Is FusionCash Scam or Legit Website to Make Money Online?

FusionCash Review – Is FusionCash a Scam or Legit?

If you are looking for several ways to make money online and you have come across a GPT or Get-Paid-To website called FusionCash, you might be wondering what it is, how it works and whether it is a legit platform that offers a good online pay or is it just another internet scam that tricks users to participate on an “apparently decent” product.

GPT sites are a bit more complicated than simple survey sites, but the important question is the same. Are they legitimate, and do they really pay you for accomplished tasks? You can obviously encounter many make-money-online scams around the internet nowadays and I’m glad that you are taking this time to do your research first before making any decisions. I know how it feels to be scammed and I don’t want you to be a victim, too.

Don’t worry, I made the effort to write this FusionCash review to help you go through their website and find out if it is a legit program to make money online or not. Let’s check it out.

FusionCash Review Summary

Name: FusionCash


Type: Get-Paid-To try offer (GPT) Website

Owner: Unknown

Price: Free

Best For: Anyone seeking for extra income (Aged 18+, USA and CA)

Legit/Scam: Legit

Summary: FusionCash is primarily a GPT site where you can collect cash for offers. By completing tasks and participating in the online surveys, you will have the chance to receive additional incentives.

Product Score
Total 60%

Recommended:  No

What is FusionCash? is a web site that provides its members with a GPT system to earn extra cash for certain activities and promotions. The more jobs you do, the more incentives you receive.

FusionCash is easy, free and accessible to people living in the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, members from other countries are presently not being accepted in the program.

About FusionCash

FusionCash Homepage

FusionCash was established in 2005, and has been operating until today. Situated in California, the business claimed to have already paid out more than 3 million dollars to their members. In 2009, FusionCash was rated by Better Business Bureau as A+, therefore consistently gaining trust from a thousand members from 50 different states.

I dug deep and researched more about their accreditation to see if it is still true, and I was shocked to see the truth about BBB’s rating on FusionCash!

On the later part of this review, I will show you FusionCash’s present standing on BBB.

How Does FusionCash Work?

Ways to Earn Money on FusionCash

Upon entering the platform, you will be immediately asked to sign-up for free. They offer a $5 signing bonus which is directly credited to your FC account after going through a successful verification processes.

How to Make Money on Fusion Cash?

On their member’s page, you will get a variety of different ways to create money which are as the following:

  1. Offers – in FusionCash, completing offers is the primary way for their members to make money. Offers include trying out new products or services for a trial period (usually runs for 30 days) or testing out new software for a specific time. You will earn credit for your participation and when trial period is up, you can cancel out your membership or subscription. Some offers may require you a credit card while some are for instant credit.
  2. Surveys – FC surveys are readily available for you through email or through your own account dashboard. You can choose any survey you would want to take with its corresponding credit amount.
  3. Shopping – when you visit different online retailer stores through your FusionCash account and make purchases, you will have the chance to earn cashbacks.
  4. Referral Links – by referring friends and family to sign-up for FC, you will get the chance to earn more money, especially when your referrals participate more on FC’s programs. They pay $1 for every referral’s successful sign-up, $2 for your referral’s first successful offer, and $5 every time they cash out their earnings.
  5. Others – other ways to earn money on FC include paid-to-call opportunities, playing games, trying out phone application, watching videos, listening to their radio, completing tasks, performing internet research, and more.

FusionCash has quite a lot of earning opportunities to offer compared to other GPT websites and I believe this is the reason why they are considered to be one of the best in the market.

FusionCash Payment Method and Rewards

FusionCash rewards ranges from 50 cents to $100+, so the more activities you complete the more rewards you earn. This is one of the ways where you can actually control how much money you make since all prizes and rewards are transparently revealed on the site.

You will be able to cash out your earnings only when you reached their required minimum balance of $25, where at least $15 should come from your own earning effort, not from bonuses or referrals.

FusionCash offers three different payment methods: Paypal (available for US and CA), Direct Bank Deposit and Check (both available for US only). Approval of all your cash-out requests will be on every 20th of the month, which will require 5-7 business days to finally reach you. It takes quite a while but they have a good standing on their payment process so I think we can be rest assured with that thought in mind.

Who is FusionCash Best Fit For?

With the scope of rewards and rates they offer, it will take a while for you to reach a good pay. And if you are really into earning a consistent significant amount that will become your primary source of income, this website won’t be the best fit for you.

Fortunately, I have my top recommended product for you to check out. Here, you will definitely learn how to legitimately make money online and setup your own business even from scratch. It will not only give you a sustainable passive income, but it will also help you learn more marketing strategies and techniques that you can use to expand your knowledge and reach higher figures!

FusionCash Ugly Truths Revealed!

As I have mentioned earlier, FusionCash has been a BBB A++ accredited business since 2009. However, when I checked BBB’s site, this is what I have found:

As of today, BBB states on their website that FusionCash, Inc. is not BBB Accredited and that the business’ information is still being reviewed and updated.

I know this may be shocking for everybody who has kept their positivity and loyalty to FusionCash, but the Better Business Bureau may have found new information about this website that lead to the loss of their once claimed A++ rating.

Yes, they have been a good payer over a decade already, but lately, there have been a lot of complaints from members about their disappointments on FusionCash’s support system, rewards and payment status. Let’s look at some of real user reviews and complaints about FusionCash for the year 2019:

SurveyPolice FusionCash customer reviews

I don’t know what FusionCash has really been up to these days, but these latest reviews and the BBB information I got should not be taken for granted. Before trying out this website, I think it will be best for us to really consider this new information. We just have to be very careful.

What I Like About FusionCash

Below are some of the things that I definitely like about FusionCash:

  1. Free – joining FusionCash is definitely free. You just have to undergo all their required verification process and you’re good to go.
  2. Many ways to earn – unlike other GPT sites, FusionCash has a lot to offer for their members to earn money. You don’t have to worry anymore about boring offers and surveys because they have other options to choose from. You can even play games and earn at the same time.
  3. Offers a $5 sign-up bonus – who wouldn’t want bonuses? With this $5 bonus, you are just $20 away from your first cash-out.
  4. Has several pay-out options – you are given the chance to choose for payout methods that will suit your needs: from PayPal to Direct Bank Deposit to Check, you will receive your pay without any charges.

What I Don’t Like About FusionCash

On the other hand, listed below are the things that have turned me off of FusionCash:

  1. Slow to nothing pay-out system – in the past, FusionCash have a good reputation in terms of their payments. However, in the past months of 2019, their payments and support have been failing thousands of their members. Their payment is either slow, or in worst cases, becomes nothing, leaving you with grief over all your efforts turning into nothing.
  2. A lot of technical complications – I find FusionCash to be very disappointing in terms of their technical requirements. Some of these technicalities are the reason why some rewards and earnings are not credited to their members. There are some technical requirements that a person should comply to before signing up and perform tasks that are not well communicated with the users, therefore creating so much confusion on the user’s end.
  3. Lack of Support – yes, FusionCash has their own FAQs and forums, but they still need to have an active support. There are many issues arising nowadays and there has not been updated feedback from the site support since. I just hope they will one day come to every member’s aid and reply to their concerns.

Is FusionCash a Scam?

I don’t think FusionCash is a scam. Throughout the years, they have proven to be a good GPT website with a lot of members from 50 different states and a good payment reputation. However, with all the issues they are facing right now, I just hope they will still get the chance to re-live their good standing, get back their ratings, and not totally be considered as a scam.

Do I recommend this website as a good make money online site? No. I don’t recommend FusionCash to be your top source of income. This website is only for extra cash if you have extra time. Good income sources are products and services that will teach you strong foundations on how to setup a legitimate business and bring you to your dream profits even from scratch and without a boss. If you want to know more, check out my recommended product below!

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