The Super Affiliate Network Review – The Misha Wilson Scam?

The Super Affiliate Network Review – The Misha Wilson Scam?

Congratulations! You made it to my Super Affiliate Network review!

I’m glad you are doing your own research about the products offered online. Rip-off products are really everywhere nowadays, so you have to be careful.

In addition, I bet you are considering entering the Affiliate Marketing business world that’s why you are here.

But before stepping into the affiliate marketing business, it is vital that you know the in and outs of this industry. And the best step that you would consider taking in is getting a legit affiliate marketing course. Now this is where The Super Affiliate Network comes in.

You can never rely on the hype that’s going around with this product. It’s best to look into it first and know if the Secret Affiliate Network is a scam or not. What is the Super Affiliate Network about? Will it deliver good results? Will it help you jumpstart your career in the online marketing world?

So many questions, right? Let’s find out all the answers below.

The Super Affiliate Network Review Summary

The Super Affiliate Network Review – The Misha Wilson Scam? - The Super Affiliate Network Logo

Name: The Super Affiliate Network


Creator: Misha Wilson

Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Price: $1 Free Trial + $47 per month or $37 per month (skip the free trial) + upsells

Legit/Scam: Legit

Summary: The Super Affiliate Network is an affiliate marketing training platform that teaches internet marketers how to grow an affiliate marketing business with a focus on digital marketing strategies such as Email Marketing, Solo Ads and high-value and high-priced products.

Product Score
Total 50%

Recommended:  No

What is The Super Affiliate Network?

Founded by Misha Wilson in 2015, The Super Affiliate Network is a training course composed of a global entrepreneur community that teaches people to set up their own affiliate marketing business. They put their focus more on digital marketing strategies such as Email Marketing, Solo Ads, and other high-value and high-priced products to help people launch their very own profitable business. Even with people who are brand new and with no prior experience, SAN is dedicated to help everyone.

Furthermore, The Super Affiliate Network (SAN) has been making noise in the online world because of its founder, Misha Wilson, who is considered as the youngest and fastest growing expert in Internet traffic and conversion. Misha built SAN to help people succeed in the online marketing industry just like how he too did.

When someone like Misha Wilson becomes the founder of a training course product like SAN, it’s not a surprise anymore for SAN to be at the top of the list.

Let us look at more details about who Misha Wilson is below.

Who is Misha Wilson?

The Super Affiliate Network Review – The Misha Wilson Scam? - The Super Affiliate Network Founder Misha Wilson

As I have mentioned above, Misha Wilson is known as the youngest and fastest growing expert in Internet traffic and conversion. He has been proven to be one of the best in bringing large amounts of traffic and conversion of that traffic into loyal followers and high-value and high-priced sales.

He started his online career at the age of 22, reached his 6 figure income at the age of 24, and scrambled his company to the million dollar mark at the age of 25.

With the success he has reached, he is still dedicated to help his students build their own business and hit that 6-figure mark and empower others with the skill-sets to set them free.

If you want to know more about Misha, you can check him out in his website’s bio.

Misha has proven himself to be the best in his chosen industry, but will The Super Affiliate Network deliver the same result to us too?

How Does Super Affiliate Network Works?

The Super Affiliate Network Review – The Misha Wilson Scam? - How Does The Super Affiliate Network Works?

The Super Affiliate Network consists of training videos and entrepreneurial community that has a focus on delivering the following services and digital marketing strategies:

  1. One-on-One Hands On Help
  2. Email Marketing Mastery
  3. Cutting Edge Traffic Training
  4. Live Interactive Community
  5. Live Training and More
  6. Global Sales System
The Super Affiliate Network Review – The Misha Wilson Scam? - The Super Affiliate Network Modules 1-5
The Super Affiliate Network Review – The Misha Wilson Scam? - The Super Affiliate Network Modules 6-10
The Super Affiliate Network Review – The Misha Wilson Scam? - The Super Affiliate Network Modules 11-15

The Super Affiliate Network Membership and Upsell Prices

There are also different types of membership in SAN:

  1. 30-day Trial Period at $1– here you will get access to a few training modules such as the first 3 modules below. Well actually, you will not have access to what’s really inside the module but just some video introduction and overview for the following topics:
    1. Module 1 – Strategy VS Tactics and How to Lay the Correct Foundation
    2. Module 2 – The 5 Pillars to Profitability Online
    3. Module 3 – The Millionaire Mind and The Subconscious Phenomenon
    4. Module 4 – The Anatomy of a Multimillion Dollar Sales Funnel
    5. Module 5 – How to Find Winning Offers That Convert
    6. Module 6 – Finding Your Why
    7. Module 7 – Simplify Your Success
    8. Module 8 – Free VS Paid Traffic
    9. Module 9 – 5 Steps to Targeted Traffic That Actually Converts
    10. Module 10 – The Popcorn Effect
    11. Module 11 – The Super Affiliate Ecosystem
    12. Module 12 – Launching Your Lead Machine
    13. Module 13 – Follow-up Mastery
    14. Module 14 – The X Factor to Increase Sales and Profit
    15. Module 15 – Creating Big Revenue

You won’t get much information about these topics but rather only hours of introduction and the hype to push you in purchasing the other training videos and live sessions.

They will also ask you your credit card details and phone number so they can talk you over in booking a live session with them. Also, you will have to wait for 4 days before proceeding to any other lessons you want.

Other Membership Types

If ever you decide to proceed and click that “Click Here To Sign Up For Free” button from the homepage, you will be asked to fill out some information (Name and Email Address) to advance to the next page. There, you will be welcomed by a “sales pitch” video by Misha Wilson himself.

Here, he will try to convince you to purchase the next modules of The Super Affiliate Network called the “The Profit Boosting Camp” at a 98% discounted price or $1 free trial.

But if you decide not to give away your $1 to try the boosting camp, then you will be redirected to your ‘non-member’ account page where you will get nothing but promotional and introductory videos of the following modules stated above. And the only way for you to earn as a ‘non-member’ of the boosting camp is to promote The Super Affiliate Network through your unique “affiliate” links.

This is where the referral program and some kind of an MLM scheme happen.

  1. The Super Affiliate Network Basic Membership at $47 or $37 (if Trial is skipped)– here you will have a 3-week bootcamp course that covers a wide range of topics focused on the basics of affiliate marketing. There are 21 modules that you will need to complete in 3-weeks. A coach will be assigned to you to guide and test you every time you complete a module. The topics are about:
    1. The affiliate marketing business basics
    2. Business promotion and generation of leads/traffic
    3. Start earning through your profitable business
  2. Upsells and High Ticket Products – after a successful basic membership, you will be offered different kinds of upsells such as:
    1. The Solo Ad Success Formula ($297) – an 11-module course on generating leads using Solo Ad Marketing
    2. The IM Profit Formula (Free + $7 shipping cost) – this is a free course + $7 shipping fee that teaches how to launch a highly profitable business.
    3. The Profit Boosting Camp at $1 Free Trial– a 15-module training about email marketing that teaches how to get traffic, convert leads, generate sales, and advancing your business to higher systems.
    4. The Supper Affiliate Inner Circle at $297 – this is a 12-month access to profit boosting bootcamp and advisor, weekly coaching, and immersion coaching with one of SAN’s corporate team members. You will also have here an immediate access to the Solo Ad Success Formula 2.0 home study course.
  3. SAN Pro Membership at $2,497 one-time fee – similar with the basic but with more advanced training course, better marketing funnels, sales letter, monthly/weekly coaching, and access to a private Facebook group.
  4. Other Membership – you may choose to purchase the other membership if you want to earn more commission.
    1. Annual Membership at $200 one-time fee
    2. Plus Membership at $200 per month
    3. Annual VIP Membership at $2,000 per month
    4. Diamond Coaching Program at $9,000 one-time fee
The Super Affiliate Network Review – The Misha Wilson Scam? - The Super Affiliate Network The Profit Boosting Bootcamp
The Super Affiliate Network Review – The Misha Wilson Scam? - The Super Affiliate Network The Solo Ad Success Formula
The Super Affiliate Network Review – The Misha Wilson Scam? - The Super Affiliate Network The IM Profit Formula
The Super Affiliate Network Review – The Misha Wilson Scam? - The Super Affiliate Network The Super Affiliate Inner Circle

The Super Affiliate Network Compensation Plan

The Super Affiliate Network Review – The Misha Wilson Scam? - The Super Affiliate Network Compensation Plan

Many have been claiming the The Super Affiliate Network is a scam and that it operates more like an MLM or Pyramid Scheme.

Well I guess I can say the same, too.

Even SAN does not guarantee you that you will earn money through their product but you will have higher chance of earning if you will gain commissions.

So, you don’t have any choice but to promote SAN through and affiliate link and wish that someone would purchase a high-priced package.

I guess you would really do this just so you can compensate all the thousands that you have invested in this program.

Hmm, sounds like an MLM scheme, or worse Pyramid scheme.

Who Is The Super Affiliate Network Best Fit For?

Well, I was honestly impressed by SAN’s founder Misha Wilson. But SAN has made me confused about its capability to deliver good results.

I can’t seem to figure out what they can really offer to us. Yes, they have training videos, coaching, and community support, but they have been just using big words on their page but no useful details.

If you’d ask me if who The Super Affiliate Network is best fit for? I would say it would fit to someone who can give away some great amount of investment with no money-back-guarantee in the end.

But who wants to? There are many ways to start an online business even without spending too much on trainings and videos with no guaranteed results.

Yes, you can actually learn the basics of affiliate marketing and start an online business based on your desires for free. I did it and I know you can, too. You can check how I made it to financial freedom even without huge risks and investments, just pure hard work and effort.

What I Like About The Super Affiliate Network

  1. They offer a $1 worth of 30-day Trial offers.
  2. Credible Founder and Coach with proven expertise in the online industry.
  3. They have a refund policy of 30 days.
  4. Engaging Website.
  5. With referral system.
  6. Active support.

What I Don’t Like About The Super Affiliate Network

  1. Facts are not given up front. They use big words to get us hyped up but no significant information that you can get from. You will still end up confused with the specific services they really offer to teach you.
  2. You will not get any relevant information about their trainings if you are signed-up on the free trial. You will only be loaded with a bunch of introductory videos, that’s all.
  3. Very expensive products and Upsells.
  4. If you want to earn, you will have no choice but to participate in their referral program.
  5. Training videos are not readily accessible all the time. You still need your coach to unlock them for you.
  6. No training for free traffic that utilizes SEO strategies. Focuses more on the very expensive paid traffic.

Is the Super Affiliate Network a Scam or Not?

It’s definitely not a scam. It has legit programs and services to offer and an active support and coach/founder. However, it is too risky and expensive for people, especially beginners who only have little finances to risk.

Therefore, I cannot recommend it.

You still can start in affiliate marketing and make a living out of it even without spending too much. That is actually how I started. My top recommended product is an all-in-one platform that will really help and teach you everything that you need to start your profitable online business.

Join us now for free.

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