Is IM VIP Training A Scam

Is IM VIP Training A Scam



OWNER NAME: Kevin Fahey


RATING:  8/10


Many struggle to build their online business and grow their income more efficiently through internet marketing. This is likely due to the lack of understanding on the basics about internet marketing. Newbie will need all the help they can get in order to start somehow and will be looking for training tools and materials to help them with this.

One of the relevant training sources for internet marketing we came across is the IM VIP Training by Kevin Fahey. This is an online training for internet marketing but before you consider signing up for this program you will probably ask is IM VIP Training a scam? This IM VIP Training review will give you an understanding whether this program is worth trying.


IM VIP Training Review

Is IM VIP Training A Scam

The IM VIP Training is an online program that provides all tools and resources you need in order to understand internet marketing and starting your own online business and make good on it. There are training materials like videos on 12 training parts. Kevin also offers member only training which is done live. The training programs are very valuable to people who want to start an online business and invest on internet marketing to earn money online. The trainings are divided by topics which can provide valuable guidelines when starting an internet business.


What is IM VIP Training?

The IM VIP Training provides different training modules that are on videos. These consist of 12 topics prepared with each topic on separate video training. Kevin also provides strategy training for internet marketers and live trainings for its members. By becoming a member for IM VIP Training you will have access to its Facebook Mastermind group with about more than 80 members.


The best thing about the training is that you can have access of its training materials on a trial period for only $1 within 7 days. This also comes with a money back guarantee. After the trial you will be billed for $27 per month as subscription fee. If you opt to use the program for a lifetime, you can pay a one-time payment of $197 for lifetime membership.


IM VIP Training modules


There are 12 training modules from the materials. It discuss different topics to help you jumpstart your own internet business and how to make it more sustainable and profitable. Kevin will coach you on different topics and the training videos include the following:


  1. Introduction – the IM Newbie. This will give you basic information about how to make at least a thousand dollar every month from internet marketing.
  2. Module on email marketing – consisting on lectures about building emails, growing online traffic and split testing your site.
  3. Affiliate Funnel – this module teaches how you can start your internet business with 15 offers.
  4. WordPress Plugins – this module provides 5 free WP Plugins in addition to the 3 premium WP Plugins. It also comes with 1 paid plugin which you can opt to subscribe for your website.
  5. Replay of Kevin’s Webinar – you will have access to the webinars of Kevin that was previously released which include topics on Facebook ads, video marketing, building list, funnel mind maps as among others.
  6. Using Facebook for internet marketing – this will help you learn strategies on how to use Facebook in marketing your site as a way to jumpstart learning how to use the social media platforms for advertising.
  7. PLR Training – you will learn the strategy on doubling your affiliate income using private label rights products to customers.
  8. Creation of products – You will learn how to launch digital products as a source of income. You will learn how to edit and launch the product videos you created.
  9. Tracking – Kevin teaches how to track your progress using Facebook advertising and its performance.
  10. Customer Support system – you will learn the strategies of keeping a good reputation for your business. You will learn staff outsourcing and using virtual assistants to provide excellent assistance and support to your customers.
  11. IM Coaching – this will give you the opportunity to earn money by using your skills to coach or train people.
  12. Video Marketing training – this part of the training is continuously on progress that will teach you how to create and edit marketing videos and helping you launch it successfully.

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Is IM VIP Training A Scam


IM VIP Training provides quality and valuable training materials that can help jumpstart your internet marketing ventures. The training videos are in-depth and easy to understand. They are actionable and very useful. Trying out the training tools comes with a trial period of 7 days.



Some of the videos are quite lengthy and may need some improvement on the content presentation since some apparently made from draft. But these do not pose critical issues in terms of the value of the content.


My Final Opinion of IM VIP Training


It is absolutely safe to answer the question is IM VIP Training a scam? that it is not. The training videos and materials from Kevin are very valuable and significant. You can always try it out at a cost of $1 so there is no harm in trying it out until you feel convince it does provides you important information you need to learn about internet marketing.

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