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Owners: Albert Tee, Richard Khor


Rating: 90/100

Price: $697 (OTO), $20 monthly

The Best Online Marketing Group

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We all know that internet business for new and small business owners has become a very challenging aspect in the world of commerce. It has gotten more competitive these days, compared to year 2000 – the year of the dotcom bust. The barriers of entry to the internet business has become so real and even harder than 5 years ago, compounded by the fact that big boys, Google and Facebook often change their algorithms and even advertising rules!

And if this is not alarming enough, consider this fact – many trainers claiming to be self-made gurus who are like wolves preying on the next unsuspecting hare to dupe them for a few thousands dollars in exchange for a get-rich-quick scheme. Dozens of desperate learners are seeking professional and quicker help to fix their online business problems, only to find that it comes to square one. Some poorer souls even smashed their piggy banks to part with their hard-earned lifesavings to do so. Nothing eventually works out for them unfortunately. Only empty promises made.

This is why i-Success Mastermind is set up to address problems of traffic and conversion, and more importantly, the ridiculous costly workshops that don’t fulfill promises of any good returns even after hefty upselling. It is also for people who seriously want to take action and succeed well in their online business endeavours.

Review of i-Success Mastermind

A guy named Jazz was running a Facebook page replete with videos featuring popular food haunts all over Singapore. He wanted to passionately spread the awareness of great eating places to the public through online methods but was dumbfounded about the approach to do so.  One day, he was introduced to a person for his online strategy mentorship. After careful consideration, he decided to approach that person.

The person was Albert Tee, the founder of i-Success Mastermind. Jazz shared his problems on traffic for his FB page. After some consultation, he took on Albert’s advice on creating a series of story videos. Jazz had some good video editing skills honed in previous assignments and combined them with Albert’s advice plan. The videos would feature a few cast members to display the emotion, as according to the mentor’s detailed examples he suggested. He took on i-Success’s interpretation strategy of Google and YouTube search results (details of which are definitiely covered in this online membership plan). Video story episodes were created on recommended food around Singapore.

And so with consistency, within a span of about 5 months, the Facebook page has become viral in Singapore. It took the Facebook fans of Singapore and even Malaysia by storm! Today, the Facebook page called ‘Damn Worth It’ has more than 2 million views and almost 100,000 fans, for a tiny startup company with only a few manpower and capital to begin with. They have clinched many deals from many dozens of eateries around Singapore and Malaysia.

Such is the success of i-Success Mastermind where it has much more than just online portal features. The portal not only contains video tutorials for you to practise while viewing. They are interactive as they feature our members profile in a fashion of social media and there are also forums for you to place suggested business ideas for like-minded members to collaborate in prospect.

Albert also has a definite success story for himself if you type “Best SEO Singapore” in Google search (applies in Singapore region mainly). See the picture below:

Personally, having been inside this 2-year old (as of December 2017 writing) entity for more than 18 months, I’ve seen a constant effort of continuous improvement or reinvention. This kind of reinvention is only made possible by Albert’s strive for excellence as he always re-engineers and even reverse engineers the group tasks both online and offline. This is not only done by he and his partner, but by the caring surrounding of the community of i-Success group who are constantly providing collective feedback which Albert will spare no thought for consideration. But the most important message of his all – he always reminds us constantly to find out what the customers want to view when they buy without giving them for free or making losses.

It has certainly come a long way when back in early 2016, the portal only consisted of tutorial videos to guide you step by step. Now, he even offered members a chance to work with him in a campaign of ad traffic and conversion where partnership prospers through profit-sharing.


  • No FREE Trial. Only a FREE session or private message (through email or chat) with mentor Albert.
  • The portal may not be friendly for members when they first access. But don’t worry, they’ll get used to it after a while of clicking, watching and learning.
  • Albert may be coarse sometimes but he knows how to handle you well if you take serious and honest action together with him.

Value and Price of i-Success Mastermind

Perhaps, you must be asking yourself why the price of $697 and thereafter, $20 monthly. Well, this price is certainly a reason of its existence. It includes the following:

  • Nearly 50 short and simple video tutorials on software demo and strategy examples on social media. The videos are updated from time to time whenever changes in trends take place.
  • A portal to post your job to get collaboration opportunities and SEO invites from our members to help boost your URL SEO rankings in shorter time.
  • Weekly meetup sessions to discuss latest updates in SEO and other traffic and leadgen methods and algorithm changes (mainly applicable in Singapore and Malaysia)
  • Networking opportunities with similar goal setting people like you who strive to succeed in online business or online outreach. It is also applicable to people anywhere in the world as long as you are inside the chat group with all of us!
  • A profit venture opportunity with the mentor, Albert Tee, who will run paid ads to get results for your business.
  • Surely, you might have heard of many other proven strategies from many gurus out there. However, just when you find that some strategies have been proven, do be careful, as proven strategies nowadays can become obsolete in no time when visitors will react with an attitude of “I’ve seen this too many times!”. That’s why our i-Success membership will always ensure that updated trends in the internet business will always be conveyed to the members either through meetup sessions or through the online chat group for all members.
  • Even if you’re only an affiliate marketer using JVZoo or AWeber extensively, we understand your stand. A membership for you can allow you to get referral fees and in no time, when you have referred more than 6 people to the community, you have covered your initial cost!

Are you outside Singapore and Malaysia?

No problem at all!

We have a chat group for all our i-Success members to share all our ideas, regardless of where you come from.

And we can also schedule a webinar to have some discussions too.

Updates: Recently, in December 2017, 3 of our members have been awarded prizes from the Marketing Institute of Singapore – one of the highest marketing awards in Singapore for marketing excellence.


As of writing this time, it’s already end 2017 going into 2018. The i-Success group has grown tremendously through mainly online marketing methods plus a little word-of-mouth. The group is growing at a much faster pace, due to word of Albert’s strategies of doing things differently being spread fast far and wide. Many of his leads also come from his YouTube and Facebook ads (paid and non-paid).

Many of our members have also seen huge improvements in their sales results. An example is shown above when a business representative of a Malaysian caretaker niche has seen sales skyrocket to RM200K when the initial investment was only RM200++! That is about a 1000 times increase in ROI!

Albert will always show his members the greatest internet marketing strategies you can use for your business. But it also takes the efforts from the whole community of i-Success group to share their insights and feedback too! Everyone is a contributor and no man is an island here!

We are more than a community actually – we are a family in this best online marketing group!

And we are global too! The ambience marketing culture done mainly in Singapore and Malaysia is going to spread far and wide across the world!

Most importantly, we take serious action upon verbal or written advice from Albert and other recommended experienced marketers of our group.

Join i-Success and Take Action Now!

Note: We are of course not marketing a get-rich-quick scheme or a pyramid scheme.

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