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Packity Review – Is it a Safe Place to Earn an Extra $100 per Month?

Making great money online even at the comforts of your home is the best thing that can ever happen to you. What is more amazing is that when you can earn that huge profit passively, where one program called Packity is claiming to deliver that.

And because of that, many of us are in search for the best make-money-online platform where we can jumpstart our career, invest our resources and fulfill our income-generation purpose. However, the rise of rip-off products and programs are increasing through the internet nowadays. As internet marketers and online business enthusiasts, we have to be careful.

I came across a hot topic program called Packity and I know you wanted to know about it too, that’s why you are here.

I made my own in-depth research about this program, read some user reviews, signed-up for their platform and even tried using it, and voila, this Packity review took its form.

I found good, bad, and ugly truths about this program which I will share to you and I hope that at the end of this review, I will be able to answer your questions about Packity.

Questions like, “Is Packity a scam? Is it free? Does it require all of our time to earn? Is it legitimate? And most importantly, does it pay a good pay?” will be addressed.

Or maybe you would want to discover how I make a consistent passive income that has freed me from financial constraints and gave me a legitimate, lifetime business online? And you can even sign-up for free.

So, are you ready to uncover Packity? Let’s find out below.

Packity Review Summary

Packity Review - Is it a Safe Place to Earn an Extra $100 per Month? - Packity Logo

Name: Packity


Owner: Unknown

Company: Packity, LLC

Type: Proxy Network / Passive Income Network

Price: Free

Legit/Scam: Legit

Summary: Packity is a proxy network which allows their users to earn passive income through the Packity application when users share unused internet bandwidth.

Product Score
Total 40%

Recommended:  No

What is Packity?

Packity is a proxy network that allows users to share their unused internet or residential bandwidth and pays them for every bandwidth utilized by the network.

In layman’s term, you as a user, through the use of your computer, will become Packity’s gateway for internet traffic where internet researchers and experts will use your computer to collect data, perform business analyses, monitor Search Engine Optimization status, protect brands, and more.

Packity takes pride on their team of internet security professionals that built the program taking great value and focus on the network’s privacy and security. They are dedicated to secure all Local Area Networks (LAN) activities before connecting every node that wants to be part of the proxy network, therefore protecting your network before they use your bandwidth.

How Does Packity Work?

Packity Review - Is it a Safe Place to Earn an Extra $100 per Month? - Packity Registration Page

So now let’s go over how Packity works:

  1. Membership – Joining Packity will require you to download their application, either via Windows or Mac. After downloading the application, you will then be asked to sign-up through your email. After a successful sign-up, Packity will then automatically run in your computer’s background, where the company claims that you will not even feel any negative effect on your internet connection. According to the program’s website, they will only use very little amount of your internet bandwidth, specifically not more than 15% of your available internet bandwidth.
  2. Know Your Customer (KYC) – because the Packity network is strictly used by data scientists for business research, brand protection and web data collection, users will undergo an extensive Know Your Customer or KYC process before being able to gain access to the network. Packity provides extreme customer security to their users to avoid exposure on unverified third parties and network abuse.
  3. Successful Registration – after completing all verification processes, you will now be able to start using Packity and earn extra cash.

How to Earn through Packity

There are two ways to earn in Packity:

  1. Share Your Unused Internet Bandwidth – you will be able to earn cash in Packity when you share your internet bandwidth. They offer a payment of $0.05 to $0.10 every time you share at least 1 gigabyte (GB) of your internet connection. You will also be able to earn extra cash every time you make your connection available during the network’s “surge period”. This is the time where data scientists will look for more available networks (mostly in the United States) to use during a certain time or date. An extra $0.05 to $0.10 will be paid to users who will have a high availability rate during that period.

It is also very important to know that you will not be able to earn from Packity if you use a VPN. This is because Packity uses your connection as data center servers hence your IP address will be necessary. And if your connection will continue to run under VPN, Packity can ban your account on their network.

  1. Packity Affiliate Program – Packity also offers an affiliate program which works closely like a referral system. As a user, you will be given an affiliate URL where you will earn a commission amounting to $3 for every user that registers using your affiliate link and accumulates 7 days of being active to Packity. To qualify, you should be running an active node and your referral stays active for 7 days.

Packity Payment Process

Starting from the application installation, login, and execution of the program, bandwidth contribution to Packity is easy. Though the application runs on background, the calculation of your earnings relies on your node availability and the amount of bandwidth consumed on your network.

Payments are paid out every 1st day of the month, so your earnings are measured by your availability from the day of your registration until the last day of the month. If your availability during that period is less than 60%, Packity will pay you $0.05 per GB. Moreover, if you are available during that period on more than 60% to 100% of the time, you will be paid $0.10 per GB.

Bonuses are also offered to long term users, supporters of Packity’s network growth (affiliate marketers), and high availability during low bandwidth usage periods.

All payments are sent through PayPal and in USD currency.

What I Like About Packity

  1. Free and available to everyone – This is one of the things that I like about Packity. It’s free and available to anyone around the world. With this, everyone will be given the chance to earn extra income.
  2. Get Paid via PayPal – PayPal has been widely used by the internet community nowadays, especially for businesses, so getting paid in Packity is fast and convenient.
  3. Easy and Simple Process to Earn – this is pure passive income because Packity will only run on background without causing any negative experiences for you. You are not required to perform any tasks to earn. You just have to simply stay online most of the time to keep your internet running.
  4. Offers Affiliate Program – we all know that Affiliate Marketing is one of the best methods to make money online nowadays. It is a good thing that Packity offers an affiliate program for all active affiliates that will allow them to earn a commission every time they enroll a new user.
  5. Low CPU and Internet Usage – Packity mentioned that they will only be using less than 15% of your internet’s bandwidth and that there will be no complications for you when you are running the application on background, so I guess that is a good thing about them.

What I Don’t Like About Packity

  1. High Risk – Operating in Packity is quite prone to risks. These risks include illegal transactions, internet scams and other malicious activities using your network. Even though Packity mentions that they have a tight security and protection for users, we still cannot be so sure of our privacy and protection. The internet are so full of scams, malwares and crimes so we don’t want to “unknowingly” get involved with that. Just because some proxy network service promised us protection and security, we still cannot let our guard down.
  2. No Network Control Guarantee – when you open your network to unknown users, you really won’t know how your network is used and what passes through it so I find this part unfavorable for Packity.
  3. Low Rates – yes, the major thing that I don’t like about packity is the rate. Imagine if you are paying $0.5 for every gigabyte you use and you are just sharing it to them for just $0.05 per GB, I don’t think that is good for us. And you are not even guaranteed of the $0.10 per GB pay (which is their highest rate per GB) because the rate all boils down to one reason: your availability. There is a higher chance of great expenses from us than earning an income.

Who is Packity Best Fit For?

I won’t say Packity is for everyone because there are pros and cons to this program. But I think Packity is for people who want to earn even a little extra income in exchange for their totally unused internet bandwidth at home. It is also for people who can deal with the risks that plays alongside this program.

Is Packity a Scam?

Packity is definitely not a scam; it is actually a legit program that pays.

However, I cannot recommend this to you because of its downsides (which are major issues for me). But if you wanted to earn a little extra without doing anything, then you can join Packity at your own risk.

Packity is legit and free, but not worth the risk.

There are a lot more ways to earn passive income and one of the best and most effective ways is through affiliate marketing. If you want to learn how to start, you can sign up here for free.

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