Is Wondough A Scam

Is Wondough A Scam? – Can You Make Money With Wondough?

Is Wondough A Scam




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Are you searching for ways to earn extra money by working from home? There are a number of offers for work from home opportunities these days from the internet and it is giving you many options to earn from cash to gift cards or coupons. One way to earn these online is by signing up to Wondough which is an online panel survey site that lets you enjoy doing some of your favorite activities with a perk. If you like watching YouTube videos, answering surveys, visiting websites and sharing your opinion about a site and installing apps, perhaps Wondough will be a good place to do these while you can earn points with corresponding reward either in cash or in free coupons. But you are probably wondering is Wondough a scam? It might be a common apprehension for many considering there are so many scams out there. This Wondough review will help you learn more about this program and see if it is a legit company or not.


Wondough Review


Wondough is an online site that offers surveys with corresponding rewards for completing each task. All you need to do is sign up, provide relevant information about yourself that will be helpful in finding surveys that are applicable to your qualifications and start completing survey tasks. Its rewards program will require you to do certain activities like watching YouTube videos, installing certain mobile applications, visiting websites and providing feedback and taking surveys. It takes a short time to complete the registration process. You only need to provide them a valid email address, your name and set up a password. You need to provide a valid email since you need to validate your account through the activation link provided to you in your email. Once you do so your account is set up immediately and you can start taking surveys.


What Is Wondough


Wondough is a rewards program that lets you earn points for completing surveys and other tasks that you can claim in exchange of cash or gift coupons. Once your account is activated you need to provide information especially your geographic area in order to qualify you in completing surveys relevant within your location. This is important in matching you to a particular survey that fits your profile. The perk of completing this initial task you will do as you activate your account is that you earn an extra point immediately.


Surveys in Wondough are available directly on their site. Unlike other survey sites that email you a particular survey to complete you will have the convenience of seeing all available surveys and you can choose which one to complete. The survey panel displays the number of Wondough points you can earn for each survey with the length of time you can finish it. The shortest survey takes about 5 minutes while the longest usually takes 20 minutes. Majority of the surveys come with 50 reward points. There are also other ways to earn from the site aside from completing surveys. You can earn points by liking Wondough Facebook page, installing apps and watching videos but these only gives you smaller points than taking the surveys.


Wondough Rewards Program


There is only one way to earn cash from Wondough and that is through Paypal only. The rest of the rewards are in the form of gift cards and coupons that are worth from $3 to $1000. The higher your points the more you will be eligible for gift cards of higher value. Payments and rewards are sent via email so make sure you use a valid address upon signing up.


Is Wondough A Scam




Signing up is free. You get to enjoy the perks of doing simple activities that you do often like watching videos, installing apps and visiting websites while earning from it. Admittedly the rewards are decent enough as compared to other survey sites.




Some surveys require geographical requirement. It is likely that there won’t be many available surveys for you because of your location. Considering joining is free, there are more members with few surveys available. There is also a very limited cash option from completing surveys.


My Final Opinion of Wondough


If you still wonder is Wondough a scam? I can tell you outright that it is not. It is a legitimate site that pays its members with reward points that can be redeemed with gift cards and limited cash options. If you are someone who likes to be a critic to a website, take surveys, installing apps and watching videos Wondough might be a good place to do this to enjoy more incentives for the activities you like to do. But considering the limited surveys available from the site you might find yourself feel disappointed if there are few surveys available for you.


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