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VolKno Review – Watch Movies and Earn Cash Rewards!

When we want to make extra cash, GPT sites are one of the easiest and most popular go-to sites that most of us consider. And VolKno is one GPT site that’s making noise right now.

If you are that passionate about earning extra through GPT, I will help you choose the best fit for you. Today, I will review VolKno, a GPT site that pays you every time you watch/play and review a movie, game, music, and TV shows.

Yep, you heard that right. You get paid when you watch movie trailers. This is quite fun when you are into movies and then you are getting paid at the same time you are having fun!

So now, let’s read on this VolKno review and see if VolKno really pays or is it just a scam and whether it is the right fit for you or not.

VolKno Review Summary

VolKno Review – Watch Movies and Earn Cash Rewards! - Logo

Name: VolKno

Company: Yeast LLC

Website: https://volkno.com/

Founder: Unknown

Type: GPT Website

Price: Free

Eligibility: US Residents Only

Legit/Scam: Legit

Summary: VolKno is a GPT site that offers a list of movie trailers, TV shows, games, and music for their users to check, watch and provides feedback with. The site pays every user that completes a task with rewards points that can be redeemed through Amazon gift cards.  

Product Score
Total 55%

Recommended:  No

What is VolKno?

VolKno (read as vol-kay-no), is a Get-Paid-To platform that pays people to review movies, TV shows, games, and music. The site pays their users through rewards points which they called “Flow” that can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards.

The goal of VolKno is to provide content creators the information about what we like or dislike through reviews in terms of their movie trailers, TV shows, music and more. The feedback or reviews they collect will then be their basis in creating hot new movies, TV shows, music, games and more. They claim that most focused groups and survey panels are boring, therefore giving focus on creating games and other interactive tools to effectively collect information from their users and at the same time allow users to have fun.

In VolKno, producers of the movie/TV show presented on the site will need your feedback so that they are able to determine their audience and their preferences in movies and shows. Therefore, you as a user will be their movie tester where they will pay you to watch and give an honest review.

How Does VolKno Work?

VolKno Review – Watch Movies and Earn Cash Rewards! - How It Works?

Signing up for VolKno is free but is only available for US residents only.

There are two options for you when creating an account; it’s either you sign up with an email address and password (plus email confirmation) or sign up through Facebook.

After a successful sign-up, you will be presented with an array of videos to watch and review. There are 4 ways involved during the review process:

  1. Hot or Not – the first feedback that VolKno would like you to provide is the “Hot or Not” review. You can press the “Hot” button if you like any part of the video and the “Not” button if you don’t.
  2. Emoji – Angry, Scared, Sad, Surprised, Excited, and Happy emojis will be presented to you, where you will be asked to select an emoji based on how you feel at any point of the video.
  3. Tag It – in this part, you will be asked to click a tag that best describes your feelings during the video. The tags that you can choose are: Hate It, Awful, Flop, Ok, Like It, Alright, Love It, Excellent, and Amazing. If the tags don’t describe what you think, you can always leave them unclicked.
  4. Final Review – the final phase of the review will ask you to rate the video, tag it, demand it, and leave any comments.


You will undergo the same process in every video you watch and review. Don’t worry; you will earn points by doing each part. The movie trailers are also always updated, so you can review as many videos as you like.

How to Earn in VolKno?

VolKno Review – Watch Movies and Earn Cash Rewards! - How To Earn

Earning in VolKno will only require you two simple ways: Watch videos and review them. But in order for you to maximize your earnings, there are simple ways available for you:

  1. Participate on the Reviews Daily – VolKno won’t run out of movies for you to watch and review on, so there will be no reason for you not to review on a daily basis. If you are serious in earning flow points while having fun at the same time, then you can participate on VolKno’s daily reviews.
  2. Complete All Review Phases – completing all the phases of review for each video will help you maximize your flow points. As I have mentioned above, you will earn points in every phase you complete, so the more completion, the more flow points you earn.
  3. Participate in Surveys – VolKno also has surveys for you to participate on. You can take these surveys in the survey section of the site and earn extra point. In this way, you will not only earn extra but you will also be helping VolKno to know more about your preferences and even customize the videos you see on your dashboard according to your favorites.

How Much Can You Earn?

The videos available for your review usually last for around 2-4 minutes, and every movie trailer or video that you watch will earn you 50 flow points. There are also survey panels available in the site that successful users can readily participate in. Surveys that would take about 5 minutes to complete will allow you to earn around 100 flow points.

As a bonus, you will also earn extra points after you sign-up.

100 flow points is equal to $0.10. Therefore, for you to earn a $1 equivalent gift card, you should have 1000 flow points.

In average, if you watch 20 videos, you will have 60 minutes of your time watching and reviewing them. Every 60 minutes will then be equivalent to 1000 flow points, and 1000 flow points is equivalent to $1. Therefore, if you spend at least 1 hour of your time per day in VolKno, you will earn an extra $30 a month.

VolKno Payment Process

VolKno Review – Watch Movies and Earn Cash Rewards! - Types of Gift Cards

VolKno does not pay you in cash, but rather in Amazon gift cards. Their payout threshold is at 5000 flow points or $5 worth of Amazon gift card. There are other Amazon gift cards that you can choose to redeem your flow points with, which is amounting to $5, $20, $50, and $100.

Who is VolKno Best Fit For?

With the services and payment methods that this website offers, I think VolKno is perfect for those who has a lot of extra time and wanted to earn extra cash (in the form of gift cards) while having fun watching videos and TV shows. The GPT site is also best for people who are passionate about the entertainment niche and are willing to contribute on the production of new and better movies or other entertainment programs through their ideas and opinion.

However, if you want to pursue online business and earn a livable income, I can show you how. I was like you before, in search of a good platform to pursue my dreams of financial freedom, and have finally found the best product for me. It can be the best fir for you, too. You can even join our team for free and take a look at how it goes.

What I Like About VolKno

  1. Free and easy sign-up process.
  2. Offers fun-filled ways to earn extra cash. Unlike other boring survey sites, I like the fact that VolKno integrated the entertaining ways to keep their users going.
  3. Simple and fun earning process.
  4. You get to contribute to the creation of new and better movies, TV shows, music, or games.
  5. It’s a legitimate site.
  6. There are also complimentary surveys for you to earn extra points.

What I Don’t Like About VolKno

  1. It is not open for everyone. VolKno is only available for US residents.
  2. Low pay. They only offer a little pay for an hour of your participation.
  3. No guarantee of a consistent flow points. The VolKno terms of agreement have stated that they can change the number of points you can earn at a certain level anytime. There is no guarantee that every point is the same with every activity you perform.
  4. Limited payout options. You can never redeem your points with cash, only Amazon gift cards.
  5. They will terminate your account anytime.
  6. Your accumulated points will be forfeited if you will not earn points in a period of 6 months.
  7. The website lacks details and support. I hope they can be more transparent about this.

Is VolKno a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. There are actually many users that prove VolKno to be a legit GPT site that pays. However, it is not for everyone. It is only available for US residents who are only looking for fun ways to earn extra cash.

But why waste your time on this platform if you have more legitimate ways to earn a livable amount of income? Who wouldn’t want to own a business and earn a passive 6-figure income right? Discover how I made it this far and maybe you can join us in a successful journey.

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