The Six Figure Formula Review

The Six Figure Formula Review – Good or Bad Choice?

Are you are an aspiring marketing professional who wish to find the best marketing training program that perfectly fits your needs and enable you to start your own online business? Or do you have an existing system and would want to shift to better programs to increase collaboration skills and upgrade your marketing strategies?

If yes, then congratulations! You are on the right page!

Welcome to my Six Figure Formula review

I am so glad you are taking your time to do some research before investing into any “seemingly good” products in the market. Don’t worry, I will reveal the truth with the indepth research I have done behind this marketing system and bring answers to your research and insights before your decision-making phase 

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Well anyways, in this review, I will help you explore one of the affiliate marketing systems in the market called The Six Figure Formula. I will walk you through this system, learn about its contents and features to help you decide whether or not it is worth buying for.

The Six Figure Formula Review Summary

Product Name:  The Six Figure Formula

Owner:  Shea Korte

Product Type:  Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Price: $37 + Upsells or $1 for 3 days Trial

Target For: Affiliate marketing starters or email marketing enthusiasts

Summary: The Six Figure Formula is an online training program that focuses on affiliate marketing strategies such as email marketing and lead generation. It also covers the basics of setting up your own online business. Developed and handled by Shea Korte and his team, the training content is of high quality and is considered to be a good starting point for aspiring affiliate marketing professionals and a good training ground for marketing skills development and enhancement.

Product Score
Total 80%

Recommended:  Yes

What is The Six Figure Formula?

The SIx Figure Formula is an online training program developed by Shea Korte to help affiliate marketing starters learn marketing strategies and start their own online business.

Affiliate marketing has really been a trend these days and is considered a good source of income for online businesses. This type of marketing involves promoting other people’s products or services which enables you to earn through a commission. This can really be a consistent stream of income if you master it well. Thankfully, The Six Figure Formula has done quite a good job on their training design and assistance for you to achieve this consistency in income generation.

When I visited their site, I was quite doubtful at first because it seemed “lacking” in details (or I was just expecting to see more about their welcome page). But surprisingly, looking into their content, they got quite a volume of training modules (18 modules to be exact) consisting of training videos that produces hours of quality training..

Along with the training module on their members area, you also get access to “done for you” email campaigns and capture pages that will help you make money by promoting The Six Figure Formula and other third party products associated with it. 


Inside The Six Figure Formula

The extensive training can be broken down into three main parts:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Basic Training
  3. Advanced Training

Now, let’s go over each one of them so you will know what to expect.


  • Getting Started Training (5 Modules)


This part of the training is all about promoting Six Figure Formula (SFF).

Unlike MLM or multi-level marketing, this is a straight-out training for affiliate marketing and will walk you through a legitimate affiliate setup with a company called PayKickstart.

It will teach you the steps on earning money by promoting SFF using the auto-responder and their own capture pages. The process involves earning commission by sending people to their capture page, collecting email leads leading them to the sales page, and gaining joiners to the program.

For me, there is nothing wrong with promoting the same system, as long as it is honestly a good help for me and for the other future joiners.


  • Basic Training (5 Modules)


This part of the program is a more in-depth training series on affiliate marketing which consists of 26 videos that also covers YouTube, Facebook, and email marketing strategies. Basically, if you do not want to promote SFF, this can be considered as the official start of your training module.


  • Advanced Training (8 Modules)


Consists of 11 videos, this part of the program teaches you about managing and tracking your leads with the use of third party programs such as Opt-Intelligence and Marketer Pro.

Marketer Pro is a software created by SFF founder Shea Korte and his team to help you manage your leads.

Surely, upon reaching this part of the training, you already have a good knowledge about how affiliate marketing works.

You can also find other tutorials inside the member’s area which will help you understand more topics from the Basic to the Advanced training modules, such as:

  1. Domain Names
  2. Website Setup
  3. Autoresponder
  4. Tracking Setup, and
  5. Outsourcing

You can also access the following features on the program:

  1. Access to Resources – if you want to review certain modules and study them again, you can still access them on their page.
  2. Done For You Campaigns – fortunately, you have access to 16 premade campaigns. This is a great bonus when signing up with SFF. However, you can only open one campaign each week, so you will need 16 weeks to open them all up. Nonetheless, you are already covered with the cost you paid.  

How Much is The Six Figure Formula?

The Six Figure Formula costs $37 per month, but they also offer a $1 trial for 3 days, which you can cancel at any time through email and offers a refund period of 14 days.

However, there are upsells that will be promoted to you once you do sign up for the monthly payments, such as below:

  1. 8 Case Studies + 50 Bonus Email Swipes – $47
  2. Done for You Campaigns – $27
  3. Live Mentoring – $67 a month

Who Is It For?

The program is an in-depth affiliate marketing training program that focuses more on email marketing and lead generation which is perfect for new affiliate marketers who want to learn about how to start their own online business. 

But with the high quality content of their training, this program can also be for intermediate and expert marketers as well. It may enable them to learn new techniques and strategies that could help make their existing affiliate businesses even better.

Good or Bad Choice?

Before I state my conclusion, I just want to share some things that I like or don’t like about it.

First off, I like how their training is laid out. Nothing is being missed. Their training modules (videos and audios) are of excellent quality, guiding you every step of the way to setting up your own successful business. Shea himself handles the training videos, which gives it a personal touch. Also, they offer solid foundation on affiliate marketing strategies which I really find to be of great help when proceeding with their new affiliate marketing business.

The second thing I like about TSFF is that they don’t give exaggerated claims on getting rich very quick. Shea and his team made sure that our expectations about the business are well managed, giving the perspective that success is not achieved overnight, but with hard work and perseverance, the six figure income we’ve always dreamed of can come true.

And lastly, I like the fact that access to their resources are open for the members. Whenever things are not clear on the first or second try, members can always go back to these modules to check what was missed or what should be done to go on.

In terms of the things I don’t like about TSFF, there is just a few. 

First is I don’t like their sales page. It lacks details and looks spammy. 

Second, their immediate upsells are quite sad. 

And lastly, they lack the aspect of content marketing. I think it would be best for them to add a platform on how to create blog and drive traffic through search engines. But I believe Shea and his team are still developing good points for their product, so let’s just give them time.

So, all in all, is The Six Figure Formula a good or bad choice for affiliate marketing starters and experts?

Is The Six Figure Formula a Scam?

No in my opinion The Six Figure Formula is not a scam and it is a Good choice and really worth it.

I may have doubted this product at first, but later on, upon exploring their content and features, The Six Figure Formula has a lot to offer. The program is highly driven in helping new marketers establish their online business career with solid foundation and expertise in the field. 

The program is not only limited to starters, but also for intermediate or experts who would want to refresh their knowledge of the business and explore new strategies and techniques to take their career to the next level. It may not be the best and the end for all, but it is definitely a good start to your online business career path. Whatever it is that you decide, I hope this review has been helpful!

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