Is T-Rex Ecom A Scam

Is T-Rex Ecom A Scam? – E-Commerce Solution

Is T-Rex Ecom A Scam


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E-Commerce has become a booming industry in the business sector these days. People nowadays prefer the convenience of shopping online and many businessmen are already up on their toes in building their e-commerce stores. Because finding a reliable platform for e-commerce is a must, many are looking for a product line that will provide the convenience of building and managing an e-commerce shop. This brings me to check out some of these platforms online which made me write this T-Rex Ecom review. It is notable that many business people find the platform as a good option when creating their online stores but is T-Rex Ecom a scam? Let’s find out.


T-Rex Ecom Review

T-Rex Ecom is a platform that can help you build your own e-commerce shop. It has features that are specifically designed to provide the convenience of servicing your online customers. It offers a storefront solution among business people who want to bring their brand, products and services on the web but has no ability to design their own online shop, product development and coding.  In short, T-Rex Ecom provides an e-commerce solution to help you build your e-commerce presence and make a sale.


What is T-Rex Ecom?

T-Rex Ecom allows you to design your own e-commerce shop with ease. There are features designed to be automatically integrated to your online shop that help optimize your product presentation and marketing while improving your sales. Among its features include mobile commerce which makes your online store more accessible for mobile shopping. If you have no idea about web designing the platform already has professional niche themes that you can use for your business.

It also promotes personal branding for your business because you can have your own domain name which makes you more different from your competitors. There are already hosting and SSL Certificate included with T-Rex Ecom which allows you to process payments by credit card, Stripe, Paypal and other modes of payments. The SSL Certificate will boost your trustworthy rating to your online customers.


Among the most significant features of this product is its automatic fulfillment feature. If you are in the dropshipping business the automatic fulfillment feature will provide you a hassle free transaction with your customer orders. The moment an order is placed by a customer in your online store it automatically informs the shipper so no further action taken is needed on your part.

The product also ensures to remind your customers about their abandoned checkout through email which can boost your sales a great deal. T-Rex also has its own dropship company in the US and they can always help you find quality products to sell which is a great help especially when you are just starting your own dropshipping business. You can also invade the social media in selling by using the product’s own personalization engine and surveys with opt in form on Facebook where its software will display different products that are personalized using the information that your customers provide.


It has Built-For-You feature that is designed to provide business people who want to be immediately on the go. There are different plans with a price rate starting from $397 store set-up fee with a monthly plan of $67 up to $1497 store set-up fee with a monthly plan of $97. The T-Rex Ecom has a team that will pull out together the creation of your professional e-Commerce site and fill it with products and images that will allow you to sell immediately.

Is T-Rex Ecom A Scam


T-Rex Ecom provides a convenient platform for e-commerce store. Its features provide all the essential tools that will help you build quality web store that is professionally designed and will make online shopping for your customers more hassle free and with ease.  It has a web design team that can provide all your e-commerce needs to get started in marketing and making sales from your business.



Users of the platform will have to do more work when they use different suppliers and not ones available from T-Rex where the program itself will do about 99% of the work for you.


Who is T-Rex Ecom For?


The product is good for people who want to build their own online shop without any difficulty. It provides the convenience of having all tools available to start selling online which is valuable to those without any website design and building experience.


My Final Opinion of T-Rex Ecom

T-Rex Ecom appears to be a valuable program for those who want to start their online store and dropshipping. There are several useful tools readily available for them to start building their website, market their products and start making sales. Its features are very good to start an eCommerce business with all the support you need. Is T-Rex Ecom a scam? Absolutely not! It is not a bad platform for eCommerce that you should try out.



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