it into a full-time income generating site within the period of 24 months.

Product Score
Total 75%

Recommended:  Yes

What is Income School Project 24?

Launched in January 2015, Project 24 is an online marketing training course by Income School. Founded by Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer, Project 24 is a training platform created for experienced or novice online marketers to teach them build and grow an affiliate marketing niche business. The website is also Ricky and Jim’s way to promote their products and services for you to purchase.

Income School Project 24 covers the topics such as email marketing, content marketing, blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, e-commerce and more. The course is intended to help you create niche and authority sites and grow them into a full-time online business in the period of 24 months. That’s where the “24” in Project 24 comes from. So basically, the program is a Project of building online business in 24 months.

Who are Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer?

Income School Project 24 Review –The Best Online Career Training Course - Income School Project 24 Founders Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer

Ricky Kesler is a Chemical Engineer and Entrepreneur. He has a College degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration, pursuing his passion in investments, business innovations, corporate finances, and building websites.

On the other hand, Jim Harmer is an expert landscape photographer, lawyer and photography trainer in his Improve Photography website.

Both Ricky and Jim have years of experience in building websites, identifying niches and promoting products, hence the success of Income School since 2005, and now Income School – Project 24.

How Does Income School - Project 24 Works?

Income School Project 24 Review –The Best Online Career Training Course - How Does Income School Project 24 Works?

When you purchase Project 24, you will be able to access their online courses. The program currently consists of many topics but I will give the 13 main courses which I’m going to discuss one by one below:

  1. 60 Steps to a Successful Website – this module is one of the most crucial in Project 24. It is a 60-step process that will teach you how to create a website, create a content, optimize your site in search engines (also known as SEO), and promote your website. Some of the topics included in this module are:
    1. Selecting a good niche
    2. Setting up a WordPress site
    3. SEO Trainings
    4. Keyword Research
    5. Creating high traffic articles
    6. Creating Search Engine Optimized and well-written posts
    7. Promoting your business through social media advertising
    8. Creating effective resource pages
    9. Recording screencast videos
    10. Creating YouTube videos
    11. Generating profits through your website
    12. Setting up Amazon Associates on your website

The module covers a lot of useful areas in online marketing except Google Analytics, which is essential for search engine optimization nowadays.

  1. Search Analysis – this module teaches suitable techniques in finding useful subjects and creating detailed list of topics for your website’s content. It focuses on major topics like planning and creating your brand, keyword selection, and hit list creation.
  2. Selection of Profitable Niches – depending on your goals and preferences, this module, consist of a 50-minute video and a list of more than 350 niche ideas, will teach you how to select good niches for your website.
  3. No Non-sense SEO – this module will teach you on how to effectively optimize your website for organic search engines. You will find here a 50-minute video tutorial on how to improve your website’s ranking in search results and how to drive traffic to your site. The SEO training they provide here is purely about White-Hat tactics, not Black-Hats, and help you avoid being penalized by search engines.
  4. Web Traffic Snowball – this module tackles the best strategies to promote your business in social media and not waste your time on unproductive social media channels and how to easily build traffic that guarantee good results to your site.
  5. Email Marketing 101 – this module will teach you when, why, and how to create your business email list, scaling from free email lists and up, and how to use email list to engage and convert your target audience into buying customers.
  6. Myth-busting – this course will teach you everything you need to know about Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) and the myths and realities in SEO and internet marketing.
  7. How to Find and Train Writers – in this course, you will be taught on the steps of how to hire and train writers so you can allow outsourcing in your business work load.
  8. Photography Training – photography is a vital part of internet marketing, and so this course will teach you how to take incredible photos for your website. Topics include close-up photography, lighting landscapes, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.
  9. Reviewing Websites – this is the part where Project 24’s instructors will review their student’s websites. In this process, you will gain insights on where you will need to improve and where to push through.
  10. Improve and Speedup Your Writing Skills – this module will teach you the steps on how to improve and eventually speed up your writing.
  11. Monetizing Your Website with Ads – learn how to utilize ads to monetize your websites even without pushing your products.
  12. The Success Mindset – this is where Project 24 reminds you that success is not automatic, but with the right mindset, skills, and hardwork, it is possible.

There are other topics included in the Income School Project 24 course, but the topics above are the major ones that’s why I’m pointing them out here.

How Much Does Income School’s Project 24 Cost?

Income School Project 24 Review –The Best Online Career Training Course - Income School Project 24 Recommended Tools Prices

The following are the prices involved in Income School Project 24 program:

  1. Membership Fees:
    1. One Year Membership Fee – $449
    2. Consecutive Payments after the One Year Subscription – $199 per Year
  2. Coaching Call Fees
    1. $599 – Standard
    2. $899 – Premium
  3. Other Optional Cost – there are additional purchases that you would want to get so that you can apply what you have learned in the training. This list also comes with the recommended software/hardware products of Project 24 that you will discover inside the program:
    1. Monetization Ads
    2. Website Hosting
    3. YouTube Tools
    4. Stock Images
    5. Outsourcing Sites
    6. WordPress Themes
    7. WordPress Plug-ins
    8. Email Lists
    9. Podcast Equipment
    10. And more..

Income School Project 24 Affiliate Program

When you successfully register for Income School Project 24, you will automatically qualify for their “Affiliate Program”, where you will be given a unique link to use when promoting Project 24 to other people. You will only be asked to complete some important information and before gaining access to their affiliate dashboard. In the dashboard you will find clickable tabs such as:

  1. Account Statistics
  2. Payment History
  3. Account Details
  4. Affiliate Links and Banners
  5. List of Referrals

If you are interested in promoting Income School Project 24, then you can share your affiliate link and earn a commission whenever someone click the link and purchase Project 24.

However there is not enough information provided regarding the commission rates. You can email their support at to know their compensation plan.

Who Is Income School Project 24 Best Fit For?

With the extensive training they provide and tools they recommend, Income School’s Project 24 is best fit for people who wanted to start a career in affiliate marketing and for professionals who wanted to refresh things up or explore new strategies that would allow their business to grow more.

From affiliate marketing beginners, struggling marketers, to experts, although costly, I think there are a lot of things that you can learn with Project 24.

If you want to start building your own website and start earning for free, then maybe you can try my top recommended product and see why I made it this far with my business. You, too can be successful, you just have to take that leap of faith.

What I Like About Income School’s Project 24

  1. They have high quality training content which they always keep updated whenever the need arise.
  2. A huge number of training videos and lessons that you can always run to whenever you need a review.
  3. You get an exclusive access to their Podcast, Vlogs, reports, and other information.
  4. Over-the-shoulder training and coaching by Ricky and Jim.
  5. Has an active community where you can ask questions or help.
  6. The program is laid out in an easy step-by-step manner; therefore even beginners can really have a great deal.
  7. No get-rich-quick schemes. They put emphasis on success coming from a right mindset, hardwork, and skills.

What I Don’t like about Income School’s Project 24

  1. No trial period offer. You must pay first so you could take a look inside.
  2. The program is quite pricey, especially the add-ons and recommended tools.
  3. No money-back-guarantee. (I guess that’s how confident they are with the program).
  4. The recommended tool is also products and services that Ricky and Jim promotes, so they kind of earn extra whenever you purchase them. And you wouldn’t know, because somewhere inside you will be enticed to purchase these recommended tools, so be careful.

Is Income School Project 24 a Scam?

Income School Project 24 is definitely not a scam. Everything else that you need to know about the program is transparent. Even their affiliate links are not hidden (aside from their compensation plan for their affiliate marketing program). But all in all, if you are someone that has resources to pay one-time the product and are serious to succeed in online business, then I can recommend this product for you.

And if you want to follow your own passion and build an online business with it, then might as well try my top recommended product. There, you can enjoy a huge number of online training, free WordPress Websites and Hosting, and an awesome community of internet marketers. What are you waiting for? Sign up now for free.

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