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Commission Hero Review – A $997 Scam or a $1000 Income per Day?

As Affiliate Marketers or even just as people who are seeking to earn good money online, we all want to learn the “how tos” of reaching financial freedom and business success. Fortunately, there is this one person that boldly claims to be ClickBank’s number 1 affiliate in the world who wants to teach us the techniques of earning our first $1000 in as early as one week. This person’s name is Robby Blanchard, and he created a program that offers trainings and teaches the techniques of becoming a successful affiliate marketer that earns 6 figures in just a short period of time.

The program that Robby Blanchard developed is called Commission Hero, and it is obviously not for free. And because it will cost us a price, we have to make sure first if the program is worth our time and resources. We all want to know how it works, what we can get with the price that we have to pay and if the product’s creator, Robby Blanchard, is a scam or not.

I have checked the program myself and made this Commission Hero review to walk you through the ins and outs of the product. Now let’s start going through the whole thing and hope to bring answers to our questions at the end of this review.

Commission Hero Review Summary

Name: Commission Hero


Owner: Robby Blanchard

Type: Internet Marketing Course + Facebook Ads + ClickBank

Price: $997 (One-time) or $597 (Two-time) + Additional Expenses for Ads and Traffic

Refund Policy: After 12 months of Successful Use of the Program

Legit/Scam: Legit

Summary: Commission Hero is an internet marketing training platform created by Robby Blanchard that offers a 3-step formula of making money online through Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Ads and other “psychological” techniques that claim to surely make you earn a commission of $1000+ per day.

Product Score
Total 65%

Recommended: Yes, but not for everyone.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

robby blanchard

Before we discuss about how the product works, let us first dig into some information about the creator and coach of the online platform Commission Hero.

So who is Robby Blanchard, by the way?

Robby Blanchard is a renowned affiliate marketer, well actually the #1 ClickBank Affiliate (according to him and ClickBank’s top affiliate leaderboard on January 2019), a business owner and a coach. He is the CEO of Blanchard Media, a company that offers speaking engagement, ad campaign management, private consulting, and coaching services. Blanchard Medial, LLC is also an “A” rated business in the Better Business Bureau listing, so therefore, Robby Blanchard as CEO has quite a lot to offer when it comes to his business and the field of marketing.

So I think on that side, we can be assured that what we are dealing with is a pro.

What about Commission Hero? Is it also as good as how its creator claims to be? Let’s see.

What is Commission Hero?

what is commission hero

Commission Hero is an internet marketing course that teaches you how to promote affiliate products from ClickBank through Facebook Ads and increase converts with the use of Paid Traffic. The training courses are handled by the program creator itself, Robby Blanchard. The goal of the program is to teach you how to earn a $1000 or more commission per day in just a small period of time. The program is composed of a simple 3-step formula that claims to bring you to your dream 6-Figure income.

How Does Commission Hero Works?

When you have successfully signed-up for the program, you can now start to enjoy its programs and features.

Now we will be able to see what is inside this product and what it can offer using your initial payment. The following are the 12 modules offered in the program:

  1. Start: Welcome – this part is a video message from Robby himself that welcomes new members.
  2. Getting Started – in this part, you will be watching a video that introduces the creator of the program, the scope of affiliate marketing, some overview on ClickFunnels, Clickbank, and some instructions on getting multiple Ad accounts on Facebook.
  3. Choosing the Right Offers – in this part, you will be taught on how to find ClickBank offers that has the highest commission rates. There are more than 1000 products on ClickBank, and so there will be enough offers for you to find that will match your needs.
  4. Finding Your Ad Image – composed of 4 videos, this is the part where Robby will teach you how to find and use an engaging and attractive image that will definitely give you the highest click-throughs.
  5. Setting Up a Landing Page – this is where Robby teaches you how to set up your own landing page and what elements to include in order for you to maximize your conversion. There is no better way to convert your clicks but to lead them to a very convincing landing page, so this part is important for you to learn.
  6. Setting Up Facebook – this is one of the highlights of the course. Here, Robby will teach you an in-depth, over-the-shoulder training of setting up your Facebook Ad campaign and how to target your specific potential audience and demographic to ensure that you will be operating an effective and money-making ad campaigns.
  7. Setting Up Facebook Pixel – this is where you will learn how to use Facebook Pixel and reach out again those first time traffic that hasn’t got into purchasing the product yet but has shown an interest.
  8. Tracking Your Campaign – in this part, Robby will teach you how track your ads, optimize your campaigns, and identify the ads that are making you profit and pull the ones that are not.
  9. Scaling – this is where you will learn how to scale up your income with the use of your newly-learned winning strategies.
  10. Ninja Tactics – this is where you learn how to play with your competitors, how to get ahead of them and how to manage Facebook shutdowns.
  11. Bonus – this is where Robby will share to you his successful landing pages, images, and done-for-you campaigns that you can actually use. You will also be taught in a video how to have a mindset of success.
  12. Help Me Robby – this is the feature where you can actually contact Robby (via live chat or coaching calls).

Price and Additional Expenses

commission hero price

For you to successfully sign-up to the online course, you should be able to buy the product at a price of $997 one-time payment or $597 per month for two months.

Are there any additional expenses that you should expect from Commission Hero?

From Commission Hero, there is none. But for your Facebook Ads, Landing Pages and Traffic tools? There is.

I just want to remind you that Commission Hero is not a platform where you can make money. It is clearly just a training platform where you learn the strategies of making money online from a professional entrepreneur and internet marketer, that’s all.

And for you to apply all you have learned from the course, you have to spend another cost to set-up your own Facebook ad, drive traffic and a $1000 per day website. So basically you will have approximately the following additional expenses below:

  1. Landing Page Builder – average of $49 to $250 per month
  2. Email Autoresponders – average of $9 to $1000 per month
  3. Facebook Advertising or other Paid Traffic Sites – average of $0.27 – $50 per click times the number of clicks you wanted to avail
  4. Tracking System – average $10 to $25 per month

The tools are quite expensive, right? But it’s better to discover these things beforehand so we would not be shocked when it is time for us to spend another dollar just to implement what we have “learned” on Commission Hero.

Who is Commission Hero Best Fit For?

If you are someone with extra cash for an expensive course and other associated costs, and wanted to learn the techniques of affiliate marketing from a successful entrepreneur and take the risk in earning and losing a great amount of money (which can or cannot come back), then I guess this product is for you.

However, the risk is high so I don’t really recommend this product to everyone. And you are not guaranteed to make money through this product itself because it’s just a course, not a platform to earn money from. I’d rather recommend you to a platform that will not have you purchase any other expensive tools, but would rather help you achieve your 6-figure income with lesser cost as possible. And no unrealistic “get-rich-quick” promises, too. You can check it out now and sign-up for free.

What I Like About Commission Hero

The things that I like most about Commission Hero are:

  1. In-depth and personal coaching from a professional marketer and the creator himself, Robby Blanchard. You would not worry anymore whether you will be talking to some guy you don’t know or worse, to some bot that would just make learning so boring because Robby Blanchard will be the one to teach you all the things that you would like to know (within the scope of the training, of course).
  2. It utilizes Clickbank, the biggest marketplace for digital goods and services that has six million clients consists of vendors and affiliate marketers. With over 1000 products, you won’t have any reason not to find your own niche to promote.
  3. It promotes Affiliate Marketing, which is proven to be a great way to make money online.

What I Don’t Like About Commission Hero

Despite the things that turn me on with Commission Hero, there are still a lot of things that I find as “red flags” of the program, which are as follows:

  1. It is an expensive training course. For a $997 program, you would expect a lot from it other than just having 40 videos of training and a live chat.
  2. Exaggerated claims of earning huge profits in just a span of weeks.
  3. Unrealistic sales reports and earnings of commission hero “students”.
  4. The course only promotes Clickbank and ClickBank’s refund rate is high (30%-50% actually), which is not shown on the reports. They just show you gross profit, not the NET profit where the refunds for the products bought are not deducted.
  5. Issues on Clickbank’s products. In recent years, the products of Clickbank are found to be not of good quality anymore, therefore creating a great percentage of the products being returned thus refunds rates are high.
  6. $1000 per day is just an overhyped claim. Yes, maybe you can get as high as that, or even more, but with the issues regarding Clickbank products leading to high refund rates plus the cost you will have to pay for advertising and other tools, there is a high chance that your “earning” will eventually come to “losing” a thousand dollars or more.
  7. The refund policy is also very bad. When you purchase the product and then realize it is not worth the shot, you will have to wait 12 months before you can get your money back. And it is not just a simple 12-month waiting game, because for you to qualify for a refund, you will have to actively use the product until you reach 12 months.
  8. There are other expenses aside from the basic price, and the amount is way beyond our expectations.
  9. No trial period.

Is Commission Hero a Scam?

is commission hero a scam?

In my opinion, it’s not a scam since it offers a good course of “how tos” from a successful entrepreneur. But even though it is not a scam, it does not mean it’s a good fit for everyone. The price of the product is high and the risk is high too, so it’s not for everyone. I can recommend this if you wanted to hear techniques and strategies from Robby, but just be cautious of the underlying cost that awaits you.

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