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The Power Lead System Review – A $1,497 MLM Scam?!

In the online marketing world, there are three things (among many) that I think we, as internet marketers, would definitely need in order to succeed:

First, we need to build our own business website, and there are many programs and trainings out there that offers some help in this area (You can even check out how I learned to build my website and earn a living from it right here).

Second, you need to invest on sales funnels. Sales funnels that generate the highest leads are the best.

And third, you need to create the most powerful landing pages for your business.

Having a website is one thing and also very important since this is where you will be able to promote and showcase your products and services, and even create blogs. But having a sales funnel and a landing page is another major thing in the online business world (and if you’re not lucky, you might even end up spending more in this area of your business).

But what if I told you that there is one platform in the market right now that offers an all-in-one marketing tool for you and that platform also claims to be the most powerful marketing platform in the world! Yes, you heard that right – the most powerful.

Introducing, the Power Lead System.

Got the hype there? But wait, there’s more..

Today, in this Power Lead System Review, I will walk you through the most important things about this platform, run through its features, and go over their marketing strategies and how they will be able to help you in your business, and how you can make money through the program.

Ready? Now let’s start.

The Power Lead System Review Summary

The power lead system logo

Name: Power Lead System

Website: https://powerlead-system.com/ + other affiliate sites

Owner: Neil Guess, Michael Price

Powered by: Priceless Possibilities

Type: Marketing Tool and Training Platform + “Affiliate Marketing Program”

Price: 7 days Free Trial + $7 or $30 to $1,497 + Upgrades

Refund Policy: 30 days Money-Back Guarantee (for Customer Membership)

Membership Types:

  1. Lead Lightning System
  2. Power Lead System + Upgrades

Legit/Scam: Legit

Summary: The Power Lead System is an all-in-one marketing tools and training platform that includes a variety of features, providing all the tools needed to grow your business. From creating unlimited lead capture pages, sales pages, sub-domains, auto-responders, video postcards, banners, and more, Power Lead System provides the tools and trainings in all levels of entrepreneurial experience – from beginners to professionals – create more leads and make online sales on a daily basis.

Product Score
Total 75%

Recommended:  Yes

What is Power Lead System?

The Power Lead System (PLS) is an all-in-one marketing system that offers marketing tools, trainings, and webinars to marketers which aims to generate more sales to their business and helps them to make money online through affiliate marketing.

The platform offers a great number of training videos and tools including lead capture pages, sales funnels, ad tracking, email auto-responders, sales pages, sub-domains, and more. It is operating its system by giving more focus on lead generation and teaching online marketing.

Founded and launched by Neil Guess and Michael Price in 2013, PLS is powered by Priceless Possibilities, an automated sales system provider that has been proven to create custom marketing systems for almost two decades.

PLS provides the most updated services and essential tools needed to bring any business or opportunity to its success. With their trainings, weekly coaching, and affiliate programs, they are dedicated to help marketers earn great income and reach their business goals.

Who Are Neil Guess and Michael Price?

the power lead system co-founder neil guess
the power lead system cofounder michael price

Neil Guess, the co-founder of Power Lead System, was a successful Multi-level Marketer in a company called Solavei way before becoming the co-founder of PLS.

Michael Price on the other hand is also successful in MLM, earning several honors including the top sales representative award of Fortune 100. Michael was also one of the trainers in Tony Robin’s “Robins Research International”.

Neil and Michael both have great experiences in the business, therefore making PLS a good running platform until today.

Power Lead System Features

There are many features that you can enjoy in Power Lead System. To name some, these are:

  1. Marketing Training Videos
  2. Capture Pages
  3. Sales Pages
  4. Sub-Domains
  5. Video Postcards
  6. Sales Funnel Creation
  7. Auto-responder Campaigns
  8. Broadcast Emails
  9. Ad Tracking
  10. Floating Capture Forms
  11. Shareable Funnels
  12. And more

How to Get Started with Power Lead System?

Upon signing up, there are actually two membership types in PLS that you can choose. The following are:

1. Lead Lightning System (LLS) – to join LLS, you are required to pay a $7 one-time payment. Lead Lightning is a basic/limited system inside PLS (but is separated from the main PLS) consists of a sales funnel with many working features that customers can use including lead capture pages, sales pages, email campaigns, contact management systems, marketing trainings with traffic sources, business advertisings, and more. PLS affiliates or customers have the privilege to sell Lead Lightning to others and earn a commission of $6.

Through Lead Lightning, you will be able to create your own contact list, generate exposure and sales to your business, contact leads by email or phone (no auto-responder feature), and even earn a PLS Gold Level income (with the help of upgrades), while earning a $6 commission.

Selling Lead Lightning to people won’t also be so hard for you anymore because the product has its own sales funnels which are ready to be marketed using your links.

However, LLS only have basic tools unlike PLS. If you wanted to upgrade, the second type of membership is available for you to join.

the power lead system free ad secrets
the power lead system master traffic institute

2. Power Lead System – there are different levels offered in PLS, such as:

a. Free Lead – this is a 7 days free level where you are given free leads to use in any purpose of your business. You will earn no commissions in this level.

b. PLS Customer – after the 7 day free trial, you can join PLS as a customer by paying its membership fee worth $30 per month. In this level, you will be able to enjoy marketing features like creating sales funnels with unlimited capture page and floating form templates, unlimited domains and sub-domains, unrestricted email campaigns with auto-responders, tracking ads, trainings and weekly webinars.

c. Silver Membership – to join this program, you have to pay for a monthly membership fee worth $29.97. It is consist of a Facebook Marketing Course called “Endless Free Leads” (usually costs $299), Master Traffic Academy, product updates, and ongoing trainings. Additional feature of this product is the ability of members to refer other people in Silver Membership and receive a $15 residual commission. You won’t be able to use website domains and generate sales in this level.

d. Power Lead System – also known as the Gold Membership. To join, you have to pay $53.97 per month and enjoy the features included in Customer and Silver memberships, a training program called “Endless Free Leads”, $20 commission per referral, and 50% matching bonus on all Gold Member signups of referrals.

e. Free Ad Secrets (for Gold Members only) – this is the Diamond Membership which is only offered to existing Gold members worth $147 one-time fee. You will be taught about exploding your downline through co-op advertising in this level and enjoy the features of PLS Gold plus a $100 one-time bonus and $25 override to the second level sponsor for each of your referral that upgrades to Diamond.

f. Social Profit Academy (for Gold Members only) – this is the Platinum Membership worth $497 one-time fee. You will learn about Facebook Marketing here, gain access to many other videos involving study cases, earn $400 commission and $50 override to the second level sponsor.

g. Master Traffic Institute (for Gold Members only) – this is the Master Level and is worth a one-time fee of $1,497. MTI is a course handled by the top 7 earners of PLS that teaches you their secrets on how to produce huge income on a daily basis. When you are able to refer MTI and make a sale, you will receive a $1,000 commission and a $200 override to the second level sponsor.

Power Lead System Membership Fees

To summarize all the fees that I have discussed above, the costs that you will have to expect for joining Power Lead System are:

  1. Lead Lightning System – $7 one-time fee
  2. Power Lead System
    1. Free Lead – Free
    2. Customer Membership- $30 per month
    3. Silver Membership – $29.97 per month
    4. Power Lead System (Gold Membership) – $53.97 per month
    5. Free Ad Secrets (Diamond Membership) – $147 one-time fee
    6. Social Profit Academy (Platinum Membership) – $497 one-time fee
    7. Master Traffic Institute (Master Level) – $1,497 one-time fee

How to Earn in Power Lead System

With the in-depth details discussed in this review, I have found out that there are 2 ways for you to earn using Power Lead System. It’s either

  1. You apply all the trainings you learned in the program and use all the marketing tools of PLS so you can increase sales in your business OR
  2. You refer PLS to others and encourage them to upgrade to higher levels so you could earn greater commissions.

Either way, PLS has not given any guarantee for their members to earn a certain amount of earning through Power Lead System. According to their Income Disclaimer:

PLS income disclaimer

So earning through PLS is never definite, and your income as a marketer will still base on your own skill, hard work, and strategies.

Power Lead System Payment Process

The schedule of Power Lead System’s payout is every Wednesday.

They offer payment transfers via Cash Card (USA), Prepaid Visa Card and Direct Deposit or Bank Transfers.

Who is Power Lead System Best Fit For?

Power Lead System is perfect for both beginners and professional entrepreneurs. With all the trainings and marketing tools they offer, I believe PLS can help you jumpstart your career or grow your business.

However, Power Lead System has made it clear that the platform is designed to help internet marketers make more money with their EXISTING business. All other features of the platform will also require you to have your own website or domain, so I guess you still have to secure a website first before joining the PLS family.

Don’t worry; I have the best product to help you build not just your own website, but also your very own business. You might want to check it out right now and start your journey for free.

What I Like About Power Lead System

  1. With all the things I learned about PLS, I will summarize everything that I liked about the product:

    1. They offer a great number of training videos for you to definitely learn about marketing. You might even use a month to go over every training video in the program.
    2. They have a solid marketing training and weekly webinars to help you advance in your monthly goals.
    3. They provide powerful and useful marketing tools. You will find almost all the tools that you need for the success of your business, and even done-for-you pages are found here.
    4. You can promote any business that you like. PLS does not limit you with the websites and businesses that you would want to promote using their sales pages and other tools.
    5. They offer a powerful compensation plan. Aside from utilizing PLS to develop and promote your business and generate sales, you will also get the chance to earn through their affiliate program and receive commission for your successful referrals.
    6. They offer good customer support. Not all websites or businesses have a transparent customer support page, so I like this part about them.
    7. They have offer good products and useful upgrades
    8. The owners of the product are experienced marketing professionals. With that in mind, you can rest assured that the platform is built with great skills and knowledge.
    9. They are operating since 2013. They survived that long in the business and they are determined to stay.
    Free trial is offered.

What I Don’t Like About Power Lead System

Yes, there are still some negative sides I found about PLS.

  1. You need to buy a domain first before you can be able to start enjoying all the features of PLS. Although the program offers great training for beginners, you still need to have your own domain in order for you to apply everything inside PLS.
  2. Out-of-date website design. I know they made a lot of efforts in keeping their website detailed but I hope they will have a more user-friendly and engaging website design.
  3. Unreliable PLS Email Auto-responder. If you don’t want your emails dumped into the Spam folders, I would suggest you avoid using PLS’ own auto-responder and use your own auto-responder instead.
  4. Quite an MLM Scheme. Since their most preferred way for you to earn high in PLS is through promoting the product and earning commissions when someone purchases it, then I think it’s kind of an MLM scheme. Both founders of the program are experienced multi-level marketers, too, so we cannot neglect the fact that maybe they have also implemented MLM methods in this product. They deny being an MLM business and prefer to be called an affiliate marketing business.

Is Power Lead System a Scam?

Power Lead System is definitely not a scam. It actually offers great tools and trainings for you to start growing your online business. I admit I was quite impressed with almost everything that they can offer to an entrepreneur like me, especially in helping me generate more sales and grow my business. Though you still need to have your own domain and business to enjoy all the features of PLS, but as a business owner, it’s a good way to grow.

If you need help in building your own website, check out my top recommended product now and start for free.

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