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MyPoints Review – Best Website to Earn Rewards?

If you are someone looking for some additional source of income, there are many available ways nowadays that you can choose from, and one platform that offers that extra cash is MyPoints.

Most people consider participating in online paid surveys, get-paid-to try offers, rewards panels, and more, while others are lured to work-at-home schemes (if they are not careful).

Online surveys are a good way to earn a little more money. If you find a reliable service, you can actually make a significant amount by simply completing a few surveys a day.

Moreover, among these make-money-online platforms, websites that offer rewards programs are also quite popular. You may have also heard about many rewards panels that guarantee making extra cash and rewards for you, and you wanted to find out which is the best to spend your extra time and effort with.

Instead of jumping from one website to another and waste your time, it is really best for us to research first how existing make-money websites work and discover whether it is a legit program that pays well and are they really worth your time or not.

Luckily, I am reviewing another website that offers rewards program called MyPoints. Let’s take a look at this site in this MyPoints review.

MyPoints Review Summary

Name: MyPoints


Type: Rewards Program Website

Operated by: Prodege, LLC

Price: Free

Best For: Anyone seeking for extra income and rewards (US and Canada)

Legit/Scam: Legit

Summary: MyPoints is a rewards website where users can earn reward items through a variety of programs such as taking surveys, watching videos, online shopping, and other gift opportunities.

Product Score
Total 80%

Recommended:  Yes

What is MyPoints?

MyPoints Logo2

MyPoints is a rewards program where members can gain reward products from certain retailers by performing different activities online: shopping, visiting websites, playing games, browsing the Internet, taking up surveys, etc. They also offer many more ways and great opportunities for their members to earn more gifts.

About MyPoints

MyPoints is a well-known platform since 1996. I find it quite impressive for them to stay up in more than 2 decades already, and are even still kicking even up to this present year

Over the years, they have been constant in updating their blogs about their latest contests, promotions and hottest offers together with the details on new ways to earn points and rewards.

MyPoints is currently free and available to everyone in USA and Canada. If you are from another country, you can still sign-up with MyPoints, but also keep in mind that not all prizes will be available for you. They are currently updating their system to accommodate more sign-ups from other countries, so don’t fret. They will come to you soon.

How Does MyPoints Work?

How MyPoints Work

Their registration process is fast and simple. Once you complete the verification stage, you are good to go. After you sign-up, you will receive a $10 gift card of your choice. You can then earn points immediately (this is where MyPoints stands out among other reward panels in the market). They offer an incredible number of ways to collect points which will later be transformed into gift cards, airline miles or even cash.

The site can also be downloaded as a mobile application that works for both Android and iOS devices, which I find it as a very good feature since most of us would fancy earning points and gifts even while on the move.

How to Start Earning Rewards on MyPoints?

There are numerous activities available for members to participate with to start earning rewards. These are as follows:

  1. Shop Online – MyPoints has over 1,900 shopping retailers available for users to shop from. You will receive a bonus like cash backs of $10 or additional points up to 1,750 or more when you spend at least $20 on shopping through your MyPoints account (valid within your first 30 days of membership). You will definitely earn bonus points every time you make a purchase. So shop and earn at the same time!
  2. Shopping Score – you will get alerts on shopping coupons and points so you don’t miss a whole fun shopping experience.
  3. Local Deals – earn points through purchasing local deals such us Groupon, LivingSocial goods and vouchers.
  4. Read Emails – you will receive bonus emails once you register and you will earn points just by clicking on these emails.
  5. Online Surveys – share your opinion and earn up to 400 points by participating on their online surveys. You can keep yourself updated with their surveys through the site’s survey area. You may not be qualified for all of the surveys but you can still earn points after taking them and end up being disqualified.
  6. Watch Videos – watch videos through your smartphone or computer and earn points and rewards.
  7. Discover Content and Find Deals – earn points while exploring new offers, relevant sites and videos.
  8. Search the Web – win random points by searching the web through Yahoo! Based search engines.
  9. Print Coupons – enjoy shopping through your local stores using MyPoints coupons and get the chance to earn points and redeem them as well.
  10. Play Games – enjoy your go-to games and at the same time earn bonus points.
  11. Refer a Friend – send unlimited invitations to friends and earn up to 10% of your referral’s qualifying points.

How to Redeem Rewards on MyPoints?

You will be able to redeem your rewards in three different ways:

  1. Gift Cards – redemption of gift cards is available when you reached 700 points. You can choose and enjoy gift cards from 70 top retails and restaurants in the market.
  2. Cash – covert your points into cash and deposit them directly to your PayPal account or Visa prepaid card.
  3. Travel Miles – redeem travel miles using your points and transfer them to your United Mileage Plus account.

Who is MyPoints Best For?

MyPoints can only provide you with some extra cash and rewards that you can enjoy during your leisure time. It is best for people who want to have fun while gaining a little bit of extra.

If you want to earn a more stable income, there are other make-money-online programs available for you. I was once like you, in search for a good platform to earn a good income that would save me from all my needs. Without a boss, I reached that goal and I was even able to surpass it!

You can check out how I made myself a sustainable income in just 1 year here.

What I like About MyPoints

Now, let us talk about what I really like about MyPoints.

  1. Website Design – I was impressed with their website. It’s very friendly, clean and organized. Unlike other online rewards programs, MyPoints has a better design and great functionality. The site is also mobile-friendly, which is really a plus because you will have the convenience to earn and redeem rewards through your mobile phone even when you are busy with other stuff. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Also, downloading their app itself will reward you with 100 points.
  2. Score – I love the fact that MyPoints gave effort to develop their own internet browser bar called Score just to ensure that their members will not miss purchasing products through their website. There is a great chance that one will forget to log into the website before buying, therefore missing out the chance to qualify for additional points. The bar also keeps members up to date with latest promotions, deals and coupons that they can enjoy while shopping.
  3. Many Ways to Earn Points – MyPoints has a lot of ways to help you earn points. You can choose from taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and even just by doing your usual shopping!
  4. Convenient Redemption Options – their redemption of rewards are one-of-kind. Your points can be readily available for you as a Gift Card, Travel Mileage or even cash!
  5. Blogs – I also find their blogs to be very beneficial for all their members. Here, you will gain insights about their latest promotions and contests. It’s a great way to interact with other members, too.

What I Don’t Like About MyPoints

No website is perfect, including MyPoints. There are just a few things that I like to point out as something I don’t like about the site:

  1. Slow Points Add-up – recently, they have been requiring more points to redeem a certain reward which in the past years only requires lesser points. I just hope they’d be able to fix this part and not increase points requirement to redeem rewards anymore.
  2. Different Rewards Trade-Off – the rewards you can redeem with your points varies depending on the retailer or brand you choose. So some rewards will be very hard to redeem or would take you longer time to get it.
  3. Low Survey Success Rate – your success rate to qualify on their surveys is quite low. So it might be best not to rely on their surveys.

Is MyPoints A Scam?

MyPoints Scam?

MyPoints is definitely NOT a scam. It’s a legit rewards program that has flaws. Anything that has flaws should not always be labeled as scam. This is a good website to earn extra cash and enjoy additional gifts and deals. Whether for leisure or serious transaction, MyPoints is a good site to have fun while earning.

But, if you are looking for bigger opportunities to earn bigger profits and setup your own decent business, then skip the trouble in finding a great way to make cash and check out our top recommended product now!

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