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Is Writers Work a Scam? – Write and Earn Good Cash!?

Have you heard about Writers Work? It’s one of the many make-money-online platforms that offers good cash.

We all know that one of the most popular ways to make money online nowadays is through writing. 

And let me guess, you are one of those people who are interested in this career path. From writing web content, newspapers and magazines, eBook writing, and blogging; the industry is enormous for writers, and the chances are high.

So will Writers Work deliver you a good pay for your writing? Or is Writers Work a scam?

Hold it right there and read this Writers Work review. You may find your answers at the end of this article and finally help you decide where to take off your writing career.

Writers Work Review Summary

Is Writers Work a Scam? – Write and Earn Cash!

Name: Writers Work

Website: https://writers.work/

Type: Writing Careers, Tools and Training Platform

Founder: Unknown

Price: One-time payment of $47 or $15/month

Upsells: No, but with Optional Add-ons

Best for: Writing Enthusiasts/Starters

Legit/Scam: Legit

Summary: Writers Work is an all-in-one platform designed for freelance writing enthusiasts and starters that offers training, tools, grammar help, portfolio building, and job finding for aspiring writers.

Product Score
Total 65%

Recommended: No

What is Writers Work?

Find Writing Jobs at Writers Work

Writers Work is an online platform that offers all-in-one services for aspiring freelance writers. They claim to provide all the tools that you will need to make your writing a lot easier and better, organize your goals, publish your work, find the perfect writing jobs from different writing sites (they do not offer you a direct employment), and be trained to jumpstart your writing career.

I was also able to learn that Writers Work offers an affiliate program, too, which is powered by ShareASale. Their affiliate program will allow you to earn a commission by promoting Writers Work and other products of ShareASale.

Moreover, all these features mentioned above will be discussed later in this review, so I hope you will keep reading.

About Writers Work

Writers Work is a new website. It was established on the year 2017. The founders of the site are unknown, but this is what I have found out as I went on searching for some contact persons associated with Writers Work:

In the Better Business Bureau page, under Writers Work’s profile, there are two names registered there as a member of Writers Work.

Is Writers Work a Scam? – Write and Earn Cash! - BBB Profile

But it still remains a mystery as to who are the contact persons every time issues arise. Customer support is very important for a business, but sadly, it looks like Writers Work lacks this service since many complaints arising from different users points out their lack of customer support.

Nevertheless, once you were subscribed to their website, they have a live chat feature that will guide and help you whenever you have questions. So I guess that’s good news for us.

Later, we will see through some customers’ complaints in Writers Work BBB profile, so sit tight and relax.

Prices and Services

You will be able to avail of Writers Work products and services in two options:

One, is you pay a lifetime subscription of $47 or two, you pay a one month subscription worth $15.


As you can see, although their website is informative and operational, I find their sales page quite doubtful. On the middle part, you will see the phrase, “Never pay another cent – forever.” So it should mean you will never have to pay for any other future charges as a user. Even their “Early-Bird Pricing” is a little bit off, too. It has been 2 years already since their business started, so I guess the “early-bird” thing is not anymore applicable. Maybe it’s just one of their strategies to push you in purchasing their products or maybe their sales page has not been updated yet. Either way, we just have to be wise.

Despite these “one-time payment” claims, their Terms and Conditions convey a different message, which made me think twice.

Terms and Conditions

Either way, availing their services would really require you to pay.

What are you paying for in Writers Work? Basically, you are definitely paying for the tools and services they offer as listed below:

  1. Career Training Videos

You will gain access to their training videos that teaches you how to start a writing career. Their training involves project management, organization tips, copywriting, pitching, and more.

  1. Magical Job Finder

This enables you to access a list of full, part-time and contract employment that you can apply to. With email notifications, you can generate unique filters which signal you when a fresh work is published that would best suit you.

  1. Instant Submission Finder

This tool will allow you to access a directory of online journals and magazines that accepts pitches which they can consider publishing in the future.

  1. Deep-focus Writing Tools and Grammar Help

These tools will help you in your content in terms of grammar, spelling, readability, and overall quality.

  1. Habit Builder

This feature will allow you to set your word count and time goals. You can access this feature on the goal page or at the homepage.

  1. Online Portfolio

You can create your own professional portfolio here and show-off your skills with your own words at the center stage.

  1. Blogs

Writer Works has its own page for blogs that will keep you updated with what’s ahead of your career.

        8. More

More tools are available for you such as Writer’s Marketplace where you can create a portfolio that will allow employers to find you, University Library that contains video tutorials, and Tasks, Project and Stats page to keep track of your writing data and projects.

These are the add-on they are offering that will cost you another expenses:

  1. Freelance Toolkit at $29 – includes several templates and eBooks to enhance your writing skills.
  2. Coaching Session Bundle at $99 – here you can gain access to a one-on-one 30-minute coaching session via Chat.
  3. Premium Courses Bundle at $99 – contains two premium courses entitled “Jumpstarting Your Freelance Writing Career” and “A Beginner’s Guide to Writing for the Web”.

    And whenever you find their services not meeting your needs, they have a refund policy that allows you to terminate your membership within 30 days of your purchase and be refunded with the amount you paid.

Refund Policy

Who Is Writers Work Best Fit For?

Writers Work is best fit for those who wanted to learn the basics of writing good content. With the services and tools this platform offers, I think writing enthusiasts will have a good foundation in jumpstarting their writing careers and might even find a job inside the platforms own job search page.

However, the platform does not guarantee you a good pay. But, I have good news for you. If you want to start earning now using your writing skills, you can check out my blog about our top recommended product. Don’t waste your time anymore, register for free, own a business and start earning.

Writers Work Ugly Truths Revealed!

One way to measure a business’ legitimacy is to look them up on the Better Business Bureau’s website, and I have found Writers Work’s profile there with BBB’s rating, as seen below:

BBB Rating

An “F” rating is the lowest rating BBB could give to business that does not meet their standards, and unfortunately, Writers Work is rated F. That’s a red flag to us who are looking for legit platforms, so this will really affect our trust with the site’s reputation and credibility.

BBB Rating F

Furthermore, as I have mentioned earlier, there are a few complaints in BBB about Writers Work, especially in terms of their customer support and refund policy. Let us look at some of them here:


It keeps me wondering why Writers Work has not given attention to these complaints. Whether these complaints are true or not, it is normal for a concerned business to answer all for the sake of keeping their reputation good. However, the business did not answer almost 80% of the complaints filed against them yet, but I hope they will have answers soon.

The business is still operating up to this day, so I look forward to their corrective actions to avoid future claims about them being a scam.

What I Like About Writers Work

The following are the things that I find to be favorable for me in Writers Work:

  1. Engaging Website – their website is catchy enough that will convince you to dig deeper with what they can offer.
  2. Affordable Registration Price – with $49 one-time payment for a lifetime access, I think that’s a good deal for starters.
  3. Helpful Tools and Services – the site offers good tools and services that would definitely give you a good start as a writer.
  4. University Library – this is good because there are a lot of good videos and eBooks that you can use to help in your writing career growth.

What I Don’t Like About Writers Work

On the other hand, there are still a few things that I don’t like about Writers Work:

  1. Pricey Add-ons – yes, I find their add-ons pricey and contradicting to the “never pay another cent – forever” claim.
  2. Doubtful Sales Page – I really don’t like how they market their website’s registration. I prefer it to be more honest and realistic.
  3. Poor Customer Support – not being able to attend to their customer’s concerns is a red flag for me. Their support is very important, especially the issues where their promised “money-back-guarantee” is being compromised.
  4. Low Rating on BBB – this is also a red flag for me. I hope they can soon fix this.
  5. 30 Days Money-Back-Guarantee – this is what I don’t like the most about Writers Work, because this is more prone to complications especially when they have a poor support system. I think it would be best for them to apply a 3 or 7-days Trial Period instead of requiring people to purchase their services first and then cancel later. It takes a lot more effort and stress this way. Free trial would be a lot better option.

Is Writers Work a Scam?

For now, I think Writers Work is not a scam. They have a good website with good products and services to offer to people.

However, I do not recommend Writers Work to people who would want to earn a good income through writing. The site does not guarantee you a good pay since most of their services are just about helping you how to write well and get hired fast. To land on writing jobs, you do not need to pay for a certain amount just for you to get hired. There are many other platforms in the internet where the registration is free and the chances of getting hired are high. In terms of learning how to write well, there are also many ways to do so. So I think buying a product like this is not recommendable, though their tools are quite helpful, but it’s not worth it.

And if you enjoy writing and wanted to earn by doing it, you may consider yourself to be a blogger and create a website for yourself. You can own what you write and earn good cash for it. I recommend you to try my No. 1 recommended product. This is my topmost preferred product that will teach you how all the things you need to know in setting up your own blog site and offers you a free membership to get you started. Check it out now and start earning!

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